Metallica Release New Studio Version of 'Lords of Summer' on iTunes

Newly revealed track gets its official release.

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In anticipation of next week's headlining performance at Glastonbury, Metallica has released a new version of "Lords of Summer" on iTunes.

The updated studio version of the track is different from the demo version that the band posted on YouTube some weeks ago, featuring re-recorded vocals from James Hetfield, as well as a new solo from Kirk Hammett.

As NME reports, Glastonbury festival founder Michael Eavis has defended the decision to have Metallica headline the festival. The band has come under fire from some sectors for being 'too heavy' for Glastonbury:

"There's no other band in the whole history of the festival that has been so keen to play, they will do the best set of their lives here," he said. "We have been going for so long that people don't expect us to put on a heavy metal band. We had Rage Against the Machine and we have had lots of fairly heavy metal bands in the past but this is not a typical headline."

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    Guitar could sound a bit chunkier (overdrive, not riffs), but apart from that this tack has me really excited for what comes next.
    Vocals improved, but the Guitar tone is ****ing disgusting.And I still think the song is big load of bad mashed-up riffs. Sounds generic as hell.
    Black Hazard
    Why is the mix on this so shitty? Ever since Death Magnetic, his vocals just sit there "on top" of the mix. It sounds lame as hell.
    And again Rob's bass is inaudible at all. What a waste of talent.
    Incredibly big waste... He's been in the band for 11 years and contributed in TWO songs. Jason contributed in at least THREE songs in 14 years. Rob is treated like shit in terms of composing etc. So let there be "And Justice for Rob" either.
    Actually Rob is credited as a co-writer of ALL songs on Death Magnetic, however his lines were treated almost like Jason's.
    As much as the "fans" wanted Metallica to lose the Load & Reload groove's, I'm afraid to say that that sound will never disappear. I prefer the "Load" & "Reload" era's as the instrumentation was more unique & diverse. This however, sounds like a mish mash of Load era Metallica trying to be thrashy for the sake of pleasing - again - their so called "fans". Groove suits them in their older age. Thrash not so much.
    I don't think metallica try to please their fans. they just do what they want and progress. if they wanted to please the fans theyed still be wearing basketball boots skinny jeans and playing kill em all over and over again.
    The more I listen to it, the more I dig this track. Love the middle section before the solo, it's simple but it grooves so well.
    That's my favourite part. It still amazes me that James comes up with simple, heavy and really groove oriented riffs like that.
    Guitar sounds a bit too weak, it definetly could have needed a little more distortion.
    It's definitely not distortion that the guitars are missing. They're just eq'd weird.
    The instrumental parts have grown on me, but I think they should bite the bullet in the studio and tune down a half step so ol' Het isn't having to struggle to hit the damn notes.
    I like the song but they should get a better instrumental/solo section.
    And maybe not rip off his justice solo and leper messiah towards the end.
    Thrash Addict
    They should get a better lead player. Or at least make him practice.
    Anyone who knows his stuff on guitar playing will tell you that Hammett is not one of the greatest soloists out there. But he makes Metallica what they are, and that is irreplaceable.
    Please twitter this to Mustaine, give him a good weekend meltdown.
    Same with Lars
    I do wish Lars tried more, in all honesty. His drumming has been very mediocre these last 14 years, considering he's the drummer for one of the biggest metal bands out there. My opinion is that having achieved worldwide recognition (through Metallica), he has lost the hunger to improve. And it's not due to age. Just look at Lombardo or Peart. I wish he tried more, but hey, it's his band, his call. One thing that nobody seems to ever mention: The 2009 Nimes and Mexico DVDs, as well as the Through the Never one? Why does no one mention that Lars' drumming has been messed with? Mostly the bass drum.
    Thrash Addict
    btw I just realized that the main riff is way too similar to Crazy Horse by BLS Im not trolling, look it up.
