Metallica Streaming 'Ronnie Rising Medley' Dio Tribute Song

Band rocks through "Tarot Woman," "Kill the King," "Stargazer," "A Light in the Black" in 9-minute jam, streaming inside.

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Metallica had a bit of a hard time deciding which Ronnie James Dio track to cover for late icon's "This Is Your Life" tribute album, resulting in the decision to compile "Ronnie Rising Medley," a 9-minute jam of Dio's four all-time classics.

Combining "Tarot Woman," "Kill the King," "Stargazer," and "A Light in the Black" songs under the Metallica banner, the song is available for streaming in full. Make sure to give it a listen below, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

As for the album, "This Is Your Life" is scheduled for April 1 release via Rhino Records, featuring Dio covers by such class acts as Judas Priest, Motorhead, Anthrax, Slipknot and more. Pre-orders are available via iTunes here.

"Ronnie's music, and what he was, was part of my life," drummer Lars Ulrich said. "[Dio's] music is so much a part of what's in Metallica's DNA, the harder, edgier, blues-based hard rock from the Seventies. It was fairly effortless to put this together, because it's something that we were all reared on.

"I don't recall sitting there in a band meeting or anything deciding what to play. Somebody starts playing 'Stargazer' - which is sort of just like something that's in our arsenal to jam - and then that whole period there, 'Tarot Woman,' 'Kill the King,' 'A Light in the Black' - that's just really effortless to jump into," Lars added.

Noting that putting together cover jams is something that Metallica loves working on, the drummer concluded, "You just try and do your own thing, respectfully, in the shadow of these legends," the drummer says. "It becomes more of an homage and respect thing rather than trying to copy the song - it's not even about outdoing them."

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    More proof that Metallica is great at covers. I wouldn't be opposed to Garace Inc 2 to be honest.
    The Garage That Never Comes All Garage Long My Garage Some Kind Of Garage The Garage Remains.
    Don't forget.... The Garage That Could Not Be Enter Garage Master of Garages ...And Garage for All "I am the garage! I am the garage! I am! I am! I am the garage..... ah!"
    That Was Just Your Garage Dyers Garage Hit The Garage Lights Creeping Garage Of Garage & Man
    Garage Messiah. For Whom the Garage Opens. The Garage Remains. Jump in the Garage
    I think these names and this medley motivate me more than I've ever been motivated. Ever
    The Garage Jack Built Ain't My Garage The Garage that Failed Through the Garage Trapped Under Garage No Garage
    Me too, me too!Welcome Home (Garage) edit: dammit too late To Garage Is To Die Jump in the Garage Garage Militia
    Wow, thats amazing. It's like Metallica's Mercyful Fate medley but for Dio.... very impressed.
    So unfortunately I'm sitting in the emergency room getting prepped for surgery because once the cover of "Kill the King" started to play around the 4:20 mark my head ****ing exploded at the insane mighty awesomeness of what I was hearing. My doctor said he isn't a trained neural surgeon but he just got a Crash Course in Brain Surgery so I should be alright.
    .....No freaking kidding. I'm upset that I've never heard of Rainbow until I heard this. I've definitely missed a ton of great music.
    To me this and The Lords of Summer are good signs. How do you think?
    I agree. lords of summer was totally old school and felt like something off the first couple albums mixed with a bit of death magnetic (a fantastic album), and this is just great.
    Leather Sleeves
    I thought Lords of Summer was garbage, uninspired and derivative. The vocals were horrible, the drumming was pathetic, everything after the first riff was predictable. I'm hopeful about this cover.
    I'm with you. Lords of Summer was not interesting - sounded very forced and nothing about it was memorable. Just because they were trying to be "metal/thrashy" doesn't automatically make it good. This cover, on the other hand, was great.
    Based on down votes I started thinking, "Am I wrong? Did I miss something?". So I listened to Lords of Summer again: nope, it's just not good.
    I think it's a pretty good song. I wasn't thoroughly impressed, but I disagree about the drumming. Lars has really gotten back into the game.
    I agree. lords of summer was totally old school and felt like something off the first couple albums mixed with a bit of death magnetic (a fantastic album), and this is just great.
    Leather Sleeves
    After listening to this song I see that my hopefulness was marked, however, Lords of Summer was still terrible. So please, neg on.
    This is one of the best sounding production levels that I've heard from Metallica since Load/Reload. Also, that Stargazer snippet was the shit.
    woah, I was expecting Death Magnetic type production. But the mixing in this one is well done. not to mention the covers are fantastic. Metallica does covers alot better than all the other popular bands.
    Very nice, better than Lords of Summer.
    I like the production more than Death Magnetic, too.
    this and the Ecstasy of Gold both have great production that surpasses Death Magnetic and I don't know why they won't record a whole with that sound. it sounds so much more agressive and more like Metallica
    *forgot to mention the Remember Tomorrow cover as well, it had the same production style
    Hetfield's voice is really good on this. As is the overall sound, I really hope they don't **** up the new album like they did Death Magnetic. It's clear they can do it properly if they want to.
    The production actually sounds very Bob Rock-esque. Please, please let the new album have this same production!
    Man,Blackmore's riffs are the real deal.After all,he wrote the riff of riffs!
    Metallica could become a cover band and It would be much better than what are they now.
    Finally, you can feel the energy...unlike what they've been writing recently, so forced...
    Oh come on, Death Magnetic had it's moments. And I know that I'm not the only one that actually enjoyed to St. Anger to some extent. Lulu was crap though.
    If you look at Lulu not as a Metallica album, but an album that Metallica plays on, it seems a lot better.
    Yeah, Lulu is a Lou Reed album featuring Metallica and not the other way around. Lou Reeds albums for the most part were not very easy to digest, and Lulu is no different.