Metallica Premieres New Song 'The Lords of Summer,' Video Available

Over 8 minutes, riffs galore, check out the new Metallica track inside.

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As previously announced, metal giants Metallica have premiered a brand new song during a Bogota, Columbia performance this Sunday (March 16).

Titled "The Lords of Summer," the track clocks in at eight minutes and features an abundance of riffs. As expected, it's a must-hear for every metal fan out there, so make sure to check it out in the player below.

The tune came as the No. 6 song on the night's setlist, right between the classics "The Unforgiven" and "...And Justice for All." Full setlist available below.

The band previously announced the premiere via Facebook and Twitter, posting studio images along with brief notes. "Working out the kinks in the new song that we'll be debuting in South America in a couple days," the four-piece stated, separately adding, "Jammin' on a new tune at HQ and getting it ready to go to South America in a couple days."

Metallica Live in Bogota, Colombia, March 16, 2014:

01. Blackened
02. Master of Puppets
03. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
04. Fuel
05. The Unforgiven
06. The Lords of Summer
07. …And Justice for All
08. Sad but True
09. Fade to Black
10. Orion
11. One
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls
13. Battery
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman
16. Creeping Death17. Ride the Lightning18. Seek & Destroy

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    I love that it actually sounds like a song, not just a copy and paste job like some of DM, and who knew Lars drumming would be one of the best parts of the new song, The Lords Of Summer have returned.
    Agree 100%, kinda has that Blackened feel. I feel much more anticipation for the new record now.
    completely agreed im not a post 88 metallica fan minus maybe wherever i may roam, but ive been pulling for metallica to really hit their roots of metal with this album to really show they still have it and from the looks of this 8 minute piece everything seems to be checked off for what i look for in a classic metallica song, maybe on this album kirk will lay off the wahh abit though.
    Better quality version.
    I'm glad that Kirk's soloing has improved. I know I'll get a lot of hate, but the solos and transitions in Death Magnetic didn't feel right/appropriate or satisfying. Count me optimistic for the future.
    Yeah I agree, but I remember that after Death Magnetic recording sessions Kirk himself said that "next album I will try to do more melodic solos". As I understand Death Magnetic solo style was a conscious decision from him, I don't know why he chose these style. But fingers crossed for this album, I am hopeful.
    i didn't think the solo was that good. Was pretty much what i expected. A few solid riffs there though! i was suprised by the drumming too.
    Heavy as ****, Lords of Thrash.
    i kinda think your extremely overestimating the song. Twas a great song and studio wise im sure itll get serious radio [play which ill be glad to hear. But again Metallica hasnt been "the lords of thrash" in 26 years lol
    I don't know if they were ever "Lords of Thrash" but it's been 26 years since they could even be considered a thrash band... or made a decent metal record. This song shows a little potential but I'm not holding my breath. It's been a looooong time since Metallica quit trying. I love their early music (everything thru AJFA) but they've done nothing but disappoint since. Just my opinion.
    This is true. Metallica hasn't created anything since 88 that people would actually consider thrash metal. I'm sorry but they just aren't anymore. (I did like St. Anger though, and parts of Load/Reload are good).
    I don't care if it's metal or if it's rock or whatever the hell it may be. If it's good then it's ****in' good.
    I'd honestly only really call KEA a fully thrash record, the rest had different elements in different songs. (eg. The prog influence obvious in all of Justice and some of the songs in Lightning and Puppets among other influences.) They really just defy fitting in one genre, same with Load and Reload as they're kind of a blend of blues, rock and metal with the occasional country element added.
    The riff at 0:49 sounds like a variation on the Damage, Inc. verse riff and the riff at 1:35 is basically the intro to Metal Militia. The rest of the track sounds uninspired and disposable. It's just "meh" for me. The 'tallica boys can do better.
    Sounds like A7X!
    I don't care if it sounds like A7X. It's no where near as good as Asking Alexandria! Am I too obvious?
    Dude, you don't need to leave a comment about everything, you can shut your mouth sometimes.
    I hope this i the cut they end up using on the album, it sounds pretty damn promising. It would be a shame if they split it into 8 songs, like they did with "Death is not the End". This is the first time in 6 years i´ve been psyched about this upcoming release.
    Pretty damn awesome, but I don't care much for the interlude-ish section leading into the solo. Either Kirk's guitar was out of tune a bit, or my ears are broken. Either way---I'm pumped for new album. It can't get here soon enough.
    Yes! Awesome! Seeing as this song has a name, as opposed to "New Song" etc, I think that this will actually stay as we see here and not get chopped and used in other songs. Sweet, I await the album.
    Unfortunately, not neccesarily. If you haven't heard it, look for the song "Death Is Not the End"; it ended up chopped up for other songs on Death Magnetic.
    "Death is Not the End" I'm fairly sure was only officially called "The New Song".
