Metallica Post the Footage of 'DeHaan' Orion Set

Watch the band performing three songs from "Kill 'Em All" as DeHaan on this year's Orion festival.

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Metallica posted a footage from their act at the first day of Orion festival as DeHaan band. Watch the video featuring songs "Hit the Lights" and "Phantom Lord" performed onstage and the rehearsals of "Jump in the Fire."

Metallica made the suprise appearance as the band called DeHaan during the first day of their own Orion festival and performed their entire iconic debut "Kill 'Em All."

The full set can be downloaded here.

DeHaan title refers to the last name of Dane Dehaan, the starring actor from the band's upcoming 3D movie "Through the Never." Fans unanimously agree that this is one of the coolest tricks Metallica pulled off in some time.

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    Goddamn. James sounds better now than he has in the last 20 years. And Rob's backing vocals during Hit the Lights were probably his best backing vocals I've heard from him. He's usually not too good. And Kirk's solos were pretty damn spot on. Lars needs to pick up the ****ing slack lol
    I like how Hetfield shouts some of the vocal parts as they were recorded, even if it does sound better how he'd usually do them. A nice little nod to the past for observant 'tallica nerds.
    Yeah I forgot to add to my comment that, James is really in great shape physically and vocally, I thought the two sets at Orion were some of his best live vocals I had heard in a while.
    He sounded awesome at Donnington last year too. You can tell he's working harder to keep his chops up these days. Good lad.
    They all did amazing at every show at Soundwave, I got all the recordings...Lars even nailed Motorbreath, something he wasn't able to do in the past few years.
    I was watching the Dropkick Murphys on mainstage at Orion and their bassist said "I don't know if this is a secret or not, but Metallica is playing a bunch of old stuff over at that other stage." I didn't believe him until my friend got a notification on his phone saying "METALLICA is now playing at the Damage Inc. stage"... good f***in time. Just another reason why Metallica is always going to be a special band for me.
    And here I was thinking that Metallica was irrelevant. Gods, now I need to relisten to those first five albums...
    Love when they get a bit lost in 'Jump in the Fire' and Kirk's like 'Now?' and then just lets rip.
    Imagine their feeling playing on a small stage, no pyros, no special effects? just like old times.
    I would give anything to go to Orion next year just to see Metallica. What they have done for Metal music is nothing short of spectacular.
    that scream James pulled off at the end of Phantom Lord was pretty darned impressive.
    "Metallica posted a footage from their act at the first day of Orion festival as DeHaan band." Seriously, UG?
    One of the best vocal performances of James in a long time. Seeing this footage reminds me why and how Metallica became such a huge metal band.
    As soon as I heard that "OOOUUUYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!" in the beginning of Hit the Lights I knew this was going to be awesome. Welcome back, James' voice.