Metallica to Perform at Grammy Awards With Pianist Lang Lang

Metal masters hitting the Grammy stage for the first time since 1992.

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Metal masters Metallica are officially scheduled to hit the Grammy Awards 2014 stage for a unique performance alongside Lang Lang, a renowned Chinese classical pianist known for such notable shows as the opening slot on 2008 Olympics, a White House state dinner concert and more.

"Happy New Year!" the band enthusiastically stated via official website. "We are psyched to be kicking off 2014 with a return to the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26. We'll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of being the first hard rock band to ever perform on the show and it will be our first visit to the Grammy stage since 1992.

"This will be one of the most unique performances of our career as we will be joined by renowned concert pianist Lang Lang, who has played on stages all over the world including the opening ceremonies at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, a White House state dinner, World Cup ceremonies, and the Nobel Prize concert in Stockholm, among many other acclaimed appearances," the announcement further reads.

"We are also very proud that the "Through the Never" soundtrack has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording Package and we're hoping for another win for our friends from Turner Duckworth, who also designed the "Death Magnetic" art and took home the mini gramophone in 2009."

The ceremony will take place on January 26 at Los Angeles' Staples Center. Some of the guitar-heavy nominees include Black Sabbath, Anthrax, QOTSA and more. Full details here.

But back to Metallica's performance - how do you think this one might turn out? Some fans seem quite excited, while others are already dubbing Lang the next Lou Reed. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    "We'll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of being the first hard rock band to ever perform on the show" Hard rock.
    I had the same reaction. They helped pioneer Metal and yet they refer to themselves as "Hard rock."
    It's probably because "metal" has turned into a dirty word in the mainstream media. Hard rock sells better.
    I wouldn't be surprised to see bands follow their lead on just giving up on labeling themselves as metal, because metal is becoming such a cannabalistic genre. It has started to stray away from it's old place as music for the outsider to listen to in order to free him/herself from people that criticize them. The fact that many people no longer consider METALlica metal... its a ****ing joke. Anytime a band achieves even a moderate level of mainstream success (Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, and Five Finger Death Punch come to mind) they get attacked by the "true believers." I'm sick of it. I'd like you all to take a step back and realize what these people really are. They're heavy metal hipsters.
    In my opinion Metallica is more than just one genre, through the years they've gone from pure thrash to incorparating groove, blues, country, a little bit prog, rock, heavy metal.. I think Metallica's genre is Metallica.
    Metal is a part of rock'n'roll. Ask Lemmy.
    I agree. Way too much genre labeling these days. Hard Rock fits for the purpose here
    exactly. no wonder they don't label themselves metal. all the "metalheads" now hate everybody but the one band the worship. and theres so many different genres theres no point in trying.
    Pablo Mortis
    When people ask what I'm into, it would be easier if they understand that, when I reply with "Rock," that's everything from Elvis to Judas Priest
    Yeah they're a heavy metal band, but tbh I'm pretty tired of arguing with metalheads about which bands they deem worthy of the 'metal' moniker, as if it's the most important thing in the world I'll be using this quote next time some douchebag tries to pull me in again
    The lines between hard rock and metal can blur, it's not that big of a deal. I've heard them use the terms interchangeably.
    What's even worse is that Black Sabbath, Anthrax, and Queens of the Stone Age are referred to as "guitar heavy".
    They are. So are many bands that aren't metal. Guitars are heard clearly through the mix.
    What's your point? They are guitar heavy. In fact, rock music as a whole could be considered "guitar heavy" because of the emphasis on the guitar.
    I don't think it was Metallica who called themselves a hard rock band. It was the Grammy guys. I don't think Metallica wants to label themselves. They have always been against that kind of stuff - I mean, isn't Metallica's image all about "we do whatever we want"?
    On twitter the dude said he been practicing ride the lighting tapping solo on piano
    Year Zero
    Unforgiven III, they are retarded if they don't play it together.
    that's what people said about playing 'Orion' at the first Orion Festival, playing Through the Never in the recent movie, and playing Trapped Under Ice at the Antarctica show. I'm sure it's either going to be something awesome out of left field like 'Ride the Lightning' or something totally lame like Nothing Else Matters.
    I'll be surprised if they even televise it, considering they don't even bother with the Best Metal Performance, etc. Also, I think it'd be awesome if they did a pre-1991 song with a piano arrangement added to it.
    They're too big to not televise it, especially if it's something that features a piano and is palatable to the masses. And the performances that are lined up so far this year are looking pretty thin. Plus it seems like they're going for weird partnerships this year. I guess Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder are playing together.
    I like Metallica and my dad praises Lang Lang's musicianship all the time, so i'll be looking forward to this. Should be pretty good.
    Metallica Metallica featuring Lang Lang performing their most well known hit enter enter sandman sandman
    What song will they play? Unforgiven 3?
    Unforgiven III would seem fitting. Especially because then they could make up for the abortion that was The Unforgiven 2 at the BBMAs,
    [Insert stereotypical comment mocking chinese people's bad engrish] Seriously though, the idea of Metallica + pianos brought the S&M concert to my head. This can be interesting.
    i don't care if your calling Metallica gay that video is funny no matter what context its used in
    Lame. How the mighty have fallen. Although, the pianist is pretty damn awesome.
    Huh? So the 'mighty have fallen' because they're playing with a pianist, who you've just admitted is 'awesome'? Am I missing something?
    Grammy Awards... compared to when they used to be kings of thrash? There is no comparison. And yes, the pianist is fantastic.
    hard rock-metal. rock and roll .same geez it's like saying pepsi-coke same thing.most people say metal if it's some one screaming singing .piano player isn't as stupid as a dam tuba in the roots ha ha
    yeah they aren't hard rock and surely they aren't the first - i'm pretty sure there have been many other rock/metal bands that have played the grammy awards before them including GNR back in '89? and lol at the new album Langlang
    No. The first Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance was in 1989 and Metallica performed "One" there. Though they didn't win the award that year.