Metallica: 'We Want to Make a Record, That's What We Do Best'

James Hetfield also talks plans for touring "Through the Never" set.

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Metallica frontman James Hetfield has been talking with Detroit News about the prospects for the band's upcoming album. As Hetfield notes, while the album has been delayed because of a number of projects, the band is getting geared up to start recording in the spring. "We have been pushing that further and further away," he says. "We want to make a record, that's what we do best and that's what we've gotta do in springtime. We've got skeleton bones that we're starting to lay out to make something out of it, but there's a lot of work ahead of us that we're really excited about doing. And that will be next year." Metallica's vocalist/guitarist also discussed the band’s plans to tour the elaborate stage show that features in their recently released concert film "Through The Never:" "It’s 30 years of all the theatrical props and ideas put into one stage," says Hetfield, mentioning the crosses from "Master of Puppets" and the giant Lady Justice statue that crumbles during "...And Justice for All." "It's all of the things put into one, but on steroids." While original plans to use the theatrical props were shelved because of film commitments, Hetifeld insists that "it can't not be toured," noting that "the stage is too cool to not tour eventually."

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    Good to hear. What I want to know now is what approach they'll be taking musically this time.
    Metallica has said, "Let there be a new record". And so, there shall be a new record. Question is, when?
    As long as it becomes as good as it did in the 80's. I couldn't care less if it took them another 5-6 years. I'd rather have a good record like death magnetic or Beyond Magnetic (minus Rick Rubin, oh please no) than a rushed record like Lulu.
    Yeah but all their albums from there heyday were out every 2 years so maybe it's best for them not to over think things and just write 9 or 10 songs and record them, all of there mediocre albums have had a gap of a few years.
    I'd rather hear a new album than see another one of those live DVDs or bad movies.
    Really? Because they're playing at the best they've played since Cliff died right now IMO, so I'm loving the good quality live shows that they're doing now. A new album would be good but it's just going to bring all of the "fans" out of the woodwork who go on about how they were only good for the first 4 albums.
    I don't know why you got downvoted for that. They are a band and its their job to make music not films.
    the fact megadeths already said theyre going back into studio and im guessing daves gunna go heavier with a new record to make up for super collider like he did with TWNAH after risk, im way more excited, i dont like metallica anymore the last album i really liked was master, and abit of and justice.....but i do hope the best for them that they come out with something thats not just spectacular to metallica fanboys that accept everything they make
    lets bet Slayer s n Anthrax s new records will rock both Tallica n Daves albums will be mediocre n degenerate their fans n integrity but Avenged Sevenfold will still rip em off
    All of Metallica's self albums have been great. This one must be great because you know, IT'S METALLICA, MAN of course they're gonna a good album. Like this if you agree with me
    Wow finally. Does it really have to take a weird, so called "artistic" collaboration with a mummy back from the '70s, fooling around with distractive gadgetry to make huge IMAX videoclip, playing same old songs, mentioning about getting to studio for two years (if not longer), to run out of excuses to make something they supposingly know how to do. Or is it time to admit "we're burned out guys, sorry." I dare you!