Metallica Release Secret San Diego Show

The show kicked off with the classic, "Creeping Death," and ran through a dozen songs from their catalogue.

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Metallica have released their recent secret show in San Diego, which following the band's appearance at Comic-Con last month, Hennemusic reports

The band's July 19 concert at the Spreckles Theatre kicked off with the classic, "Creeping Death," and ran through a dozen songs from their extensive catalogue.

The set is now available for download here.

Metallica's own 3D movie "Through the Never" will debut in IMAX theatres across North America for a one-week engagement starting Friday, September 27; the film will then expand into additional theatres on October 4.

Metallica will launch an 8-date Asian tour on August 10 in Tokyo, a trip that will see the group's first shows in China.

The revealed show's tracklist:

01. Creeping Death 02. For Whom the Bell Tolls 03. Fuel 04. Ride the Lightning 05. Kirk Solo #1 06. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 07. Sad but True 08. One 09. Master of Puppets 10. Blackened 11. Kirk Solo #2 12. Nothing Else Matters 13. Enter Sandman 14. Last Caress 15. Seek & Destroy

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    Fuck yeah! Gotta love how much Metallica respects their fans, 30 years strong and they still say it's because of the fans. "We are Metallica, you are Metallica" Perfect slogan because it's true.
    I agree; there aren't a lot of bands with as much devotion to their fans as them.
    I just want to be this guy. They released the show on Wednesday and the vid is from the 24th way to be on top!
    Rob E
    Wow, talk about free advertising for Metallica's website! They release recordings of pretty much every single show they play. By the way, i am a Metclub member, so i'm no anti-Metallica guy, but putting this kind of story up is like an adbot coming on here to tell us about discount websites in my opinion.
    love these guys! been listening to them since I was 13, and i'll never stop, never quit, cuz we're all Metallica \m/ METAL UP YOUR ASS!
    Metallica sucking at playing one at the beginning
    Badass UltraMan
    Kirk's tone is god-awful these days and it makes his sloppy playing sound even worse. It genuinely sounds like he is using 6-month-old strings with the gain turned down to about 4
    Does having 6 month old strings make your guitar sound worse? Good god that's a dumb comment. But I do agree with the tone part....
    Badass UltraMan
    Oh, downvoted. Looks like someone genuinely believes Kirk has great tone. Good lord!
    I agree with you about the tone, it sucks, but everything else you said is just plain dumb, and to say the downvoter believes kirks tone sounds good is equally lame.
    Badass UltraMan
    What in the blue **** is going on with the top of Lars' head? It looks like an egg in a pube explosion