Metallica's 'Black Album' Earns 16th Platinum Certificate

"Metallica" received its 16th platinum certificate from the Recording Industry Association of America in December, meaning it has surpassed 16 million in sales.

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Metallica's self-titled 1991 record, aka "The Black Album", is already the best-selling album of the SoundScan era, and now they're pulling away from the pack. "Metallica" received its 16th platinum certificate from the Recording Industry Association of America in December, meaning it has surpassed 16 million in sales. The certification was one of 10 awarded to the band last month.

The band's "Ride The Lightning" album from 1984 also picked up a sixth platinum certificate, and six of their singles ("Nothing Else Matters", "Fade To Black", "The Unforgiven", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Master Of Puppets" and "The Day That Never Comes") went gold for sales of 500,000.

Additionally, Vintage Vinyl News reports that two Metallica ringtones earned Mastertone Gold certification from the RIAA for 500,000 downloads.

Blabbermouth reports that "Metallica" surpassed Shania Twain's "Come On Over" album as the best-selling of the SoundScan era in 2009. According to Billboard, The Beatles "1" and Santana's "Supernatural" are other albums from classic rockers to make the Top 10 of the best selling albums since 1991, the year SoundScan began tracking chart positions based on point-of-purchase sales.

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    Though it isn't Metallica's best album by any means, it still makes me happy that a metal band has the top spot.
    I really enjoyed that album. They were doing a lot more melodic work as opposed to speed oriented. Granted, I REALLY enjoy almost all of their music, but this was a great album and I'm glad that they got 16th Platinum
    my least favorite album of theirs. Way too many tracks I'd consider filler: tread, misery, struggle, ect. I personally liked Justice and Load better. But it is cool that they're still pushing metal into the limelight. I just wish it was a song like Frayed Ends of Sanity instead of Sandman. Such an annoying song. On a side note: Wolf, Sad but True, Roam are among Metallicas best.
    I hate sounding like a fart, but Black album was when I started disliking their direction. I'd love for James to ditch his "singing"
    link no1
    I do agree that this is the album where they started making some really bad decisions but the album itself, I've always liked it. I honestly can't see the problem with the album itself.
    Because this is a few days back, I know no one will read this except the OP, but I must say that I agree 100%. There are times when singing is appropriate, but I grew up with James barking out the lyrics at full intensity. His voice was once a dangerous weapon but has since become hardly threatening. EDIT: Sorry, I meant to reply to vinnym86's comment.
    I really liked the album. Sure it wasn't as hard hitting but I liked the slower stuff. Unforgiven is still one of my favorite Metallica songs. I'd even dare to put the self-titled above ...and Justice For All. For me, Load/Reload was where they started going meh. Both the softer and more intense tracks just felt weak.
    I'm with you there, like thousands of others, it's the first three albums being the best then things took a wrong turn, Justice was OK, the Black album was a brilliant hard rock album, but not what us 'old farts' wanted.