Metallica: 'We'll Always Be Creative, That's How We Are As Individuals'

Kirk Hammett discusses possibility of Metallica turning into a tour-only or recording-only band.

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Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently discussed an interesting possibility of the band turning into a recording-only or touring-only act, dubbing it highly unlikely.

Chatting with El Comercio, Kirk was asked on whether Metallica will ever reach the point of doing tours only and no longer making new music. "I hope not," he replied (via Blabbermouth). "There's a lot of different aspects to this band that we need to tend to.

"But I really think that the touring part supports the recording part, and the recording part - the creativity, the songs - supports the touring part," the guitarist continued. "Both of those things kind of support each other and need each other for us to move forward. So I think that we would always need to write music, write songs, record them."

Further discussing future scenarios, Hammett added, "It might be the exact opposite - we might just end up recording songs for the rest of our career at one point. Or we might end up just touring. But I, myself, doubt that any of those two things will happen.

"I'm pretty confident that we will always be creative, because that's how we are as individuals," he concluded. "I mean, that's how I am - I get bored, pick up my guitar, and next thing you know, I have a f--king riff. I get excited and I show it to the other guys, and next thing you know, we're jamming on it. It's a part of what we do."

Metallica recently wrapped up their "By Request" South American tour where they exclusively premiered new song "The Lords of Summer." The band will hit Europe this summer and continue working on the new album, tentatively due in 2015.

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    What do they actually do when their not on tour ?, I know they all have families and stuff but I can't see why when there kids are at school or some shit they can't go into "work" like "regular people" and write/record some songs. They have a huge state of the art studio and rehearsal space at their disposal.
    Because playing music every day for the last 30 years might get a little tiring. They probably just hang out and relax like normal people after work.
    Maybe they have a tug over tube8 or overeat , or play games or eat or have bowel infections like the rest of us ?
    "when the kids are at school" Are you trying to imply that all the members of Metallica are at home with their families everyday or something?
    uhh aren't most parents at home with their kids every day?
    They spend weeks or even months on the road, do you even know what bands like Metallica do for a living?
    I actually do know what bands do for a living. Completely irrelevant though since the guy you replied to asked what they do when NOT on tour.
    Haha! Wow, I totally missed that first part! It just seemed like everyone around me was a complete idiot and it turns out I was the idiot all along. Like some kind of psychological horror movie...
    I totally feel you man. There is always time to start writing and get creative. However, I understand that it is an art and some days, even if you have time to play, it is hard to get yourself motivated. Hears to hoping Metallica is able to produce their latest effort sooner than later.
    Really looking forward to the new album and hearing Robs influence on this album. I can't wait to see them in may, Metallica always put on a great live show.
    Highly unlikely Rob will have any influence. James and Lars are pretty much the main songwriters.
    I hope that their new album has some of those epic layered melodic guitar leads like they used to do on the albums Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning. To me, thats one fundamental aspect of their music that has been lacking. Also, I don't know if they used some kind of reverb or compression on those earlier albums, but it couldn't hurt to add a little of that back into their sound. Either way, I'll buy their new album for the hell of it 'cause its Metallica.
    Not to get into a Metallica argument (cause there are enough of those), but there are some harmony guitar leads on DM. "That Was Just Your Life" and "My Apocalypse" to name a couple.
    I know but it just wasn't enough y'know? The older stuff just sounds better put together with more feeling in it. Like the intro to Blackened, the interlude in Master of Puppets, and Sanitarium. Aw well, they can't please everybody.
    I guess that's why they're known for so much creative work, individually! Pfffft. That's exactly wrong. They're creative as a collective.
    Kirk : I get bored, pick up my guitar, and next thing you know, I have another f--king 'Wah pedal solo', I get excited and I show it to the other guys, Other guys usually say 'Kirk we're really excited about how creative you are', and next thing you know, Lars says 'Dude put some feelings into it'and I play it faster, It's a part of what we do.
    I don't mind the wah pedal solos. I love wah pedal. One of my favorite effects. I can also deal with Kirks subpar solos for James above par riffage.
    I think the creativity is true only for James and Rob. Kirk and Lars are getting only worse in years. With sloppy playing covered by wah-wah pedal and simple drumming by Mr.Lars.
    Drumming is more physical than the other jobs, I suspect Lars physically can't manage some of the techniques he used to have simply because he doesn't keep himself in shape like some drummers.
    If that's his reason then I think it's a pretty poor excuse. Lars has been drumming for a living for what, over 3 decades now? Drumming is hard work, particularly in a metal band. It's true he may not be as young as he used to be, but that kind of practice builds stamina and can keep you in shape in itself. I'd be surprised if that's the reason. Maybe he's just become contented.
    I always see Lars fanboys using the age excuse, which is a load of crap. Gene Hoglan is approaching 50 and judging from the last Testament album, his age doesn't seem to be holding him back at all. Maybe it's just due to the fact that Lars was never really great to begin with.
    Cmon even in the first albums his parts were never that technical.
    This. I love Metallica, and don't mind Lars, but he's never been a technical drummer. Fast, sure, but not technical.
    The things he is talking about is pretty fundemental. I find it hard to belive that you would have energy to record new songs while you're on the road though to the extent you would when you're not on tour.