Metallica Reveal Full European Tour Dates List

Check out each of the 15 "Metallica by Request" shows inside.

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Metal icons Metallica have presented a full itinerary of their 2014 "Metallica by Request" European tour, unveiling 15 concert stops on the old continent. As reported, the band will give fans almost full control over each show's setlist, allowing ticket holders to pick the tunes they want to hear through online voting. In conclusion, 17 songs of each setlist will be chosen by fans, while the 18th track is reserved for yet another exclusive - a brand new song. "It will be pretty simple ... pick up your ticket(s) online and you'll receive an e-mail shortly after with a code and a link to a site on which you may cast your ballot," the band explained. "We normally play around 18 songs a night, and since we didn't want to be left out of the fun, the band also gets to vote ... and we vote for a new song!" In related Metallica news, the four-piece has cancelled the 2014 edition of their Orion Music festival, making the event's future unknown until further notice. The band had previously hinted at a possibility of making Detroit Orion's permanent home. But back to the upcoming concert trek, make sure to check out the itinerary below and let us know if you'll be seeing the guys any time soon. More info on the official website. Metallica 2014 European Tour: 05/28 - Helsinki, Finland - Beach Sonisphere 05/30 - Stockholm, Sweden - Gardet Royal Park 06/01 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hoven Sonisphere 06/03 - Horsens, Denmark - Gaol 06/04 - Hamburg, Germany - Imtech Arena, Sonisphere 06/05-08 - Nurburgring, Germany - Rock Am Ring 06/06-09 - Nuremberg, Germany - Rock Im Park 06/09 - Landgraaf, Netherlands - Landgraaf Pink Pop 07/01 - Rome, Italy - Rock In Rome Sonisphere 07/03 - Werchter, Belgium - Rock Werchter 07/04 - Basel, Switzerland - St. Jakobspark Sonisphere 07/06 - Knebworth, England - Knebworth Park Sonisphere 07/08 - Prague, Czech Republic - Aerodrome Festival 07/09 - Vienna, Austria - Krieau Rocks 07/11 - Warsaw, Poland - National Stadium Sonisphere

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    The Czech Republic show and the Austria show both have setlists with songs that never get played like The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, Fixxxer, The Outlaw Torn & St. Anger however most of the shows so far just have people voting for metallica hits that would get played at any other show and theres nothing really exciting about them yet. The current picks for the setlists are found here www(dot)metallicabyrequest(dot)com
    thanks, time to change it up for rock im park. I need to hear some shit I havent heard before!
    That Poland Setlist is insane!!!! I just really wanna hear Fixxxer and Frayed Ends of Sanity... and here in Germany the setlists are ... standart Metallica setlist + St.Anger x( I hate my country! I really wanna hear Frayed Ends of Sanity ffs!!!
    This is possibly the one time we will get Metallica to play Frayed Ends, and looking at the current setlist choives on that website, it looks like we're not going to get it.
    thats because only the metclub presale people have voted yet... the real metallica fans vote for songs like that... but as soon as the "normal" people get to vote it all goes to shit.... i highly doubt that they will have to play frayed ends...
    All that "voting" possibility has both a good side and a bad side. Good - there's a chance for almost forgotten songs in the setlist, or even those which have never been played before. Bad - it will probably end up with setlists full of standards, cause that's how democracy democracy works, and democracy is bad.
    Metallica knows they have fans in the United States, right? The last time they did an American Tour was 2009.
    I feel like this doesn't get brought up enough. I remember seeing them in Houston in 2009 and Lars was like, "we will be back soon." I guess in Lars' book 4 years is still too soon.
    They say that at every concert. In fact half the concerts I've been to the lead singer says that. Did you think you were special? Also, the big 4 shows? Just cos it's not a tour doesn't mean they don't play in the US.
    I wonder why they tour everywhere but their home country these days. Wasn't the last tour they did in the states in like 2008?
    Exactly, its just Europe, Europe, and more Europe, last time they were here I just got into them like in 2008 when Death Magnetic came out, and Ive literally gotten into them, was a huge Metallifag for years, and completely got out of them before they came back, which is just absolutely outstanding.
    They just did Southeast Asia, including some countries where they have never been before, in 30 years of touring (mainly USA I might add, which is understandable for an American band). Like Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur (I saw them there, it was amazing), so yeh I know they do Europe a lot but their fanbase across the world also needs catered for.
    Yeah, seems to be the trend for a lot of big bands these days. Concerts suck...but Festivals are awesome. Not enough of them here. Maybe that's why. I'm guessing it's more about monetary reasons though.
    Wow, they are actually playing in Denmark again, should probably try to catch them this time. But i want to hear some obscure stuff and not just the usual hits. Unfortunately Danes are very conservtive, so it'll probably be very predictable :/. The czech list looks pretty cool so far, but it's a little sad to see that Free Speech For The Dumb and The More I See are among the least popular tracks available :O.
    They concentrate on europe because of the economic efficiency, and insanely rabid fanbase.
    Tour starts in Helsinki at Hietaniemi Beach! Fuck yeah!! Now I wanna hear Frayed ends of the sanity, st. anger, sweet amber and Hero of the Day. I'm so damn excited!
    Frayed Ends of Sanity Escape St. Anger Wasting My Hate Low Man's Lyric Put that list and any other obscure songs and I will be really happy But if I see a list of songs only from the black album and before ....
    No! why did you have to play at pinkpop!? There is no way I can afford tickets
    I actually hoped we would get them playing Misfits stuff in Vienna. Let's see, till now I'm more then happy with the list as it stands
    Surprised they missed out London.
    Its just a quick summer festival tour... Cool, i guess, but pretty regular... they do a festival tour at least every other year...
    If I could see them play frayed ends of sanity live, I would die happy regardless. And a new song?! I don't know how they keep doing this but man it is impressive.
    metallica and iron maiden for knebworth. could be interesting since the download festival line up looks a bit pap.