Metallica 'Through the Never' Soundtrack Hits Top 10

The soundtrack to their new movie has debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart. What's your impression of the new live album?

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Metallica's soundtrack to their new 3D movie "Through the Never" has just landed in the US top 10. According to Billboard, the soundtrack hit No. 9 with opening sales of 26,000 copies. The dual-disc release includes performances from shows at Edmondtom and Vancouver in 2012 where the band's live footage from the film appeared. "Between 'Some Kind of Monster' and this, those are two pretty cool bookends - two opposite ends of the spectrum. Every time we do this it's a hell of a ride," said drummer Lars Ulrich at a recent Q&A session. "But you have to understand, getting a chance to do all these challenges and adventures really fuels us to go back into the studio and make hopefully a better album." Meanwhile, the band are busy working towards a proper new album release. Their last album was "Death Magnetic" in 2008, not including the ill-fated "Lulu" with '60s icon Lou Reed - though according to guitarist Kirk Hammett it was "some of the best stuff we've done in years." Have you heard the "Through the Never" soundtrack? What do you think of it? Post your mini-review in the comments below.

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    I've followed Metallica for over 20 years, I know all their songs on guitar, seen them live 6 times, seen all their stuff on YouTube, etc etc... I know this band inside and out and I will tell you that this movie is MINDBLOWING! Please do yourself a favor and see it in IMAX 3D! You won't regret it!
    well if james hetfield says that its better than going to a live sho i better go pick it up and get my popcorn to Metallicas a joke now
    They could be worst man..Chill. I think they know that most hardcore fans were extremely disappointed with lulu(Even tho it was "the best work they've done in years"). So with that said, they probably know that this album is complete must "Kick-ass", Or else all hope is lost in Metallica from the fans. ..Thats just me
    i haven't checked the movie yet because it still hasn't come out where i live but from what i've heard it sounds great, not seatlle 89 great but still pretty good