    James sounds excellent, and I mean excellent! Listen closely, it sounds like he's singing the way he did for Master of Puppets (but more raw; MOP had more vocal processing). Overall, the production is a little too raw. It's tight and everything, but the guitars sounded best in the '80s when they were tripled/quadrupled. Also the guitar tone is a little weak and James could use some reverb. Lars is ok, not horrible and not great. Couldn't hear Rob to be honest. Can't wait for the album. James is really friggin' pushing it, can't wait to hear all his vocal performances.
    kill it
    i don't mind the guitar sound everybody seems to be complaining about. the more heavily distorted modern sounds most bands use seem just cover up a lot of bad technique and lose tone and definition at high volume. a good example is ac/dc, just a really loud overdriven sound. i seen them live and it was really loud but the guitar sound was still very clear. i've also seen tons of heavy bands that use way too much gain. they turn the pa up loud and it just sounds like a bee hive, total crap.
    People need to stop over-analyzing demo's Anyone remember "New Track 1" and "New Track 2" which led to End of the line and something else...its a demo guys. I like it, especially the instrumentation.
    This is the studio version? Like official? If so it just feels like the sound is lacking... still sounds like a garage band.
    It's basically a decently produced demo. There's still every chance it might not make the next album, or it could be reworked into something else.
    I feel as though this song should be sped up just a little. Would totally sound like something off of Kill 'em All.
    When the first garage demo version came out last spring, I put it in GarageBand to speed up the tempo just a bit and make a few minor edits. I have been listening to the edit that I made ever since.
    Damn it isn't it "Lords of Sumer" as in the ancient kingdom of Sumer? "Lords of Summer" sounds really stupid
    It would sound better with like 3 minutes shaved off. This song doesn't feel like it needs to be as long as it is
    lol, i expected nothing less from 'tallica. it's safe to expect that they keep on bringing up and revising 1 song that they think is good for a few years until the next song they think is good and stretch it out for another year or 2. so much for having 800,000,000,000 billion billion riffs. lol.
    I sorely miss the days of muddy production and shitloads of delay/reverb (eg. Ride The Lightning). It's like they've been taboo or something for the past 2 decades.
    No sir, I don't like it.
    Go **** yourself.
    Because he doesn't like it? Grow up and learn to respect different opinions. I'm a huge (and I mean [b]huge) Metallica fan, I also don't think this is anything special. I did prefer James' vocals in the previous version, and well Kirk just plays the same pentatonic sloppy-covered-with-Wah solo. Reading his interview about Satriani and all he supposedly learned from him, I just have to wonder if he will ever implement those things in his solos and riffs.
    Freddiez79 is not stating his opinion... He's been a troll lurking around Metallica articles for a long time now.
    He's either too lazy to utilize that knowledge OR he forgot it all from never using it.
    I upvoted, not because I agree but because you are entitled to your opinion and shouldn't be shunned for having one. It's funny, the same people who bash Metallica the rest of the year are the ones who down vote people for having an opposing negative opinion when they put something out or say something.
    They can have any equipment they want and still they have that bad sound. The guitar tone is poor and has been for at least 10 years.
    The problem is that they record in a multi-million dollar recording studio, and then in post-production they compress the shit out of it make it "sound like it was recorded in a garage." Here's the solution: Record it in a ****ing garage. They're big rich rock stars pretending to be something they were 30 years ago. I doubt Lars had a towel wrapped over his shoulders after every drum take back then... They try and fake it instead of just doing it.
    It feels like a song like this would benefit from being shorter. It's very fast paced and energetic, but it doesn't have much to offer in those 8 minutes, seems more like a 3-5 minute sort of deal. It just takes forever to get to the instrumental section and there's not a lot going on when you are past the first chorus. This really is Metallicas weakness these days, their songs get too bloated and more often than not, they end up being slightly boring despite having some good parts here and there. They are stuck in some weird space between prog and straight up metal and it isn't doing them any favours.
    At least Kirk Hammet can still play guitar respectably. Unlike kerry King, who's always sounded like a 90s dial-up modem when he solos.
    For some reason I read every comment on here, and this was the only one to make me laugh. Thanks.
