Metallica Performing The National Anthem At The San Francisco Giants Game

Metal giants set to perform the national anthem, as well as throw the first pitch at the San Francisco Giants game against their arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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It's official, metal giants Metallica will be performing the national anthem during the Giants Vs. Dodgers game in San Francisco on Friday, May 3.

Thrash metal veterans will have the honor of opening the Giants' first game against their arch - rivals from Los Angeles this season, as well as kick off the match with a first pitch.

"We're psyched to be teaming up with the World Series champs for the first ever Metallica Night at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Friday, May 3! When the Giants take on their arch-rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers, we'll be on hand that night to kick off the game with the national anthem and first pitch, joining the orange and black fanatics with Metallica vibes and shenanigans throughout the evening to cheer on the team for the first home Dodger game of the season", stated the band.

The Giants themselves seem to show as much enthusiasm as the group, which is clearly shown in the official announcement.

"The Giants are proud to announce an exciting partnership with Metallica, the Grammy -Award winning band that has been entertaining fans worldwide since the 1980s! Members of the band will be on-hand for pre-game festivities, such as the National Anthem and first pitch! Your special event ticket package includes a ticket to the Friday evening game against the archrival Dodgers, as well as a collector's-edition Metallica Giants hat! We invite you to bring out your friends, family, and music lovers of all ages, as Metallica entertainment will be featured throughout the game! A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Bill Graham Foundation, which strives to give grants in the area of music, the arts, and education, while also supporting social work, environmental protection, and spiritual and compassionate projects in our community."

The special event tickets will go on sale on Saturday, February 9 at 8:00 PST. The special event ticket package includes a limited edition Metallica/Giants hat, with the portion of all proceeds being donated to the Bill Graham Foundation.

So this is pretty awesome, right? How often do we have a chance to hear Metallica performing the national anthem, let alone at such a big event? You guys excited about this one or what? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Thats very similar to how i imagine it. That being said, im looking forward to seeing it here/on youtube. Also i wonder what shenanaigans they are planning
    At first I thought it said: "The National - Anthem".. I was like: what anthem by The National?? It's way too early..
    performing it as in guitars and drums? or will they be singing it with their voices?
    So im guessing the their version of the national anthem will be 40 minutes? lol i can't wait to hear it xD
    James sings the anthem while Kirk says "you live it lie it" after each line, Robert dances around with an imaginary bass and Lars stands there with his tounge out?
    kirk looks like an ageing mexican gunslinger from a spaghetti western
    As if tickets to NFL games weren't disgustingly expensive already... I wonder how much nosebleeds are for this.