Metallica Officially Announce Antarctica Concert: 'See You at the Bottom of the Planet!'

Band partners with Coca Cola Zero for December 8 show, Antarctic cruise contest confirmed for the fans.

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After unleashing "Through the Never" 3D film, metal behemoths Metallica have confirmed yet another pioneering effort for this year - a concert on the Earth's southernmost continent Antarctica. The band has officially announced a partnership with Coca Cola Zero and a December 8 performance near the heliport of the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini. In case you were wondering about the concert crowd part, the group has it covered as well. Starting October 28, fans in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico will be able to enter a contest and get a chance to win tickets for an Antarctic cruise sailing from December 3 through 10. As for the concert itself, Metallica will be playing inside of a dome and transmit the music to the audience through headphones with no amplification. Furthermore, the show will also be streamed live in Latin American countries. "Pack up those warm clothes and we'll see you at the bottom of the planet!" the announcement reads. As the press release further reads, "Coca-Cola Zero will donate equipment for the new laboratory at the Carlini base which concentrates the largest number of Argentinean scientific investigations and international cooperation. Coca-Cola Zero will likewise contribute to disseminate the marvels of this continent through a documentary and the entire "Musica Zero" experience will be broadcasted previously and during the event. "Antarctica is under the special stewardship of the Antarctic Treaty and various international forums which, among other aspects, contemplate the possibility of fostering cultural activities to create awareness on the importance of this continent, safeguard Antarctic biodiversity and as an example of international cooperation." So it would seem that the "another frontier" announcement has been made. Let us know what you think of the whole concept in the comments.

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    There are no polar bears in Antarctica
    What really made me cringe was when people started throwing Santa around. Like what the actual ****.
    Next Metallica headline will be: Metallica to record new record on bottom of Atlantic Ocean.
    I can't believe I got this far down before I saw a Dethklok reference, cause that was the first thing that popped into my head.
    "As for the concert itself, Metallica will be playing inside of a dome and transmit the music to the audience through headphones with no amplification." - that's weird, nevertheless it's a huge announcement.
    No amplification. I'm really confused. Are they gonna be playing their guitars and stuff, but it won't have the electric sound? Basically the fans wearing the headphones hear them playing the guitars without the electricity?
    I think that means, that there will be no PA. They just get the normal sound of the concert. But on headphones instead of 500 big boxes and subwoofers and stuff.
    No doubt they'll use some kind of axe fx type of thing. Maybe an electronic drum kit
    I'm actually wondering that too. I've seen DJ sets that were headphone only but for a rock/metal setup I'd assume they'd have to use electronic drums and modelers for the guitars or something to keep silent. Or are they using their traditional setup but just not micing it?
    It means that instead of them using amps they will have it plugged into some sort of interface to transmit the waves to the people in the audience through headphones.
    Maybe a PA system could cause massive ice cracking?? Making it dangerous for the antarctica itself
    Maybe it's difficult to transport colossal amounts of audio equipment to Antarctica?
    A plane??, I believe it's not the transport itself, but installing a line array with under zero temperatures and the risk of damaging the equipment the reason
    You are aware that there is actually LAND under that ice right?
    Yeah, but still it could be dangerous. Landslides in icy regions are commonly triggered by big amounts of vibrations
    They'll most likely just have the signals from their rigs sent to the headphones as opposed to a PA... It's really not that hard guys hah I don't think they're going to be busting out electric drum kits and synthetic guitar sounds just yet.
    next: "Metallica announce gig in space"
    What's funny is I bet this happens in the next 20 years...if anyone's gonna do it, it's them
    I bet that's going to be Thirty Seconds to Mars, they already sent their song into space.
    By the way as I know the first band played on North Pole was Russian band "Time-Out" in April 1995. This is documented in the Guinness Book of Records. The band played for 12 minutes, until the frost burst all the strings and drums - the audience were playing football and drinking vodka at that time You can watch the performance in the video below - since 6-05
    By the way, all performance was funded by bandmembers and their friends.
    You could make an episode of Metalocalypse out of this.
    Sounds like the season finale or the First season of Metalocalypse.
    Not sure I'd want to go to a concert where you have to listen through headphones. I can do that at home, where it's warm.
    I feel sorry for the fan or fans, that will win the contest to take the cruise to the Antarctic. Crossing Drake's Passage will be horrifying. 30 metre waves.
    i wonder how a mosh pit would work in a concert situation like this...
    Next: Metallica plays at the bottom of the ocean. Seriously just make an album that we can enjoy.
    I dont get it. Is there any actual point do doing it? Seems like a waste of everything.
    If you had the oppritunity to place in Antarctica you wouldn't do it? And I'm pretty sure it is in part to help bring awareness to the biodiversity of the Antarctic with all the climate change going on and whatnot.
    It's probably really just so they can say that they've played on every continent. I don't think they give a shit about anything else haha
    Do you honestly think lars ulrich gives a shit about the biodiversity of the antarctic? money making. nothing more.
    Coca Cola isn't exactly renowned for being a company which fulfills every aspect of morality and ethics. They'll probably just use it to drive peoples attention away from some planned future excavation of sweet antarctic water.
    how many times will James say "This is good", "How's the Metallica family!!?!?!??!?!", "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ALIVE???!??!?", "Turn the house lights on, NO TURN THEM OFF THEY ARE UGLY, JK." They are a traveling circus act now. I used to love them so much live and now it seems like they are going through the motions. James says the same things after and during every song. AA has helped him in his personal life, but not in his stage life.
    SMH at all of these ridiculous stunts... If they really want to wow people again.... Go write a kick @ss album or T-O-U-R
    It's not a concert in Antarctica, it's people listening to a concert in Antarctica.
    Maybe I'm being all eco hippie but I think they're kind of being dicks to the environment doing this
    Wait, so they'll have their instruments send the sounds straight to earphones? That's so awesome!
    This is all cool and all apart from they're doing it in partnership with coke zero!? Man I love 'tallica but why partner with that company!? just do the gig yourselves for fun not with them