Metallica Talk 'By Request' Tour: 'People Just Voted for Same Stuff We Already Played'

"It's really amazing because, at the onset of this, we thought that the fans would pick all weird stuff," says Kirk Hammett.

Ultimate Guitar

In a new interview with MTV (via Blabbermouth) Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has noted that, while he is enjoying the band's By Request tour, he is amazed that the set lists have featured material that Metallica already plays:

"It's really amazing because, at the onset of this, we thought that the fans would pick all weird stuff and kind of leave all the songs that we've been playing forever and ever alone, but as the results started coming in, people just voted for all the same stuff that we already played. Like, the top songs were songs like 'Nothing Else Matters,' 'Enter Sandman,' 'Sad But True,' 'Creeping Death' ... And in a lot of different places, it was similar, too, which was interesting to us. There have been, like, three or four songs that have come through that have been songs that we don't usually play, and we were hoping that we would get a few more of those types of songs, but we didn't."

Speaking the morning before Metallica's recent concert in Helsinki, Hammett noted that he was grateful that a deep cut ("The Frayed Ends of Sanity" from the band's "...And Justice for All" album) had finally featured in the set list:

"When we looked at all the results - because we got the results before the tour started - we noticed that the most weirdest, most unusual request was from Finland, and it was for 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity.' And we thought, 'Yes! We have a place where they actually wanna hear 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity.'' Because we've never played that before. It was a song that we never paid much attention to, it's a pretty deep cut. So we've been rehearsing that song a lot, and we're gonna play it tonight for the very first time, and we're really psyched. I just hope that we'll be able to play it well, because it's so cold onstage. But yeah, I think it's gonna be pretty exciting, and it's gonna be a Metallica first tonight here in Helsinki."

