Metallica Set World Record By Performing on Seven Continents Within a Year

Meanwhile, pro-shot Antarctica gig footage surfaces. Details inside.

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Still groundbreaking after three decades, metal titans Metallica have officially set the world record by performing on each of the seven continents within a single year. The record was rounded up on December 8 following the band's Antarctica show under a Carlini Argentine Base dome. Sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero, the concert was attended by a group of lucky cruise ticket winners from around the globe. Speaking of which, pro-shot footage of the entire gig recently surfaced and is available for streaming. The band had charged through a total of 10 classic tunes, as the fans listened through headphones merely a few feet away from the four-piece. "Not only has Metallica actually played all seven continents now - we've played all seven continents in 2013," drummer Lars Ulrich explained. "The perverse beauty of this - it's so far out there - a year and a half ago when my son came home from a gig in a place called Treasure Island in San Francisco, he was talking that he'd been to a silent rave and he was trying to explain what it [looks like when] 500 people [are] dancing with headphones on and you can hear a pin drop in there." The band previously unveiled a set of photos and the concert's full setlist, describing the experience as "the most unique show Metallica has ever done." More details here, make sure to check out the clips below and share your thoughts in the comments. Metallica Live at Antarctica Setlist: 01. Creeping Death 02. For Whom the Bell Tolls 03. Sad But True 04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 05. Master of Puppets 06. One 07. Blackened 08. Nothing Else Matters 09. Enter Sandman 10. Seek and Destroy

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    This is awesome and Metallica are the perfect band to do it, but I'm just pointing out, regardless of whether or not you like her music, Lady Gaga is performing in outer space next year. You can't argue that thats freaking cool.
    It sounds cooler when you say 'outer space' instead of just 'space'.
    Just space can also be your backyard, which is a space somewhere near and around your house, while outer space starts at about 100km above earth's surface. I bet it's cooler to perform in outer space then just in you backyard.
    damnnn, Muse wanted to be the first band to perform in Space
    Muse can still be the first band to play in space because I don't think you can call lady gaga a band
    Still, "first band of musicians to perform in space" isn't as cool as "first to ever perform in space". It's like "first to sell out the renovated Wembley" vs "first to play at the renovated Wembley". Although I guess both are still quite cool.
    Yeah but she's just gonna be singing, and I'm pretty sure she's only doing one song. Do to get me wrong, it's cool and all, but I don't think it should count as being the first performance in space.
    Would been a fun thing if they played their song "Trapped under ice"
    What's the record for most time between albums?
    Cynic?? 15 years between Focus and Traced in Air, thankfully they confirmed a new album to be released february 14th
    Imagine being one of the security guards standing outside the dome? Worst job ever
    Why would there be security guards outside? You expecting a large number of penguins trying to crash the party?
    Good for them. I mean, it doesn't get any cooler than this.
    I heard that they had a rather frosty reception.
    Yeah but after a while everyone chilled out...
    Cooler heads prevailed.
    I hope they talked with their fans afer the show. Nothing worse than when your idols give you the cold shoulder.
    "The silent rave" thing.. Must look and feel a little awkward if you are the only one without headphones.
    just announced: a7x to do a silent gig in the Antarctic.
    Good for them, they deserve it. One of the greatest bands of all time, definitely.
    I wish I could have been there, I love the atmosphere of this show, much more intimate and personal than one of their typical arena shows. Having said that, I'd love to see Metallica full-stop.
    Yes... let's encourage future musicians to be gimmicky. Hurray.
    If I had the money to play in Antarctica, or even go to Antarctica, I'd do it. Maybe I've been badly influenced.
    Bought my tickets today to see Metallica at Stockholm Festival in May 2014! Can't wait, wohooooo!!
    Did anyone else watch the clip? That "one" solo was pretty sad. But then again, credit is due to someone playing one outside in the middle of antartica
    Kirk's guitar sounded like shit throughout, probably the cold on the electronics/whatever gear they were using.
    They were using Fractal Audio's Axe FX II, but I believe the cold was doing it's thing to the strings rather than the electronics
    i don't know why this is particularly groundbreaking... whatever floats their boat i guess (or rather, sinks it deep into the ocean).
    Seven continents? Where else did they play? Atlantis?
    North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica. Which one did you forget?
    Technically its Oceania, not Australia, but that's just me being a pedantic c**t.
    The Artic in the North Pole doesn't count as a Continent?? ._.'
    There's no actual land mass there, just ice sheets. So technically it can't be considered a continent
    you must be from the US. America is a single continent, dumbass. They're only called north/south for geographical reasons.
    It would've been hilarious if James and Kirk were playing Iceman guitars...