Metallica Performing New Song on Upcoming Tour, Allow Fans to Pick Concert Setlists

Fans given the opportunity to select each of the 17 setlist tracks, more info inside.

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Metal titans Metallica have confirmed an exclusive premiere of their new song during upcoming European tour dates. In their desire to make the trek different from "just another European vacation," the guys made another major decision to make the tour stand out - get fans to pick the setlist. As the band explained, each ticket holder has the right to vote and will contribute in shaping the 17-track setlist. "As we embark on two short treks through Europe, we're going to give you, the ticket holders, the chance to vote on what songs you would like to hear at the show(s) that you attend," the four-piece stated via official website. "It will be pretty simple ... pick up your ticket(s) online and you'll receive an e-mail shortly after with a code and a link to a site on which you may cast your ballot. "We normally play around 18 songs a night, and since we didn't want to be left out of the fun, the band also gets to vote . . . and we vote for a new song!" Metallica concluded, "That leaves the other 17 slots for you to choose, so vote for all your favorites from the close to 140 songs we've recorded in our career and to make it more fun along the way, you'll be able to follow what you and your fellow fans are selecting by watching the site for continuous results." The group further pointed out that the tour itinerary is far from complete and currently consist of three German dates only. Check them out below and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments. 06/4 - Hamburg, Germany - Imtech Arena, Sonisphere 06/5-8 - Nurburgring, Germany - Rock Am Ring 06/6-9 - Nurnberg, Germany - Rock Im Park

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    At last,a really good idea from Metallica.
    how cares whos idea it was and whos done it already?!?! it's still a cool idea... and most important: they really seem to push themselves to write because by june they will have to have at least one song finished! AND: everybody vote for frayed ends of sanity!!!
    Nothing new.. The Grateful Dead did this... the voting system, that's been done. I wonder what Jerry would think of the Collaboration between Lou and Metallica..
    Avenged Sevenfold already done that.
    I almost wanted to comment this, but you did it for me. +1. Bring on the downvotes
    Primus played eeach night totally diferent set of songs +new album you could really heards songs witch the didnt play like ever
    I was talking about the vote system including every song ever recorded from the band. That's not an original idea from Metallica.
    Who cares if its original, dumbass. Oh wait rock and roll four piece? The Beatles already done that!!
    Well Avenged Sevenfold copied everything that Metallica have done up til now, so the circle is complete...
    Muse has done this with almost all of their tours, not letting the fans pick every song for the playlist, but allowing them to upvote 2 songs they want to hear them play. In my town Bliss and Citizen Erased was upvoted, and they delivered
    Muse did the voting thing for the Resistance tour and it generally was bad. You were lucky cause Citizen Erased and Bliss were picked but those were pretty much the only two songs they learned. If it was Assassin or or Showbiz something they went NOPE or picked something like Knights of Cydonia if it was upvoted. Surprisingly, they've had more variety on The 2nd Law tour without a voting system.
    I don't think this post is praising Metallica's originality but rather, their badass decision making at the moment..
    Yes they have, but it doesn't make a difference here. Who cares who did it first O.o
    ok guys you may downvote me, I don't care at all. I just don't understand why ?
    because who the hell cares who else has done it. and if you care so little, why bother asking?
    I'm here being very polite, open and friendly... settle down please, have you not received a minimal, decent education?
    "OMG, I hope they're gonna play Enter Sandman. I'm gonna vote for that one!" - A lot of people voting on those polls.
    more bands need to start doing this.
    Every estabilished band should start doing it. I don't enjoy being disappointed by setlists.
    If you don't like being disappointed by setlists then maybe you shouldn't expect the band to play all the old songs instead of the new ones.
    It's not so much that, but sometimes bands leave out utter classics. Not a case of being an old song, more like..the one song ou couldn't expect them to leave out. Example, Incubus with Stellar, Deftones with Headup, System with ATWA, Placebo with 20 years.
    Megadeth really needs to do this, I saw them in 2011 and since then they have pretty much used the same setlist, don't get me wrong, their classics are awesome, but some My Last Words or Reckoning Day wouldn't hurt anyone
    I recently saw trivium in concert, and was actually disappointed that they mostly played shogun songs, instead of their two newest albums.
    WHAT!!!!They played 2 songs from it when I saw them. I would have killed to see them play more from it
    I'm kind of hoping that a massive amount of trolling takes place, resulting in them playing Lulu in its entirety, along with some St. Anger material.
    they probably wont do lulu but it would be hilarious though for st anger stuff. Im just curious as to what people will be voting
    Badass UltraMan
    I don't think the St. Anger stuff will be too bad to be honest. They played Frantic and St. Anger when I saw them back in 2003 and it kicked dicks and I can think of a few more songs off that album that would translate pretty well in to a live environment
    lulu is a collaboration cd not solely a Metallica CD, so as funny as it would be to have that happen, it wont
    The Frayed Ends of Sanity, Unforgiven II, Eye of The Beholder, Metal Militia, Escape, Purify, Sweet Amber, to name a few!
    Purify is easily the worst song Metallica has ever written. James sounds like he's being branded.
    I'd love to hear The Frayed Ends of the Sanity and Hero of the Day. Also So What, Sweet Amber and St. Anger would be ****ing awesome!
    +1 for Sweer Amber. St. anger is good, I'm sure most of this album haters haven't ever listened to any track of this album besides Frantic/ St. Anger.
    Definatly "The frayed ends of sanity" - It's one of my favorite songs of AJFA, and they've never played it further than the intro. I'll get sad if an oppertunity like this is wasted...