Metallica Reveal Demo Version of New Song 'The Lords of Summer'

At the same time Rob Trujillo admits that Metallica fans "like the oldest songs the most."

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Metallica have uploaded a "garage demo version" of new song "The Lords of Summer," NME reports. Click below to hear the track now.

The track was debuted on stage at Parque Simon Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia on March 16 with footage shot by a member of the audience being shared between fans since then. However, a high quality version of the eight minute long song has now been put out by the band.

"The Lords of Summer" is the rock group's first new material 2008's "Death Magnetic" album.

A post on the band's official Facebook page on Friday (March 14) revealed the group's plan to unveil a new track. A picture of all four members of the band, frontman James Hetfield plus Rob Trujillo, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett, was accompanied by the words: "Working out the kinks in the new song that we'll be debuting in South America in a couple days."

Earlier this year Metallica guitarist Hammett said that the band "have to" start working on their next album. When asked if the record would likely be released in 2015, Hammett said: "I'm f--king up for it, man."

In a separate interview with Peru This Week, the band's bassist Rob Trujillo pointed that most of songs, picked up by fans for "Metallica by Request" shows are off the first five records.

"I think that there are some really good songs on those albums," he said. "Metallica's catalog has a lot of music. Usually the fans of a band like the oldest songs the most. In fact, the energy and the spirit of the first five albums is special. And it helps us write music now that still has that flavor, without leaving behind what we are now, obviously."

After "Death Magnetic" the band's collaboration with the late Lou Reed, "Lulu," was released in 2011. They've also toured and played festivals extensively in the past five years, including a slot at last month's Grammy Awards, when they teamed up with classical pianist Lang Lang to perform their track "One."

