Metallica: Official $53 Neckties Now Available

Two different types of official Metallica neckties are being sold for $52.99 each: ninja star necktie and snake necktie.

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Two different types of official Metallica neckties are being sold in the band's webstore for $52.99 each: ninja star necktie and snake necktie.

Almost three years ago, a Metallica fan with the username "jbjbcs1" posted a message in the band's official forum in which he requested that ties be added to the group's webstore. He wrote, "I wear ties to work. I would love to see some tie options offered by the store to the fans. I realize that a tie may not seem very Metallica-esque, but I would bet you have some takers on this. Styles could include black with a snake, white with the 'Death Magnetic' coffin, '...And Justice' cover, 'Lightning' cover, 'Kill 'Em All' hammer, name icons and logos."(via Blabbermouth)

Another fan, "In Limbo", chimed in, "Yeah, if it was like the ninja star logo, or a bunch of little ninja-star logos, that would be fine. I don't think anyone wants to see a tie with a bloody hammer, a grave that looks like a vag. I don't think that's really appropriate work attire. Haha."

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    All I can think of is that picture of James and Rob walking out of Armani or whatever and the One parody: Bargains imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute savings! What a great deal, what a great find, look at these jeans, damn I look sexy as HEEELLLL!!!
    Still waiting for the announcement of "St. Anger The 10th Anniversary Tour"
    im not mental
    i have a pink floyd dark side of the moon tie that i got for less than $15 at target. step your game up, metallica. no way i'm paying over $50 for yours.
    When do they release the Metalligocart? I want to Ride The Lighting. Licensing. That's the REAL Yoko Ono for the fans.
    Metallica might as well call themselves "Kiss Jr." from now on. I would say that they would try to sell everything but the kitchen sink but we all know they would slap a Metallica sticker on it and sell it for $450.95!
    well i made a sabbath one for my sisters wedding. so **** it. marketing at is best. what about metallica nappies cause they will be full of shit!!!!
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    so they're going the Gene Simmons route? i thought this band actually made money off its music... oh wait that's right...lou reed. -__-
    ... and you never complained when your favorite band is selling their band shirt. Double standards. And what's wrong with band merchs anyway?
    how exactly is this news though? That said the star one is actually pretty cool but $53 is a rip off, but... if they really wanna make some big bucks I think they should partner up with ikea and start selling tables(hetfields), **** I'de kill for one of those
    Had this tie not been $53 I would rock it lol. They aren't bad looking after all. Plus you know that if someone notices the symbols and they KNOW what it is you'll get a +1 in life lol.