Metallica Officially Becomes Third Best-Selling Artist of SoundScan Era

Garth Brooks tops the list, Beatles come in second, check out full Top 5 inside.

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Apart from grabbing the title for the best-selling record of the SoundScan era with "Black Album," metal giants Metallica are now officially ranked as the third highest-selling artist of the given period.

As the latest Billboard report notes, the band has managed to outsell Mariah Carey by about 20,000 copies and reach the No. 3 spot with 54.26 million shipped units.

The No. 1 spot was reserved for country legend Garth Brooks who sold 69.52 million records during the SoundScan era, while the legendary Beatles came in second with 65.66 million units. Check out the full Top 5 below.

The rest of the report mostly focuses on Eminem and some of the milestones he had recently crossed. His 2000 effort "The Marshall Mathers LP" managed to surpass the 10-million sales mark, while "Headlights" single marked the rapper's 50th Billboard Hot 100 chart entry.

Top 5 Best-Selling Artists of the SoundScan Era:

1. Garth Brooks (69.52 million)
2. The Beatles (65.55 million)
3. Metallica (54.25 million)4. Mariah Carey (54.24 million)5. Celine Dion (52.21 million)

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    I'm sorry... I have no idea who Garth Brooks is.
    If you were from Ireland or Nashville you'd never hear the end of him unfortunately... He's a good musician but his music is pretty bad., cheesy country
    Seriously who is this Garth Brooks? He is amongst 4 huge names, ranked no 1, but never heard of...
    Was the biggest country musician of the 90s. Thunder Rolls, Baton Rouge, Rodeo, and Sail My Vessel are some of his big hits. Even though it's country music, he's not that bad.
    There's a problem here. Garth brooks is number 1, while Metallica and or the vbeatles are not. That needs to be fixed...
    Had the internet age not came about, I 'd be willing to bet Metallica would have been in a close run for #1.