Metallica's Hammett: 'Exodus' 'Bonded by Blood' Is Just as Good as 'Kill 'Em All''

"Early thrash scene was elitist in that 'No posers allowed!' thing," the guitarist adds.

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Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently touched on an interesting subject of early thrash scene and today's state of metal in which his band easily eclipses the rest of the so-called Big Four in terms of commercial success.

"I try not to spend too much time thinking about stuff like that because whatever I think of is still not going to be a satisfying enough explanation," Kirk told Metal Hammer (via Blabbermouth). "It's just the way things are and how the chips fell."

Focusing on the old days, Hammett dubbed Exodus' debut release "Bonded by Blood" the genre's quintessential album, equally crucial as Metallica's "Kill 'Em All."

"Exodus [Kirk's former band and the group many think should included if the 'Big Four' were expanded and considered the 'Big Five'] in the '80s had some bona fide problems, but I think their first album is just as good as 'Kill 'Em All,'" the guitarist noted.

"We were just playing the music we wanted to hear because no one else was playing it and it wasn't being played on the radio. It was only a small group of people who knew about it and it was almost elitist in that 'No posers allowed!' thing," Kirk concluded.

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    I find Bonded by blood better then Kill em all. Murder in the front row Crowd begins to bang And there's blood upon the stage Bang you head against the stage And metal takes it's price BONDED BY BLOOD!
    I think BBB is better thank KEA too, but KEA still has Phantom Lord, Metal Militia and The Four Horsemen.
    I think Bonded by blood had the best songs, but the production on Kill em all is IMO so much better that I'm going with Kill em all as my favorite out of the two.
    Bonded is/was a better album. As good as Kill was, you could already hear the commercial aspects of it and Met. It was "Poser" metal even when it came out! The most accurate of the quotes is "Commercially successful". IE: Poser acceptable.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but what I see there is if you make any sort of money off of it, then it's "Poser" like?
    A five-minute long bass solo is the ticket to commercial success. -Flea It's at the 4:37 mark.
    Better, since that's Holt and Hunolt against you and James.
    Ah metal head logic once again, Kirk compliments a band and the fans insult him for it.