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    Such a cool idea, shame people didn't choose the songs that don't often get played. At least we get Frayed Ends, eh?
    Frayed, To live is to die, leper messiah, Trapped under ice, no remorse, Outlaw torn, bleeding me, frantic, dyers eve, the struggle within, eye of the beholder, shortest straw, the wait, mercyful fate, motorbreath. All these would be great songs to vote for.
    Funny that we got Frayed Ends of Sanity from the band itself, not from the votes. Metallica By Request is a great idea but it just shows what a shame some "fans" are to a band. I've had numerous conversations like the following.. "What's your favorite Metallica song?" "Aw dude, Enter Sandman! That's my shit!" "....mhm."
    What? The fans voted for Frayed Ends of Sanity to be in the setlist, unless I'm misunderstanding you.
    Maybe I'm the one who has that wrong, but everything I've seen when it comes to the setlists points to only one song being vote of the day. I guess I'm just misunderstood on that part.
    I thought the setlists worked so the people voted for 17 songs each person and the top 17 were added to the setlist
    No, it was the whole setlist (maybe minus the encore?), if I remember correctly.
    I think Metallica picked only the new song, Lords of Summer, and the rest was picked by fans.
    ""When we looked at all the results - because we got the results before the tour started - we noticed that the most weirdest, most unusual request was from Finland, and it was for 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity."
    But we also have to remember that just because song is popular and well known doesnt make it any less good. For some people that could actually for some reason be their favorite song.
    You're absolutely right. But I'm talking about people who claim to love Metallica and only know 3 to 4 songs. Is there anything wrong with that? No. Is it too bad? Yes.
    Yeah i understand what you meant, Those kind of people just miss out so much.. too bad for them
    Sewage Rat
    If you get to see a band once, wouldn't you want them to play their best songs? But what do I know, I'm a rat
    I agree with you. I've seen Metallica once before (twice if you include Dehaan haha) And I'm glad they played Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters, but popularity doesn't always make a song great. Personally I'd much rather hear Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah, Frayed Ends, Holier Than Thou, My Apocalypse.. whatever.. Simply because the "hits" are played out a little bit. You know?
    Wait what, someone's no longer a fan of a band if their favourites of their music happen to be their most popular material? Well, I'm glad you're here to show us all the correct way to listen to Metallica.
    Well I'm glad you're here to show us all the correct way to interpret a comment on Ultimate Guitar. I'm sharing my preference of how to listen to Metallica and to be a fan. What you claim is not what I was trying to say at all.
    You have the power to make Metallica play any song you want.. and you choose Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters.. oh the humanity
    That's the issue with modern music fans, man. They don't really dig into the whole repertoire of a band anymore, they just go for the 5 songs that show up on Youtube or the ones they hear on the radio and that's it. By Request was a great idea in theory, but man, what a waste.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    It takes a long time before you actually recognize the whole set. I am just growing familiar with Animals as Leaders for instance. Right now I am listening to just a couple of songs despite owning three albums. However sometimes (especially in the car) I just let them roll at shuffle and from time to time I get really caught up on a song I do not know by heart, remember the name, listen to it again to feel that riff, that lick again. Soon it's on my list of those songs, that I pick to listen to. This is how I got to the whole Metallica repertiore, but it took years for me to grow into that. Same with In Flames.
    try listen to an album in whole, without breaks. just gotta take yourself the time, it's worthwhile.
    LEPER MESSIAH! That song just crushes you with riffs.
    The problem is the by request is open to everyone attending the festival and not just fans, so lots of people picked the popularist stuff because they know no better. I think this is a total waste of an opportunity and am especially annoyed by whisky in the jar making it into Knebworths set. Perhaps metallica should do a rare tour and play all the stuff that never gets gigged.
    I'm going to see Metallica twice this year. Firt time I voted the longest songs so the show would be 2h40m and than I voted for song they are not playing too much like Frayed, Shortest Straw,Fixxxer, Beholder, Dyers Eve, Damage Inc... but I am just one of 10/20/30 thousands.
    Good. They played Frayed Ends. Now, I want this one back !
    zYx Monster xYz
    I'm going to Sonisphere and have to admit I didn't consider the songs that don't get played much. Just kinda picked the songs I wanted to hear.
    I've only voted for songs they almost never play for rock Im Park... Sadly everyone chose all the same stuff again. At least they put on a good show but it's yet another generic metallica concert
    I'm going to Sonisphere, and I'm not a massive Metallica fan, I probably couldn't name more than 9 or 10 tracks. This kind of thing is probably due to people like me who picked the ones we know. I know I have an issue when my favourite song by them is a cover.
    I'd vote for stuff like Frantic, St. Anger, King Nothing, Bleeding Me, No Leaf Clover, Unforgiven II, That Was Just Your Life, Judas Kiss, Devil's Dance, Turn The Page. It's almost a guarantee that you're gonna hear the classics. Puppets, Death, etc. It'd be nice to throw a few other gems in the mix too.
    Well, St. Anger is going to be played on the Germany shows. I think there may be a stream for one of those German festivals (Rock AM Ring) so hopefully, we can watch it.
    The problem is that the general public only knows certain songs. They should have banned the most overplayed stuff and forced fans to choose deep cuts.
    That sounds like the best idea ever to me (no sarcasm), but I can imagine the general retarded outcry if they did that.
    Maybe the fans chose the unusual stuff, but the other people going to the festival who are not metallica fans and don't know anything about those songs just chose what they knew...
    They're not the only band to have done this and most of the time the result is the same, you get a bunch of casuals who are too dense to realize it's the perfect chance to get rarer songs played and just pick the songs they would have gotten anyways.
    So uhh, why the hell don't they just play deeper cuts if they're so bummed fans didn't vote for them to play as manny deep cuts as they wanted
    What idiots, I cant even believe these fans, how about To Live is to Die? That would be nice wouldnt it? No, CREEPING DEATH!!! MASTER OF PUPPETS!!!! Screw them man
    They need to play more Load/ReLoad(Fixxxer please) and St Anger stuff, and also,play Loverman and Astronomy live, those are 2 of my favorite covers they've done.
    5 songs I'd like to see them play: 1)Merciful Fate 2)Dyers Eve 3)Kill/Ride Medley 4)Leper Messiah 5)Orion awwwww yeah!
    Don't they already play Orion regularly in their sets? I can't recall, and honestly, I don't want to research on it since it would mean that seeing them performing it at Roskilde last year was extra special (don't anyone dare inform me otherwise - Let me keep this dream, just this one time!)
    I don't see why more people didn't vote for Call of Ktulu. I even voted for Anaesthesia, would be interesting to see Rob play that!
    I'm so glad they know about it. I'm going to ee them at Rock Werchter Festival this summer and of course everyone with a (4day)ticket vote on songs like 'Nothing Else Matters' or Master of Puppets' which they'd play anyway if there wasn't Metallica by Request.
    Rom Raptor
    I think at every concert there's a lot of first timers and that will reflect on the voting e.g. this time was my first time seeing Metallica so I voted mostly for the biggest classics because I had never heard them live. On the other hand when I've seen a band several times and they play almost the same setlist I get disappointed
    Ask a Metallica fan the last time they listened to one of their albums from start to finish.
    Ride the Lightning, it was the first time in a long time and my god was it sweeter than life.
    Yesterday I listened to Master Of Puppets and last week I kept on listening to Death Magnetic in my car; I don't even consider myself to be a huge Metallica fan, I like them, but I listen to other bands more often and would probably choose other concerts before them. Your argument is invalid.
    I don't know if it counts, but, a few days back, I watched their Rock AM Ring 2006 pro-shot that included them playing Master of Puppets in its entirety.
    I love listening to St. Anger from start to finish whenever I go through tough times... It's a therapy album for me.
    I traveled 2 and a half days to Argentina to finally see them live for the first time, i couldn't vote because of the logistic of the tickets, but even thou it was my first time seeing them, i was a little disappointed about the set list,it was the same set list that we've been hearing since 2008, don't get me wrong it's amazing to see Enter Sandman face to face for the first time, but lame to see that nobody wanted to hear something different from a band that has 30 years of music.
    Since when has the phrase "deeper cuts" been in common parlance? I've never heard it before and now everyone's using it.
    Haha it happens with every band that ask fans to do setlist. You can play you weird stuff even if it's not top voted. It's known that people have shitty taste . Play more Load/St Anger/Kill Em All stuff !
    They should have limited the vote to people who are subscribed to MetClub. I be then we would have got some real interesting setlists
    I thought they played Frayed Ends Of Sanity back in '89.
    Nope. The Finland show was their first ever performance of Frayed Ends of Sanity. James hates singing it so they never played it. That's also why they didn't play Escape until the performance of Ride the Lightning in it's entirety back in 2012.
    Only the first verse and chorus. Man, I can't imagine how epic and brutal the WHOLE song could've been back in '89.
    It's no surprise that the popular songs are voted on. Just like on our local Classic Rock/FM station, 107.7 The Bone her in SF, CA, the lunch hour is all request and everyday people ask for the same damn songs that are overplayed already.