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    James' vocals are really out of this world here! Was expecting this to be just another overhyped album but I've got to admit, this demo has got me pretty stoked.
    And to think this demo is in standard E-tuning again, hats of to James for still being able to have full range of vocals here.
    Black Mustangs
    Death Magnetic and Beyond Magnetic are both in standard as well, even if James' voice hasn't been at its peak in a long time it' amazing that he can still perform effectively with all the shit he's put his body through.
    why does it make any difference? if its easier for him to sing in Eb then sing in Eb. They're just doing it in E cos bedroom guitar players will get pissy that they have to detune to play it.
    Death Magnetic is in drop D as far as I remember, it's quite clearly below standard. I was also quite sure this song is also D or around based on the live version which sounded FAR heavier and with a bigger low end.
    They play in Eb live, which would make it easier for James to sing. I can't imagine even playing a full concert of Metallica songs on rythym, let alone singing lead on all of them to boot! Digging the song as well...
    Pretty decent vocals from James for this point in his career. He got pretty brutal in the early-mid 2000's before Death Magnetic, especially live.
    im actually hoping the studio version will feature much better vocals from him. (im also more expecting than just hoping). but cool riff hope they shorten it and dont write 9 8 minute songs again
    The only part I don't like of the song is the solo, Kirk really needs to work on new ideas, but besides that it's a pretty good song, I liked the verse a lot, the vocal melody and the double bass on it (Lars not being lazy? Amazing!) really stood out. Looking forward to the new album
    New Metallica. Sounds like old Metallica. No complaints here, this sounds awesome. Can't wait for the finished album.
    I'm getting an '...And Justice For All' feel from this track.
    The only problem I have with this song is that it sufferes from "Magnetic Syndrome" in that it is probably -3 minutes too long. I felt like a lot of the tracks on Magnetic were long just for the sake of being long. They could have trimmed a lot of fluff and gave us another solid couple of tracks. Also, Kirk needs to listen to what some of the up-and-coming metal bands are doing with their solos to see where the bar has been set. Running the same scales with Wah just isn't cutting it anymore. With the exception of the solo in "The Day That Never Comes" I didnt really like any of the solos on Magnetic.
    This is Metallica through and through. I get AJFA and Kill 'Em All vibes from it. Can't ****ing wait for an album now!
    Heard the song yesterday live. It was brutal, specially the intro. BTW James said that this song may or may not be on the new album, "maybe we can write better songs maybe not" JH
    Lars actually stated this song will be changed constantly, so by the time they reach Europe it's possible they have a completely new song. Shame tho.
    I hear hints of Hit the Lights, Fight Fire With Fire and Trapped Under Ice quite heavily in this track, but to my ears at least there's just something missing at the moment. Glad to hear Lars trying the double kick again even if it does need a fair bit of practice.
    I was listening to hit the lights earlier today and the new song seems to have a riff that sounds alot like the beginning of Hit The Lights, only slower! I'd love for them to pick up the pace a bit, but I find the guitars sound too much like they did on DM
    a drummer
    I just hope Lars gets more creative with the fills. Drums are BY FAR the weakest part of the song
    It's Lars Ulrich. You can't expect him to go all Paul Bostaph on us. The guy seriously doesn't give two craps about practicing.
    It's not bad. It would be great if Kirk stepped his game up with his solos though- back in the day they used to build up to a lead that didn’t feel forced and actually added to the track- most people got excited for the solo. Now it feels like he's just tacking on any old wah shit to a song. There are so many more creative/technical lead players out there in the metal scene now it makes it hard to get excited hearing Kirks same old stuff with no new techniques/scale runs.
    Good, but 8 mins? Really? Lots of forced filler stuff. Could of just kept the best bits and made it a 5 min song.
    i hate that guitar tone theyve had since death magnetic. so tinny. not enough distortion. their songs would sound so much fuller. and that solo sucks balls. the harmony bit in the middle is great though they should have a rhythm guitar behind the harmony for the AJFA effect
    Their tone has been awful for quite some time now. Not sure if it's their amps or what, but it's just cringeworthy. You'd expect that the same band that had the Master Of Puppets tone would still be kicking out awesome sounds from their guitars. As for the song, I like the direction it's headed. Still looking more forward to Testament and Exodus though.
    the tone is great, especially for a demo. Death Magnetic had a great tone as well, it was a little too, compressed, but it had a great tone. adding more distortion is not the way to go. there needs to be a good balance and cranking the gain will muddy everything.
    Yes too much gain is bad but you do need certain amount of saturation to make things sound "Thrashing" and I think they were a touch too conservative here. The gallops for example would have sounded much better with Ride The Lightning amount of distortion but here they sound just neutered and soft. Song is quite good (better than anything on Death Magnetic I think) but the sound simply lacks raw power. Maybe this will change when the album gets properly finished, we'll see.
    I disagree about the tone on Death Magnetic, actually the guitar tone there is really good and just crushingly heavy at times, screwed up only by the ridiculously loud mix. As for this song, I agree it's good for a demo mix, but also think the rhythm guitar sounds weak, the live version sounded FAR heavier (already mentioned it above). If the final result is closer to the live version, this song will be really, really good.
    I totally agree. The mix seems way too raw, and it's a pretty far departure from the tone that I love from the early records. I miss James's wall of rhythm guitars.
    Ppl sometimes doesn't understand that this is a D-E-M-O, hence the raw mix...
    Guitar tone needs more punch. When i think of Metallica, i think of balls crushing heavy riffs and James angry powerful voice. I'm not trying to bash them. I love Metallica, but they just seem to can't play music anymore in way that makes them awesome.
    People actually writing good stuff about Metallica?? What has this world come to?
    'Garage demo version'? Sounds better than Death Magnetic to me.
    i like it, but im not loving it... cant put my finger on why either
    Yeah I think it's just kinda... meh. This song isn't as horrendous as Load/Reload/St. Anger but it's also not even close to the quality of their classic material. I really think that that's why it's hard to really "love" it... If you've ever listened to Metallica before 1991 everything else they've done just sounds uninspired and sometimes even a little cheesy.
