Metallica: 'We're Really Proud of 'Death Magnetic''

The new Metallica record is taking inspiration from the arrangements and grooves of their last album, says bassist Rob Trujillo.

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Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo says they're looking to their 2008 record "Death Magnetic" to inspire their next album.

He says the new record probably won't have the same production issues as "Death Magnetic", where some fans felt it had been over-compressed, but Trujillo says there will still be those signature Metallica grooves and thrash elements in an interview with What's On.

"We can't really say much, because it's still being written, but we've been listening to our last album, 'Death Magnetic', a lot," says Trujillo, "which is inspiring the arrangements we are currently writing. There is a certain quality to that album that we are really proud of and we want to maintain a certain standard."

Trujillo adds that their current writing sessions are going well. "If anything, the problem is that we write too many riffs. That proves that there is a lot of music still in us," he said.

It's not the first time that Metallica have said their new record will stay on the same path as "Death Magnetic". In January, Lars Ulrich praised it as one of their best records ever.

"With a lot of the other records, there were questions: 'Why did we do that?' or 'What was going on there?' or 'Why didn't somebody say to turn the snare on?' I don't feel like that with 'Death Magnetic'. What we're doing now certainly sounds like a continuation," said Ulrich at the time.

What do you think? Could a thrash-heavy Metallica record with better production values become their best album ever, or are Metallica past their peak? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I think death magnetic is really good album. It was mixed kind of badly. But overall i like that album really much. Still do
    Could've used more songs from Beyond Magnetic.Especially Rebel Of Babylon.
    I happened to be listening to Beyond Magnetic and thought all those songs should have been on the DM.
    agreed. That and Hell & Back could've easily replaced Cyanide and The Unforgiven III
    The unforgiven III is my favorite on the album! together with The day that never comes
    I completely agree; and I think their next will be even better.
    I guarantee they will **** up the mix again.
    not if they got Flemming back
    They would never make a decision that smart or awesome. Damn it that would be cool and interesting.
    Flemming isn't all that either. He produced Evile's first album and it's crazy loud with some clipping and as usual, he buried the bass and makes the double bass sound weak. The only thing he's good for is guitar tone, but it doesn't even matter if the record is mastered to hell.
    Yes, but his albums with Metallica sound like they should be blasted from a mountaintop. It couldn't hurt, and it'd be "neat" to see how they'd work/sound together nowadays.
    I also liked the record a lot except for that damn wah in EVERY solo.
    Kind of badly? That guy is leaving a trail of digital madness behind him. Listen to other metal he has mixed, it's horrible.
    Yea, or the last few Chili Peppers albums. It's always super noticeable in the drums. drives me insane.
    If I'm not mistaken the Chili Peppers still record with analog equipment.
    I heard somewhere that it was re-released, no? with better mixes? or maybe it's a bootleg. Anyways, I love the songs, just not the mixing.
    The Guitar Hero versions of the tracks were mixed differently because they were being isolated for the game's instruments. You could probably find a rip of them somewhere.
    I've downloaded that version and by comparing it to the album one, the difference is staggering for the better. It sounds clean, doesn't have distorted drums and vocals, and most of all, has dynamics!
    There is also another remastered edition. Not sure who remixed it, but all three versions, as mentioned, are very different sonically including varied vocal takes. Download all three and compare
    Yeah, the Guitar Hero version of Broken, Beaten, & Scarred is 10x better.
    Can someone tell me what you mean by bad mixed ? For me, the album global sound is near perfect, I really like the "modern" metal sound.
    link no1
    It has nothing to do with the "modern metal sound", it's about Rick Rubin and his war on music.
    iTz WiNTeRs
    It's too digital. Rick Rubin has committed crimes against humanities ears with the clipping and digitalizing that he does.
    Too much compression, I think. Therefore, louder (and not necessarily awesome) sound. Therefore, distortion where you don't want it. Therefore, hardly any dynamics. Therefore, bleeding ears and soul. What a shame, that album's pretty good. Well, not MOP, RTL, or AJFA good, but yeah.
    its no where near perfect. it just too loud to the point you hear distortion. the songs are great though not my favorite metallica album but its got a place in my heart. also listen to the guitar hero mix its on piratebay compare them. the songs just open up more and sound great.
    "I'm proud of Death Magnetic." "Yeah, and I'm proud of the massive turd I did but you don't see my bragging."
    I brag about my awesome turds all the time. Those things can get monstrous sometimes.
    Judging by the probable strain, they were also both over-compressed...
    Only when I haven't had enough water... sometimes the attack is strong, but I have a weak release. Other times it's exactly the opposite.
    Awesome! Its good to see Metallica focus on music but I just wish they could release it in 2014.
    It would be great for a 2014 release at the start of the year! But with so much going on,im not sure if its going to happen,and i think as well as things going on,i think Metallica put a lot of their time into creating the album instead of just doing it in a certain amount of months,then releasing it for the sake of it,i think they put enough time into it to releasing a great album,to be absolutely certain that they've put a lot of time and effort in to make a great record,just like Death Magnetic,and id prefer that!
    Oh come on! What happened to that classic "Re-Load" sound everyone fell in love with? Kidding
    However, the production of both Load and Reload is probably the best we've heard from these guys.
    I was laughing when I read the first sentence. Then I read the "Kiddig" and laughed even more
    I'll throw it out there cus no one else will. Put Rick Rubin in a room with Bob Rock, have them both explain to Lars that his snare needs to be connected to the drum. Then let James and Kirk present Lars with their riffs, let him cut them up and make them into catchy viable verses and let Bob Rock use a mixing desk and not make it sound like a robot taking a shit if you turn it up too loud. It wasn't Bob Rock who wrote Slither and Hero of the Day. The man is good at mixing. I still feel bad for him that people make out that it's his fault that mid 90's Metallica decided they wanted to sound like Nirvana. FUCK OFF. Can you imagine how good Death Magnetic would have sounded if they used a man who is an expert in making songs sound good, songs like Wherever I may Roam. All he ever did wrong was do what he was told. If James wanted to start turning his blues riffs into 'metal' then that's his own fault. Say your prayers, King Nothing. Before this post gets 500 red thumbs, ask yourself this, what rocks more, Sad but True or The Judas Kiss? Low E ****ing CRUNCHING out of a beasty amp or a low E sounding like it's being force fed through a processor and coming out like little popcorn farts. Whatever.
    I've said since DM came out that I hope Bob Rock is involved next time. Apart from St Anger, which was a conscious decision (albeit a bizarre one), he's got a 100% record of making Metallica sound fantastic. I don't care how much you hate Load or Reload, those instruments sounded amazing. Let Rick Rubin force them to make good music, and let Bob handle the mixing deck.
    I honestly could not agree with you more. He does what he is told and he does it to perfection. Rubin and Bob Rock could give us something that Death Magnetic lacked. Too many people on the Bob Rock hate train for the powers at be to let that happen unfortunately.
    What Robert Trujillo shouldn't be proud of is the picture of him on this article... DEM LIPS
    I bet he would be proud - that's his signature face. He does it about 20 times during every song he plays.
    guitarist5477 that's kind of a weird comment, but I guess you must be a supermodel so you can say those kinds of things
    Well he was obviously pulling a silly "guitar" face, so it is quite amusing in that specific shot. I don't think he was meant it in a mean way.
    Metallica STILL kicks ass
    Especially his solo on "The Unforgiven III." That part always gives me goosebumps.
    Glad I'm not the only one. For me, I think its because James vocal line leads into the first note of Kirks solo seamlessly