Metallica Stole Song?

Did Metallica inadvertently "borrow" a musical idea from another band for their 1986 dark "power ballad" "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"?

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Did Metallica inadvertently "borrow" a musical idea from another band for their 1986 dark "power ballad" "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"? Several Internet reports definitely seem to suggest so, reports MetalUnderground.

A song called "Rainbow Warrior" by the obscure NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) band Bleak House appears to contain undeniable similarities to the Metallica classic. The Bleak House track was released as a seven-inch single in 1980 via Buzzard Records, and was followed up by another seven-inch single in 1982 and various compilation appearances before the band apparently called it a day.

A self-proclaimed NWOBHM fanatic, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spent much of his time in the early '80s tracking down obscure recordings from his favorite groups of the era. Ten years after the NWOBHM's glory days of 1982, Ulrich took time out to put together a multi-band compilation, "'79 Revisited: New Wave of British Heavy Metal", along with journalist Geoff Barton, whose work in the now-defunct weekly U.K. rock paper Sounds had kept Ulrich posted while he was in the States.

  • Bleak House - "Rainbow Warrior"
  • Metallica - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"

    In related Metallica news, the band played its final show of their two year world tour last night in San Jose, CA at the hp Pavilion. From here, they will go on a break, possibly play a show (or more) around New Year's eve, and then go back into the studio. The band's next album is due out in the fall of 2005.