    Well, it already sounds better than anything off of Death Magnetic. It sounds like they're really trying to emulate Kill 'Em All, or the early years in general. You could probably shave a good few minutes off of it, though.
    I pray this is a sign for the upcoming album. I will actually buy the album if it has more of this.
    Aryan Death Man
    Seems Like a Crossover between 'Disposable Heroes' and Death Magnetic stuffs. The Lords of Thrash are back!!!!
    Ehh song is good, but the title is so un-metallica like. Sounds like a title for a kid rock song or something. Hearing some dang good riffs in there though!
    it sounds in the style of their old stuff, but also sounds in style of Death Magnetic. Really good song but I hope Kirk changes that solo. It was rather bad.
    This will probably get down-votes, but i wish Metallica would write shorter 'more to the point' songs like the Black Album. This new song had some good parts but only about half of it was decent. Other half, very generic!
    I agree that they should try to be a little more concise, the last couple of albums have been pretty bloated and it just seems like they don't know when to end a song. But i didn't mind it in this one, they only played one chorus after the interlude, that's a step in the right direction (they usually repeat all riffs a couple of times...). They've been struggling witht this ever since Newsted left.
    I actually agree. I found myself liking half of most of the songs on Death Magnetic... They just go off on too many directionless riff tangents. For example, "The Day That Never Comes" would've been a killer 5 minute song, but it loses it in the open-e chugging disaster 3/4 through.
    This song is better than most Death Magnetic, has some weak points though. Great job on guitars by James and Rob, some of Het's riffs in the last few minutes are killer! Kirk needs to be more creative with the solo. And Lars... goddamit he's horrible.
    This sounds brilliant! Got a typical Metallica sound to it but nothing 'recycled' I look forward to hearing a studio quality version
    Love it, but how has Kirk been on that plateaux of pentatonic mediocrity since 1990? His solos on the first 4 records were awesome! But the solo here was rehashed and repetitive (that descending A lick was done 3 times in a row). What an epic tune though, wow!
    Solo and bridge were definitely the weakest parts of the song. I did like the harmony on the bridge, but it lagged due to Kirk's repetition. But the riffs were tight and played off each other well. At least James has still got it in that department.
    They may take forever to write music, but when they finally finish it, they usually end up with a masterpiece.
    on a side note, you'd think Metallica by Request would have an amazing setlist with heaps of rare and deep cut tracks... looks to me like the same setlist they've played for the past 10 years... pretty disapointing. Did people not understand the full potential of being able to choose the setlist themselves? I mean seriously... have you not heard enter sandman and nothing else matters enough already??
    That's pretty great, I'm surprised!!! Stop touring and playing the same shit over and over again! Put out a new record, you guys still have something to offer.
    The song wasn't bad for a rough idea. Curious to see where it goes. Also, hope the lyrics don't stick and it gets renamed. It was also nice to see Kirk not over abuse the wah.
    My view on this after a couple of listens: 1. "The lords of summer"? Hope this is a temporary name until they record the song. 2. The main riff sucks. The others tie in pretty well though. 3. Props to Lars for playing double bass again! 4. Bridge is BADASS. 5. That guitar harmony sounded TOO repetitive and out of place. 6. wahwahwahwahwah 7. Cut the intro and the dual solo interlude and there you go, 5 minutes of pure riffage. Let the downvotes begin!
    Lars played double bass in Death Magnetic also
    he rarely does live though, so it was a nice thing to actually see him do it
    but are you crazy? Compare him with Mike Mangini. This man sucks, buddy, this band sucks.
    The Lords of summer is a temporary name. In their facebook page is written: The "Metallica By Request" tour kicked off in Bogota, Colombia with the band playing a set filled with 17 songs voted on by fans + a brand new song title (for now) "The Lords of Summer."
    Agreed with #1, sounds like the title of a generic house/trance/techno hit. Hope the lyrics justify it (I don't feel like deciphering them right now). But overall, the song kicks ass.
    Wow.. Kirk still can't play after all these years. His technique is fine, but he has no imagination or creativity at all, a shame covering James riffage with that garbage. Also, he needs to lay off that wah-pedal, it's obvious he's just trying to cover up sloppy playing and poor choice of notes. Weird violin effect on part of the solo, was that on purpose or the video quality? Anyhoo, the riffage was really great, rest was so so. They need to tighten up the song structure, get another lead guitarist and tell Lars to put som effort into it.
    You're talking about them like they're a brand new band, they've been around over 30 years and are all over 50 cut them some ****ing slack, I'd love to see any of us here write a song this cool after having already released 12 or so albums.
    Wow, what? If anything, them having over 30 years of experience means we should be even MORE critical of them. Cutting them some slack should not mean that they can slack off.
