Metallica Share Full Concert Film of Antarctica Gig

Metallica have shared a full concert film capturing their recent performance in Antarctica.

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Metallica have shared a full concert film capturing their recent performance in Antarctica, NME reports. The metal band became only the second ever gig staged on the continent when they played on December 8, following a performance in 2007 from a group of musical scientists, called Nunatak, at British Antarctic Survey's Rothera Research Station as part of the Live Earth climate change awareness concerts. Scroll down to see a setlist from the gig and watch the entire performance. Metallica performed 10 songs inside a dome at the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini and the audio was transmitted to the crowd of competition winners through headphones. In a statement released after the gig, the band said: "This was the most unique show Metallica has ever done. The band, contest winners, research station scientists (from Russia, South Korea, China, Poland, Chile, Brazil and Germany), and the ship crew, all crammed in this little dome out on the helipad of Carlini Station in ANTARCTICA! The energy in the little dome was amazing! Words can not describe how happy everyone was." It was recently announced Metallica will headline next year's Sonisphere Festival alongside Iron Maiden and The Prodigy. The Knebworth bash was cancelled in 2013 and 2012 but returns next year from July 4-6. Their appearance features as part of their Metallica By Request tour, where fans will help pick the set list each night from the band's 30-plus year career. Each gig will be comprised of 18 songs – 17 of which will be decided by the 17 top tracks from the public vote, with one brand new song added and decided by the group. Metallica played: 01. Creeping Death 02. For Whom the Bell Tolls 03. Sad But True 04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 05. Master of Puppets 06. One 07. Blackened 08. Nothing Else Matters 09. Enter Sandman 10. Seek & Destroy

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    It's nice to see how a band who usually plays sold out arenas and festivals can still play a an awesome close up and personal gig.
    James' voice continues to get better, Lars' drumming has greatly improved over the last year or two as well, and Kirk has been using less 'wah' every gig.. Just really wish they would change their live sound..
    Badass UltraMan
    I agree totally. They still put on a glorious show but their guitar tone live has been half-baked for years. It genuinely sounds like they have 6-month-old strings with almost no sustain and the gain on their amps set to 4 or 5. It is most noticeable when Kirk plays his part in the intro of "The Day that Never Comes"
    I think they focus now on the note-per-note clarity of the riffs rather than the aggression of those. I guess, I'm one of the few who enjoyed their current guitar sound.
    Yes! I enjoy the really tight sound from having low gain on the record. But live? I want a killer distortion. It just sounds weak live. Also, Kirk hasn't improved his technique since the black album.
    Wow, James really has gotten better! I wonder if it's a case of resting previously damaged vocal cords. Creeping Death here could almost pass for a Justice Tour take.
    Aryan Death Man
    No trapped Under Ice ? it would've been ****ing awesome if they performed it. still kudos Metallica on being the first artist to perform on seven continents
    Man could you imagine being there? "I saw Antarctica!" Man...
    Cool of them to play on all 7 continents, but I'm sad they didn't play trapped under ice.
    I wonder if the temperature was not really low during the show? Some people are straight up wearing t-shirts and jeans only.
    Metallica, simply the best export the USA have given to the world. Merry Xmas \m/ 00 \m/
    How can you even play guitar given the temperature there o_O I don't even... But kudos to them, sounds cool!
    Maybe they didn't play Trapped Under Ice because they're superstitious?
    for whatever reason watching videos of metallicas live shows sound like shit, when in reality it sounds perfect when your actually there...
    In 'Sad But True' Kirk does not play the 2nd Solo. Yes there is a 2nd Solo. Only a short one, but yeah he totally leaves it out while the rest of the band do what they are supposed to.
    God this would be an awesome show to see, up close and personal, only like 50 people there.
    You know they re-recorded most of the guitar parts? just look for non-official vids.
    Lars double bass on One was poor in this video, I thought he had got that shit together again.
    matteo cubano
    muscles tense up and get stiff in the cold, that means struggling to make your legs do exactly what you want perfectly
    Did they even see the band play? The gig wa transmitted through headphones... That's why I ask
    The game's been over for these guys for a long time now. I've an idea. Instead of a publicity stunt like this poorly edited piece of shit, how about focusing on your sound and putting out a decent album.