Metallica: 'We're Guilty of Over-Obligating Ourselves as a Band'

Guitarist Kirk Hammett talks band's busy schedule and upcoming plans.

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Guitarist Kirk Hammett of metal legends Metallica recently discussed the group's hectic schedule and upcoming plans, confessing that the four-piece clearly got tangled up with numerous projects.

While chatting with Guitar World, Hammett primarily focused on the Orion Music festival, calling it way different that any of the band's regular shows.

"We're definitely guilty of over-obligating ourselves as a band," the axeman jokingly said. "The Orion festival requires a lot of energy, and it's different from our regular Metallica shows, where we show up, have a bite to eat, do our warm-up and meet-and-greet, and go onstage."

Hammett elaborated further, "We're trying to be all inclusive. We don't want it to become a big metal fest, which is easy to do in our case. We wanna give young new bands opportunities to build their audience, no matter if theyre metal, alternative, gypsy punk or whatever."

Metallica are currently giving most of their attention to the upcoming "Through the Never" 3D movie premiere scheduled for September 27 in IMAX theaters. The film's soundtrack is due out on September 24 as a double CD set featuring a total of 16 songs.

As for the new studio effort, the band is looking to enter studio in 2014 and have the album wrapped up for a tentative 2015 release. "We'll have run out of excuses for not doing it by then," drummer Lars Ulrich said told Entertainment Weekly. "2014 will be all about making a new Metallica record," he concluded.

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    I love the way he thinks. it's so refreshing to see someone who's in one of the biggest bands in the world be so calm and without ego. it's easy to predict what Lars and James would say in a given situation, but Kirk just makes me feel more relaxed.
    Agreed but I wouldn't say the CURRENT James has an ego. Watch any interview of him over the last 5 or so years and he's turned into almost an ultra Hippie! All about good energy and family. He comes across as very humble and wise now. Always makes me feel more relaxed.
    Yeah, he even speaks about it in Some Kind of Monster (the movie). He knows that ego just ruins the fun, and he always tries to just forget about it, people should really learn from him, because he's still a pretty huge name in meatl, but doesn't go out shoving it down everyone's throat.
    In Some Kind of Monster there's this one part where he's all "You guys want to get rid of the solos, and I think you're just trying to follow this trendy nu metal bullshit." Well that's not what he said verbatim, but it was basically the gist of it. You can tell he really didn't like what the two huge egos of Lars and James were doing to each other, and he just wanted to have fun and make music. Kirk was always my favorite Metallica member. Newsted is second.
    What he actually said, from what I remember, is that he thought it was bullshit that having solos made songs dated. His argument was that by not having solos, they would be following the trend at the time (early 2000's) and date their music to that particular time period. I like how he never actually disses anybody's music. Shows a lot of class.
    Meanwhile: Axl Rose's Own Festival Started With 2 Day Delay Because Of His Ego, more on page 54.
    Kirk just seems like a really nice guy, who has seen a lot of shit happen and just wants that to never happen again. He knows that being a dick gets you nowhere, and that life is too valuable to waste as an unlikable-*****. Hearing him talk about the death of Cliff Burton in a RockDoc pretty-much confirmed this. He was still pretty devastated after all those years, and it only proved to me that rock-stars are human, too.
    Almost makes you wish he had talent.
    You're one of those guys who thinks "talent" means sounding almost exactly the same as Petrucci, or Vai, or malmstreem, or satrani, or Friedman, etc... But you do not even realize that Kirk Hammett is responsible for the most recognizable guitar solos in Metal.
    well, first of all, I think he's an extremely talented guitarist. I don't think he's as imaginative as he could be when it comes to solos, but I think he's terrific. Secondly, having that attitude has nothing to do with being a musician. that attitude is something that you'll benefit from no matter what you do.
    Master Lin90
    Huge respect for Kirk, as said ^ He makes everything seem so relaxed and comes across in the right way. He shouldn't get so much hate for not being as technical..
    I don't think technicality matters in music anyway. Metallica were straight up thrash back in the day. Pure speed, not necessarily technical hey. Nice to see someone appreciate Kirk for what he is, a really effective guitarist.
    Dr. Knox666
    This. That guy wrote some of the most recognizable solos in metal. Fuck technicality
    Many people don't understand that he is what he is. You can't be anybody else. He has his own very recognizable style. And when we talk about technique, he's not really that bad. Yes, he's not the most technical player but yes he can play the guitar pretty well (other than some of his bends are a bit out of tune and his vibrato isn't that great and sometimes he plays a bit sloppily - but Jimmy Page was a really sloppy guitarist and nobody seems to hate him). I'm sure Kirk could play more technical stuff and usually solos that you play on stage aren't the most technical stuff you can play. Also, you can't deny that Kirk is a very influential guitarist. He's the reason why so many young people start playing the guitar. He was one of my main influences when I started playing. Metallica without Kirk and Lars wouldn't sound like Metallica.
    Exactly. What makes him an amazing guitarist and musician is not how fast he can play, but the fact that he wrote one of the most recognised riffs of all time. Ritchie Blackmore will be remembered for Smoke on the Water, and Kirk will be remembered for Enter Sandman.
    I'm from China and I just finished the gig in Shanghai. They are splended. Obviously they were told to keep their mouth clean and was not allowed to play Master although we've screamed our guts out to get it on encore. They must have been compromised a lot to reach China but still they played with full spirit. They are really fcking great people with great personalities.
    Why no puppets? There's no vulgar language. Or is it something to do with the word 'master?'
    Guess it has to do with the adiction theme.
    Maybe the chinese government thought it was a political song.
    Quick question. Would the soundtrack be Studio rerecordings, or Live recordings from when they filmed each song for the movie? Studio rerecordings would be amazing, nothing against the original recordings, but Metallica's sound and quality has evolved so much that it would be great to have the old tracks have that higher quality about them.
    I like what Kirk says here. Also really hope the Orion fest stays in Detroit. That was a blast and I recommend it to anyone. Great experience.
    Mr. Kirk "The Ripper" Hammett - Here's my channel I dedicated to him back in 2010. I'm from South Africa haha.
    My channel:
    Why downvote something you had no clue about?
    Kirk seems like such a cool dude. he reminds me a little of Hendrix, how he never lets his ego get to him, very humble and down to earth kind of guy.
    Metallica means business rather than the quality of their music nowadays. No offense, but I always miss the old Metallica.