    I listened to about a minute of the new track at work. I like the demo a little better than this - his voice is less processed in this one. I think a little reverb/processing helps Hetfield's voice. It covers up some of the weakness he has these days ...
    Okay im listening to it so far, James needs to leave those Boogie cabs behind, that sound of his guitar is horrible... If he wants a sound like that he should use Peavey that have the same sound but with more power. Now the voice sounds a little bit better, but is enough to be ok. The instrumental part stills being bad. Overall if this stills being a more mixed version of a demo, it got a little better, it just needs some touches on the instrumental part and a change of sound quality couse the guitar sounds to weak for a song of this style.
    lol, 2 Metallitards can't even take constructive criticism well, I wasn't bashing the song I simply said that it needs more work, is that easier to understand guys or should I use broken english so you can understand better?
    They're probably just laughing about some random dude on the internet trying to give Metallica "constructive criticism" regarding amps and mixing. Probably thinking something along the lines of "...and who the hell are you? This is Metallica. Metallica. They have all the money and resources in the world. It's going to sound the way they want it to sound. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it wrong or bad." That's probably what those Metallitards were thinking. Probably.
    Oh, so if we can't constructively discuss the band or article online, why does this comment section exist?
    Lets see, who am I? A person, and apparently a greater person than you guys, because I don't degrade other people's opinion relying on someone's fame and success.
    Yeah I honestly don't understand why people think their opinion in infallible especially related to something like the tone of a band who means way more to people they they ever will.
    this song is like 5 different old metallica song put together wich is good in my opinion ;D and has for the glastonbury shit i hope they do sad but true and james goes do you want heavy !? metallica gives you heavy !!
    The only thing I dislike is Lars using his china cymbal like a hi hat
    Unfortunately, that's because Lars doesn't know how to use a ride cymbal.
    Or a hi hat. Seriously, I'm actually curious... Has Lars ever played a closed hi hat? I honestly don't believe there is a single legit closed hi hat sound anywhere in the Metallica catalog. If I missed one, someone please point it out.
    Start sounds a lot like a riff mashup. Not quite as much as Death Magnetic though, there are some logical sounding progressions in the guts of the song. They need to find a good producer to bleed the soul out of these new songs if they want to make the best out of them. This sounds more like a home demo to me than an album ready track.
    Personally I like the Guitar Tone...Although, I agree, it could be a bit heavier/raunchier...The Rhythm in this song rocks as usual from Hetfield, one of the best! On the other hand, I agree about Kirk's soloing...You would think after all of these years he could construct, a well phrased, kick ass solo that actually fits the song. To me it sounds like rehashing the same shit over and over. Like he ****ing puked, added some wah to cover up the garbage, and was like here ya go. The melodic solo, with harmony should be developed a bit more to have a stronger impact, like their old school days from like Ride the Lightning, or Master of Puppets. The drums? Sound like shit, too much on the crash cymbal, open high hat...Make it ****ing tight will ya Lars? Hetfield's voice sounds better these days, reminds me of the Kill Em All era...The production? Well, it's a demo...Eager to hear this song when complete.
    Well, I guess you can file this one into the category of new Metallica songs that are lacking. It is better than anything on St. Anger though. Why 8 minutes?
    New Judas Priest songs are better than new Metallica but this song still is pretty good
    I respect your opinion but I disagree. Metallica, despite poor production, seems to be giving it their all. I can't say that for Judas Priest's new tunes. Halford sounds tired. Understandable, but still.
    Where's GALGOPOWER?
    Travelling to Glasto to stand in the crowd during the Metallica set, holding up a handwritten sign that says "Iron Maiden > Metallica" in a comic sans duplicated font.
    Ermmmm....well....I didn't enjoy that. Just my humble opinion ofc but anything tally throw out these days just comes across as meandering and self-indulgent bollocks. Didn't someone do a version of this where they sped up the tempo??? That was a lot more interesting to listen to. For this effort though, may be a 4/10....