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      Metallica get flamed and ***ed about that much that people will want to believe they "barrowed" the idea from Bleak House. To me, the song have simularities (just that riff, but even still it aint identical) but it isnt exactly a stolen song or anything.
      if you have permission from the band, then its not stealing. vanilla ice caused a controversy with ice ice baby because he ripped off a bands riff and didnt ask em first. rappers nowadays 'sample' music, not steal, which means they say hey can i use that riff? im sure metallica did the same thing when they used that riff
      Hmm i dont know... if they have all the riffs simular they probaly did it on purpose... but i think none of the riffs really sound like sanatarium
      wow it did sound similar, hmmm dont like either song to be honest plus i cant stand metallica anyway
      i dont think it sounds that similar except the very first part, no harmonics or anything and the harmonics in sanitarium sound kick ass, and if your gonna compare stuff thats stolen take american badass and compare it to sad but true, i dunno if its a cover but it sure as hell sounds the same to me!
      But it does sound very similar, and Lars Ulrich would have heard this song as he was a big fan of NWOBHM
      KillEmAll: Vanilla Ice ripped off Queen lest we forget
      Wasn't it "Under Pressure"?
      vanilla ice caused a controversy with ice ice baby because he ripped off a bands riff and didnt ask em first.
      No, actually the riffs are minorly different at the end, according to an interview with Vanilla Ice. They aren't that similar, the only real similarity is the bass line in the start.
      And this is new? I thought that was like common knowledge, even lars has admitted that the songs are similar. And it's done all the time, for fvck's sake! You'd be surprised if you knew how many of the newer metal/rock songs have riffs that are taken from some less-well-known Kiss or Alice Cooper songs or something else....
      howrylak1: why isn't anyone complaining about 90% of the rappers out there stilling all kinds of songs from the 80's? ^ Very true rappers steal bits for their songs all the time. I'm no Metallica fan but I don't think its a copy, its just a bit similar
      metallica did borrow a riff or sumthin for welcome home cause i remember readin a magazine with an interview with james hetfield and he says in it that they borrowed the main riff from a band who was to remain anonomous.
      I don't think there's any real foul play here. Lars (and how I hate him so) is a self-proclaimed NWOBHM fanatic and James is to a lesser extent. So it is entirely plausible the song was embedded in their sub-concious and influenced their song Sanitarium. There are no 'new' songs really, everything stems from something else. All modern rock music is and extension of rock n roll and blues anyway. So saying Metallica copied the song is like saying, well every rock nabd ripped off Robert Johnson and Son House. You want real rip off's, listen to Zep's Whole Lotta Love then listen 'Gonna Give you My Love' by Muddy Waters (written by Willie Dixon), then realize why Dixon successfully sued Zep's ass off.
      Its like that time i made a Really awesome riff onlly to realise it was almost the same to that stupid Hell Song Intro riff
      ok the intro sounds a little bit similar but whatever, it is almost 20 yrs ago, and it took them that long to discover it. COME ON. I guess MetalUnderground, has nothing else to post so they post somthing as stupid as this. METALLICA FOREVER
      Metallica didn't stole this song. The riff isn't even that similar. And the text en chorus don't match at all. So i just think it's coincedence. Welcome Home Sanatarium is must more awesome
      Metallica Samples other music all of the time: ..-"Don't tread on me" had a guitar riff simmilar to a song in the west side story. ..-"Harvester of Sorrow" sampled the marching song of the witches hench men on the wizard of oz. I personally think that it's cool and I think metallica rules
      How ***in gay. There is one tiny part that sounds similar and thats it. It seems as if people are TRYING to make up shit against Metallica.
      i althought made a song which sounds very similar to sanitarium ( but i stole it from zakk wylde - sold my soul ...) oh...hmm... sold my soul sounds also a little bit like rainbow warrior. is it also stolen? ;
      why isn't anyone complaining about 90% of the rappers out there stilling all kinds of songs from the 80's?
      oh ppl keep on making shiet up... metallica is just the f88king greatest... i heard this new song from collective soul on the radio and the intro sounds like KING NOTHING
      that picture of lars looks so gay. sanitarium is kick ass song, who cares if it sounds similair
      and you guys should really find a new pic to put on these metallica articles, that one is just nasty
      OMFG. If you dont have anything really to call news about Metallica dont drag up stupid crap like this. I'm a big Tallica fan but I'm sick of seeing articles on them everyday. If its not real news dont put it up!!
      there is way too much bad press against one of, if not the best, band ever-- Metallica. who cares if they "borrowed" a song, the only real similarities are the beginnings... otherwise, Metallica's Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is better anyways. Chalko: Who cares, Metallica has been stealing from Dave Mustaine for the past 20 years and no one seems to care, so who gives a fvck about some obscure band...but I bet they thought that they get away from it. Mustaine wrote songs for Metallica, they used the songs that he wrote... thats why they were written. granted he did make a big deal out of it. Also, its not possible for Metallica to have been stealing from Dave Mustaine for 20 years, he was in the band for Kill 'em All... then Hammett came in.... and, with the exception of a couple of songs, Hammett has written, NOT Mustaine. get it right!
      Unknown Soul
      yeah the intro does sound similar. i like the song though. i really dig the sound of late 70s oyster cult and black sabbath to give examples. and true, metallica *did* use songs that mustaine had written but that was their right as a band to be able to do that after he was kicked out for his drinking. don't u find it ironic that a band that would later be referred to as "alcoholica" would kick someone out of the line up for being a violent drunk?
      this is so old. metallica said they "borrowed a riff from a certain song that shall remain unnamed". and its only one riff, big deal
      Stand Ablaze
      Would you lot rather the song Welcome home NEVER be made because they took about 5 seconds of a song ? I'm sure Metallica aren't worried, or they wouldn't have done this.
      yeah sounds a lot alike but...oh well...who's not a big deal...even if they did copy parts of it, it's okay cuz...everybody does that...if we didn't use the same musical ideas at times, people would try to sound so original that it would suck...
      the band played its final show of their two year world tour last night in San Jose, CA at the hp Pavilion
      and i was there!!!! all the metalica haters out there need to shut the *** up; anyone who says they've sold out or that they dont respect their fans or that they cant still rock the house better than any other band out there is either lying or has no idea what they're talking about.
      ...and they figure this out now? I am a HUGE metallica fan but this was in 1986... 19 frickin' 86!!
      Rune Playaz
      masterofmuppets: i hope metallica get sued, that'd be hilarious
      ...stfu... metallica rocks... and they do get to much negative stuff on here... and this isnt the 1st time a song might bas been "borrowed"
      funny whenever MetallicA does something to help themselvs or do something for them selfs for once the get shit for it like that ***ing article i bet if they never put out st anger (witch i think is a great album) that article would never have been on there including all the other gay ones
      I find that only the intro riff sounds even somewhat similar but they are 2 completely different songs.