    How you said 'get another guitar player' like they can just kick Kirk out now after 30 years and saying he has no imagination or creativity at all, after 30 years I would think would be harder than when you start out, if you're overly critical of everything you'll never enjoy anything. There ain't many bands out there that do get better after 20 years or so, so don't try and make out like what I said was completely insane.
    But that's the thing. Kirk isn't a phenomenally great guitar player. You keep bringing up his 30 year career. Assuming he started playing guitar the day he joined Metallica, that gives him 30 years of experience playing guitar. He's still playing the same sloppy pentatonics he played in the 90s... so yes, he has experience, but you'd think he'd learn a few more techniques over the years to put into the music that make him stand out. I mean, he doesn't have a lot of creativity... he uses the same wah sound and the same pentatonic patterns in nearly all his solos.
    First of all, I'm not the guy who wrote the first comment. Second of all, bands don't just get better after about 20 years, sure, but they evolve and change, they mature. Metallica right now are just trying to pander to young fans who think that everything after ...And Justice For All is garbage...and they're not doing a very good job.
    But really, that just shows that they could do better than they´ve been doing since St. Anger. Maybe it´s a change in the way they approach songwriting?
    Promising. And I'm sure a studio version will sound even better.
    I see James really came up with some cool riffs. The melody they play together is nice, Lars is as terrible as always , and I recall some fragments of Kirk's solo from earlier albums, but considering it's over a year until the album is released, it's a good song. Actually I wish James would play some solos on the upcoming record (he has way better feel for music than Kirk and I heard some of his behind-the-stage improvised stuff, which was great). Anyway, judging by this song, the upcoming album looks promising.
    The song is actually pretty good. You put back Hetfield old voice on this and the 80's attitude you would have an amazing Metallica song I think...
    It's an alright song, at least as good as anything off of DM. I think it will sound a lot better as a studio recording as opposed to a fan recording, and I'm hoping they change the solo a bit. It has the potential to be a pretty good song, so I hope this is indicative of the rest of what they've been writing.
    Pink Bits
    Lars just needs a hunchback and his transformation into Riff Raff will be complete.
    So glad they're gonna finally played Frayed Ends of Sanity on May 28th. It's about damn time. The only thing moderately difficult about that song is James' rhythm part before the solo.
    It would be great if somebody could please tab this song, i badly want to learn it immediately. The main riff looks inspired from DM's Suicide and Redemption ?
    Have you ever heard of learning by ear?
    Marcus 90
    Learning by ear is the way to go, but we don't all have the patience to train up our ears, although i can agree that tabs will only get you so far. to really expand one's playing learning by ear is a valuable skill, even though it takes along time, just my opinion though
    Yeah, that's what I was getting at. After I tabbed out War Pigs completely by ear, I found that my playing improved a lot. I would almost say its an essential skill if you want to become a good guitarist.
    I would do the same if i had time on my hands, i spend half an hour in playing guitar in that i end up practicing guitar parts from songs i don't know for 20 minutes. I find the noty parts in a song to be the most difficult ones to find by ear.
    Have u ever heard of tabs? Made for ppl who are not good at learning by ear
    Learning by ear greatly expands your ability as a player, you can only get so far always depending upon tabs. Just like anything on guitar, learning by ear does take time but is very valuable.
    On a related note, the people of Istanbul did Metallica By Request the right way.
    Exactly! Why would you ask Metallica to play shit they ALWAYS do? I'd tell them to play Eye of the Beholder, The Unforgiven trilogy, All Within My Hands, or Shoot Me Again
    Too early to assume right now. Wait until the others have voted and keep our fingers crossed that it will stay the way it is (which I doubt)... The funny thing about the "Metallica By Request" is if the set list looks generic, it's the audience' fault.
    Sounds allright, better than DM but I can't judge on this low quality live version, I'll give them shit or praise once the album is out.
    set list looks tired. no load , DM or st anger again! ive seen this set a couple of times now. still , new song rocks.
    Yeah, but St Anger is played on a couple days, and Frayed Ends is played once or twice too. But anyone thinking the fans would go crazy with the setlist is crazy themselves.
    To everyone that says that "The lord of thrash are back" Guys don't forget that this song could be totally erased and turned into something else, remember what happened the last time they showed a "new song" Edit: Done listening, is not terrible song... it just felt kinda... boring I mean it had some riffs that I can already see them using them for other songs, for example the riff after the solo. The bridge is really badass, the main riff may be good if it wasn't metallica, couse it fits for another kind of vocalist... but anyways, as I said before, a little boring, but not terrible, they could fix things by the time the release things
    Generic, awful, Metallica song... but I suppose this is exactly what metal kids needed. Directionless, open e riffing... terrible wah, penatonic guitar solo... overall terrible performance. Ugh. I honestly was kind of rooting for them too.
    agree. Very boring song. Nothing in here to listen to. Unfortunately.