Metallica, Pantera: Top Albums Of Last 17 Years

Close-Up has published a list of the top 100 albums in metal, hard rock, hardcore, punk and extreme rock released during the past 17 years (1991-2008).

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According to, To celebrate its 100th issue, Sweden's longest-running music magazine Close-Up has published a list of the top 100 albums in metal, hard rock, hardcore, punk and extreme rock released during the past 17 years (1991-2008). Compiled from 23 individual writers' selections, Close-Up's extensive list sees At The Gates classic cult album "Slaughter Of The Soul" claiming the top spot just ahead of Metallica's self-titled album.

Close-Up's Top 20 albums 1991-2008:

01. At The Gates - "Slaughter Of The Soul" 02. Metallica - "Metallica" 03. Pantera - "Vulgar Display Of Power" 04. Entombed - "Wolverine Blues" 05. Alice In Chains - "Dirt" 06. Nine Inch Nails - "The Downward Spiral" 07. Rage Against The Machine - "Rage Against The Machine" 08. Neurosis - "Through Silver In Blood" 09. Ministry - "Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs" 10. Mayhem - "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" 11. Machine Head - "Burn My Eyes" 12. Faith No More - "Angeldust" 13. Tool - "nima" 14. W.A.S.P. - "The Crimson Idol" 15. Entombed - "Clandestine" 16. Nirvana - "Nevermind" 17. Opeth - "Blackwater Park" 18. Sepultura - "Arise" 19. Social Distortion - "White Light, White Heat, White Trash" 20. Mastodon - "Leviathan"

Members of Soundgarden, Entombed, Paradise Lost, W.A.S.P., Morbid Angel, Bad Religion, Mayhem, Nevermore, Brutal Truth, The Crown and Carcass were interviewed about their respective albums for the issue, which is available at all newsstands in Sweden.

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    Good group of musicians there. Good to see At the Gates get some credit at last!
    RATM forever
    liking the Rage, Nirvana, Pantera, Tool, and Social Distortion up there, but seriously, Dirt? Absolutely amazing Alice in Chains album
    IMO, Nirvana should be up a bit higher. And its great to see Mastodon up there, but i think that Blood Mountain should be on there, and higher than Leviathan. Blood Mountain is an amaaazing album. Awesome to see Rage up there, but Battle of LA should be the album. And to the magazine, doing a "Best of the past 20 years" wouldve made more sense to me, not 17.
    I don't really think it does bands justice to be on this list once. Some bands in here have multiple albums that are better than others on the list.
    Sorry about posting twice, but I just had another note. I'm personally thinking Metallica made it far too high on the list...they're far too overrated.
    This list is shit, what about DEATH, imo all of their albums should be on here. Exept for Scream Bloody Gore because im pretty sure it was released before 91.
    Joey Radical
    Dumpster510 wrote: Rust in Peace should be on there.
    Nope, it was released in 1990. Whoracle by In Flames should be there though.
    sweet, slaughter of the soul! i think it was a pretty good list. much better than what i have seen in other metal lists.
    nebiru wrote: There is no way this list is correct.
    Most of the time, opinions aren't correct or incorrect.
    I think this list is pretty good, Black ALbum, though not as good as the older albums, is still amazing, and im glad that Rage, AIC, and Faith No More are represented here, these are great bands.
    Wow, that's a damn good list imo. I wouldn't call At the Gates the best, but it's awesome to see them getting some actual credit.
    I'm personally surprised that Alice In Chains' "Dirt" only managed to make it to #5. That album's absolutely phenomenal. P.S. Nirvana didn't start the grunge boom...there were plenty of pioneers before them. They only managed to get the most publicity...they're good, but don't deserve that much credit. They were only part of a whole including other groups like AIC, STP, Pearl Jam, on...
    pretty good list, but wheres The Offspring's album Smash? That was one of the best albums of the 90s.
    Sorry for posting twice, but Metallica's self titled album was not that great, and Nirvana should not be at the top of the list, but they should still stay on it regardless. Whether you like Nirvana or not, while they weren't the first grunge band without their album Nevermind many grunge bands wouldn't have made it because it wouldnt have been as widely accepted in mainstream music.
    at the gates at number 1 is the give away that this is a Swedish magazine(although slaughter of the soul is a great ****ing album)
    Definitely some extraordinary talent! Although not quite as musically talented, I would definitely consider some of the Deftone's earlier work for a top spot. It's so creative and heavy.
    WTF... NEVERMIND @ 16???? whoever made this list needs to find a new job... fast
    Mastodon and Machine Head? I approve. A few could be dropped, but because those two are on there, I approve. (drop Rage, Nirvana, Social Distortion, and Opeth, though)
    I think in terms of influence of a lot of today's metal (Black Dahlia, etc...) At the Gates has been the number one influence.
    in flames...? any takers pantera is better than at the gates, switch those two, and take off the second entombed album.
    Harry Krishner
    Many albums that should be on the list, are not. Many albums that are on that list, should not be. Lists suck ass.
    No death metal albums ... even though there were many awesome albums of this genre : Human by Death, AoTW by Nile, Unquestionable Presence by Atheist, Focus by Cynic, Effigy of the Forgotten by Suffocation, and so on ... But I think this lists focuses more on sold units than on something else ...
    Not a bad list. Glad to see AIC on it. Dirt definately deserves to be up there.
    TheNERD250 wrote: Instead of Burn My eyes, they should've put the blackening. And where's A different World by Iron Maiden?!?!?!?
    You mean "Brave New World"?
    Red33 wrote: ElThomas wrote: this list blows mman. this is so commercially biased Cause Opeth is such a commercial band.
    Haha. Right. Opeth is a great band, I'll be buying there new album upon release. And as for the Pantera album. I personally would of went for Vulgar as well. Even though CFH is my fav album.
    fts666 wrote: alice in chains so deserve to be on there, dirt is a great album
    for sure man, I love AiC....and that album definitely deserves to be where it is on that list
    blaze2thekings wrote: Megadeth - Rust in Peace? onde esta voce?
    Agreed, Best album ever
    soundgarden superunknown? but i still like the list very muc metallica should be first not second
    MA 4 ever
    Nirvana should be taken of the list, Burn My Eyes should be at the top and Vulgar Display of Power should be ahead of Metallica other than that pretty good list.
    In Flames-The Jester Race? btw, this list is 1991-2008. Rust in Peace was released in 1990 so it can't be on this list.
    Okay I know they're not metal and that seems to be the particular focus of this "top list", but where are the White Stripes? When a band is continuously called "the best of the year" whenever they put out a new album by numerous magazines, I'd think at least Elephant, White Blood Cells, or Get Behind Me Satan would be on here.
    I'm diggin the alice in chains, tool and Pantera, but the black ablum? god, am i sick of that album, sooo overated.
    Themaddoctor wrote: Nirvana are way too overhyped. Seriously.
    Nirvana started the grunge boom.....very important band