    I don't know how you can compare Load to St. Anger. And what is "classic" Metallica. They do what they want and it is mostly to please their musical tastes at certain time in their career. Since Load/Reload, they have suffered from poor production
    It doesn't suck, but compared if you compare that to Death Magnetic or even Beyond Magnetic EP, than well... They could do better, but good to hear they finally decided to do something new.
    This song proves that they can't write "thrash" anymore. I don't know if it's just me, but this sounds forced, predictable and actually pretty boring. I think they should go back to the load/reload era. I mean, we all hate it but damn, those albums were good and the music felt genuine.
    But that's okay. I don't need them to be thrash. Heavy metal is just as fine. Though some more (Re)Load stuff would be nice, as I think it would really be the best fit for them going forward. At least they knew then that songs don't need to last 8+ minutes. Though in this new song the 8 minutes was just fine, as there wasn't too much repetition like in most of the songs on Death Magnetic.
    I would actually love to hear more songs like the ones from those albums, but I don't see them going in that musical direction anytime soon, most people hate on those songs without giving them a chance just for not being thrash oriented
    agreed. I don't get what's to hate with the Load/ReLoad era of Metallica, James wrote pretty awesome songs during that time.
    I couldn't agree more. This song sounds more like an aging rock band covering a thrash song rather than a thrash band playing it's own song. I'm hoping that the new album will be good but this song sounds just like "Death Magnetic" to me... which isn't TERRIBLE but still kinda disappointing.
    You know what, all of you, but seriously, all of you suck my balls big time. Quit commenting your stupid shit about "yeah metallica sounded better 20 years ago" ****ers 20 years your mom was changing diapers to most of you and the rest were jerk-off teenagers. Metallica is the shit, people will always talk shit about them. Get your thumb out your ass post real comments. These guys had a dream and is real, they made it, How about you all ****ers?
    Thrash metal is for the young and raw, imo. If there's an album that brands them as sellouts, it's DM.
    I gotta say I was not expecting it to sound this good. It has abit of every album on it which is really cool. Funny how the production of a demo still sounds better than DM lol.
    Justice rules. Black album had amazing tones all around. Load and ReLoad were great albums, they had awesome riffs and solos. For a demo version this sounds awesome! Im pumped for the new album. I do agree however kirk needs to have some more emotion with the solos not just slapping his fingers as fast as he can and throwing a wah on it. We need some Unforgiven 1 solos!!!
    Thank you for being one of the very few people on here who actually understands that this is a demo, and it's damn good for a demo. :3 I totally agree with you on the flashy soloing, too. I like when Kirk solos with feels.
    Lars. Please stop trying to do straight 16th's on the kick at this tempo. You could barely do it in the 80's and it just sounds hilariously pathetic now. Stop. Just stop.
    Von II
    How is this even called a GARAGE demo. Ok, it isn't album production, but I see a lot of photos taken in an expensive studio, not in a garage.
    Am I the only one who thinks that James' voice is too weak and not raw enough anymore for this kind of music? Just make load/reload stuff and awesome songs with good singing! The song has some decent moments. A little too much wah-w*nking on the solo, but otherwise: It's getting better. Metallica are back.
    Good to see this song gets an overall thumbs up from most of the critics here. Considering the fact these guys are getting old (they will reach their 50's any time now), they still got this vibe to deliver a track like this. I bow for you, Metallica! It sounds awesome! Lose a bit of wah, a few fat heavy rhythm riffs behind the solo ... sounds great to me already. I'm having a good feeling for the next album.
    Not the best song they've ever done, but as a hardcore 'tallica fan it's hard not to enjoy this. The bulk of it sounds quite Justice-y, the chorus is quite Black Album-y. Metallica sounding like Metallica; can't ask for more than that!
    Well, it does sound somewhat like early Metallica. Trim some of the fat, and it's a decent track.
    Mr Winters
    Song is way too long. And the drums sound AWFUL, though I guess that's because it's a demo.
    God this song just drags on. Much like the last album. They're trying too damn hard to reach back into the 80s and failing miserably.
    THe solo before the WAH is epic!
    I'm guessing it's James Soloing and then Kirk comes in with Wah a blazing. James solo always rock ,.. I Love pre-wah Kirk he should put that dam wah away !!
    Kirk has used wah since the get go. I don't understand the wah hate
    Quite boring for an 8 minute track but you know.. It's hard to make the best on the first try!
    I love how everyone is shitting on how long the their newest songs are. METALLICA HAVE ALWAYS HAD LONG SONGS. Do the titles ride the lightning, Call of ktulu, master of puppets, disposable heroes,and justice for all, one, shortest straw, frayed ends of sanity mean anything to you?
    lol im finally excited for a new metallica album. last good one was 1991. Anyways some of your people need to learn the difference between a demo recording and an actual release. weak guitar tone, weak sound drums= cuz its a demo recording.
    yeah, but its not 1991. A demo should have a lot better sound these days than this does.
    You do realize a demo is just put together to have some semblance of the song listenable, right? A lot of bands doing demos stick a couple mics in their practice space and bang out the song... This is above and beyond, dude.
    First half of the song sounds really good, but starts to get draggy as it progresses
    Just chop it down by 2 minutes or so and it'll be perfect, I also wish they would play more Load/Reload stuff, if they want to play 80's stuff more then all the power to them, but they shouldn't feel forced to play their 80's music if they don't feel like it, they should play the songs they want to play, not the songs the fans want to hear.
    I miss the days when you didn't get studio updates, and demos of songs before they are even out. Kind of kills the surprise when you buy an album.
    It's too long.... I don't have a problem with long songs but only if it works... this didn't, I got bored. Shame, because I'd give my right bollock for them to be epic again.
    …..meh. tbh, i got bored of this after the first 30 seconds….. It just sounds like they've run out of ideas and are happy to throw anything together
    That second riff, the fast one. Listen to how sloppy that drumming is! The kick drums can you play drums that long and not keep time in a simple beat?
    Just don't give a shit, because you're rich and famous and people will buy your shit anyway. That's how.
    new metallica kinda sucks ... they are the best cover band of themselves tough