Metallica Saved Anthrax's Career

Anthrax learned to pick themselves up while on the Big 4 tour where Metallica taught them to up their game. Meanwhile, it turns out Corey Taylor almost joined the band... so why not?

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Anthrax are grateful to Metallica for giving them a "kick up the a-s" which helped them stay on the ball.

Being part of the Big 4 lineup alongside the best thrash metal bands in history gave them the confidence to make their album "Worship Music" amazing - and it paid off.

"Metallica's the biggest band in the world. To be on stage with them, let alone the Big 4, was huge for us. It put us back in the limelight, in front of this whole new fanbase," said bassist Frank Bello. "To see 14-year-old kids coming up, saying they love this record, they grew on my bass playing from their father - I love that. That's what it's about."

Speaking about their critically acclaimed 2011 album "Worship Music", Bello said their hard work paid off: "You've gotta come up with the goods. Nobody cares if you don't come up with the goods. We knew we had something special, It all worked. It was the perfect storm."

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor almost stepped in on vocals for Anthrax, but was blocked by his label.

Anthrax had asked Taylor before singer Joey Belladonna returned to the band. "When I was all set to fly to Chicago and work with Anthrax, the label told me they wouldn't let me do it," said Taylor (via Classic Rock). "At first I was really mad about it but I let it go after a while."

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    I see no career-saving moves here.
    yeah, more like career-rejuvenating through the publicity of the Big 4 shows
    Oh yeah, of course, metallica. Wait, wasn't there 2 other bands involved in the big 4? Hmm...*Starts counting with fingers*
    when metallica was starting out the guys in anthrax kind of came into the scene by copying their style. some might not consider copying but without metallica anthrax would be nothing. so i think this is what they mean.
    wtf are you talking about? metallica started out in the bay area scene in california, while anthrax was part of the new york scene and both bands started around the same time so idk where you pulled that from.
    in behind the music johnny z said that they gave him demos but they werent that good. then scott ian said that when he heard the metallica demos he wanted to sound like them so they recorded "SOD" and got sign to label.
    they were playing thrashy music from the get go. being influenced by another band to be better doesnt mean they copied them. kill em all sounds like nothing off of anthrax's first release. there are obvious differences in style
    Worship Music sounds like the album the Death Magnetic tried to be. Too bad it will only sell a fraction, it is a lot better.
    Worship Music is actually the best album put out from the big 4 recently
    I'm not a big Anthrax fan but I can't argue with you. "World Painted Blood", "Death Magnetic" and "Thirteen" have all been a little disappointing in my opinion. I think the Big Four are in a slump...
    Which is why it was extra killer to see Anthrax and Testament last month, as they BOTH have great new albums out.
    yep definitely, metallica's my favourite band and I don't really like anthrax that much but worship music was much better than Deat Magnetic. never really liked belladonna's vocals but on that album he kicked major ass.
    Anthrax definitely benefited from the Big Four shows more than Metallica, Megadeth or Slayer. They've always been the least commercially successful of the four bands.
    But are still more successful than the really good Thrash Metal Bands like Sodom or Kreator.
    I think the most important part of this whole article is that they wanted Corey Taylor for a new singer, thank god Joey is back.
    Being part of the Big 4 lineup alongside the best thrash metal bands in history...
    Most influential? Absolutely. The best? No f*king way. With that said, I got more into Anthrax back in 2010 because of the Big 4 DVD/Blu-Ray. Before that, I only knew a bunch of their songs and their fantastic cover of "Antisocial". "Worship Music" definitely held my attention even more, it's a terrific album.
    link no1
    "best thrash metal bands in history" would be his opinion rather than fact. For you to say that they are not the best is your opinion. Basically, you are both wrong.
    Seems like it was the thing to do since Anthrax really helped Metallica out when they were back east recording KEA. I seem to remember something about the band staying at their practice space and Scott Ian I believe, brought them a heater because it was pretty cold. Something like that anyway.
    I thought that it was backwards, That anthrax helped metallica back in the 80's when they didn't have a palce to stay
    I understand why everyone likes the Big 4 but why does no one talk about Testament. I just got their new album Dark Roots of Earth and its better than any of the Big 4's newest albums.
    Corey Taylor with Anthrax, Corey Taylor with Velvet Revolver...the guy has two good groups with Slipknot and Stone Sour, surprised he wants to add more to his plate.
    This is what I like in the community of Thrash Metal artists (and fans also). Everyone's helping one another (it still lives on, I suppose). I remember seeing James Hetfield being one of the crowd control guys in a live video of Exodus around the early 80's (I think that was Whipping Queen. just find it in Youtube).
    I have been a fan for over 20yrs.. I didnt like the Bush era.. But the new album with joey is awesome. Iron Maiden was the same way.. I think Anthrax always had the fan base but this just gave the a new one and a return of the old.
    Anthrax's new record is the only record I like from Anthrax; that being said, it's because Joey has never sounded better, and the drumming and guitar riffs are great. However, being on stage with Metallica has just as much to do with their resurrection as putting out solid music, like Joey said... they've been pretty shitty for years prior to this. This big 4 stuff is annoying. I think Testament is just as big as Anthrax was.
    Indeed! Give a band a toaster when they have nothing in their pockets and have traveled all the way from CA to NY to record their first album...30 years later that band will give your career the biggest boost it ever deserved. The importance of Good Karma kids.
    Testament's two most recent albums are better than any thrash metal record to come out since the 90's. They deserve to be in the big four over Anthrax, as much as I love Anthrax. Testament was the only band to be consistent with their music, and got even heavier when all the other bands got softer.
    Don't forget Overkill, Sodom or Tankard, those three didn't put out any bad records either.
    Have to remember that Anthrax hadn't really been on the metal map since the early 90's, and before the Big 4 shows they went years with different singers and there was uncertainty about whether they would even put out another album. When Metallica put together the Big 4 shows suddenly Anthrax were in the spotlight again for the first time in a long, long time and as a result they reunited with Joey and put out arguably their best album ever. If it weren't for those Big 4 shows, put together by Metallica, Anthrax would still be floundering around doing not much. So I would definitely argue Metallica at least gave Anthrax a much needed helping hand.
    Corey Taylor in Anthrax??? I actually like Corey Taylor as a vocalist, but he would not fit with them at all.
    ''Being part of the Big 4 lineup alongside the best thrash metal bands in history gave''... Bwahahahaha.
    Corey Taylor in Anthrax? that would be like if James Hetfield quit music alltogether and the guy from the goo goo dolls stepped in for vocals/rhythm guitar.
    not much of an Anthrax fan, was wondering if they had any good clean stuff to listen too?
    If you're looking for easy listening Anthrax then listen to Safe Home. Good song, good quality recording, easy to listen to!
    guys, I might get downvoted for this but I can't say that I've ever consciously listened to Anthrax, could I get some recommendations album-wise of what's indicative of their best work? thanks