Metallica's Hammett Promises 'Completely Insane' Version of 'One' at Grammy Awards Show

"Lang Lang has interjected himself into the song in a way I don't think anyone else has ever done," the guitarist explains.

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As soon as the announcement of Metallica's Grammy Awards 2014 performance with classical pianist Lang Lang struck the internet, we knew that we'll be up for something special.

And now, in an exclusive Rolling Stone chat, guitarist Kirk Hammett detailed the upcoming show, announcing a "completely insane" rendition of the band's classic tune "One."

"It's gonna be completely insane," Kirk kicked off. "Lang Lang has interjected himself into the song in a way I don't think anyone else has ever done in the course of our career. He's going to be playing major parts of the song. He's going to be playing through the melody."

As Hammett further explained, the four-piece has already recorded a demo of the track with Lang Lang and it works like a charm. "He's going to be weaving in and out of my guitar solos, which is amazing for me, because I've never played with another instrument that's been able to do that so effortlessly," the guitarist added.

Finally, Kirk reassured fans that the guitar-heavy sections will still be very much present. "We're keeping all the heavy parts," he said. "And it's going to be really cool and it's really dynamic."

Grammy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 26 at Los Angeles Staples Center. Some of the notable rock and metal nominees include Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, Dream Theater and more.

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    I'm pretty stoked to hear this! When I first heard that Metallica was going to be joined by a pianist, I was expecting them to announce "Nothing Else Matters" to be the song the song, but One with piano sections should be interesting.
    Wasn't they also super-excited about the Lou Reed thing too? Sceptical to this poop...BUT if they get it together, it might be a f'ing awsome thingy!
    yeah they were. but they were also super-excited to do S&M. So you win some, you lose some.
    Lang lang sounds fully virtoustic, and Kirky's description of the arrangement is most intriguing: "He's going to be weaving in and out of my guitar solos, which is amazing for me, because I've never played with another instrument that's been able to do that so effortlessly." Awesome: "We're keeping all the heavy parts." Indeed: "And it's going to be really cool and it's really dynamic." It sounds fantastic. \m/
    I'm still going to wait til its posted up to you-tube, I don't feel like having to wade through shi--- eerrr mainstream american "karaoke clowns" to hear a new version of an old song.
    I hope he singsit too , James seems tostruggle with some of the ballads thesedays . Goddamn spacebar .
    New version called "Whahn"? Kidding aside, I want to see how this "insane" version turns out
    On his website Lang Lang has said "I am most grateful to Mr Hamlyn and Mr Ulster for inviting me to guest with my ivories on their song 'Want'. I am a big fan of all of their music and I really like their last album Deaf Machete. I appreciate music in the metal machine genre and I was a great fan of Lou Reed from ever since I was 12. Can I go now because I have a date with Vanessa Mae". so that seems to prove that he too is 'stoked' about being 'insane' with Metallica. Anyway, it should be good.
    Can there be one article that doesn't argue about Metallica and Megadeth? WHAT THE F!CK IS WRONG WITH LIKING BOTH EQUALLY AS GOOD???
    I've never been more excited for the Grammys... ...Well, I've never been excited for the Grammys period, until now, but that's beside the point.
    Yes, Lang Lang will be joining them and James Hetfield will be absent with an actual table filling in.
    Let's not be closed minded bellends about this. Metallica often does things that are against the grain and we should be used to it. Let's see how it plays out.
    You're making yourself look a right bellend posting that in every article. You're like the knew *tips fedora* guy.
    One song, specially one, with a piano could be long as it is not the full new record.
    I was realy hoping that they could play The Unfogiven III live when I heard that there will be a pianist, but this also seems to be ****in awesome.
    The way Hammett described what the pianist is doing with the song sound very much like what the orchestra did with S&M which was nothing short of brilliant. im definately excited
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    kirk hammet exited to play the same songs for 100+ years as long as he gets paid by idiots who want to hear the same song 100+ years, idiots like this community..
    so bands are just supposed to forget any song that they made that's over 20 years old?
    Dave Mustaine, Glen Drover, Marty Freidman and Shawn Drover could play circles around Kirk.
    S0n1c '97
    We, um... Don't care.
    Speak for yourself. I care.
    It's Metallica. We all care, and we will ALWAYS care :
    This is true, whenever I pretend I don't care they always do something wacky and cool to catch my attention.
    I love Megadeth too, man! But seriously, cut it out with this sh*t. There's no feud anymore, there's no argument, no more bullsh*t. Metallica and Megadeth have both grown up, it's high time you did too.
    I like both Metallica and Megadeth, but obviously your butthurt that Metallica are more popular but the reason is that in the 80's they were far more consistent with he quality of their albums whereas Megadeth were very hit and miss.
    Are you sure? Shawn drover doesn't play guitar.
    actually shawn drover really does play the guitar. when glen and shawn first joined megadeth, mustaine told in his book, they switched instruments occasionally.
    Did you put in both Drovers because you couldn't remember which one was the guitarist?
    Mustaine is my favorite guitarist, but i learned off of kirk. Kirk is better when it comes to inserting emotion. I think its stupid to try to compare the two, because both have such distinct styles. Basically, what im trying to say is **** off.
    Don't talk to me about mustaine. The guy thinks he knows music, yet he's got no sense of harmony, originality or composition. Not saying metallica does though. All he really does is play some scales and arpeggios, but fast.
    Someone never bothered to listen to Load, Reload, Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings.
    in·ter·ject (ˌintərˈjekt) verb past tense: interjected; past participle: interjected 1. say (something) abruptly, esp. as an aside or interruption. "she interjected the odd question here and there" I think the word you were looking for, Kirk, was INJECTED.
    Ling Ling?Ling-Ling
    I hope the only thing that this performance has in common with Lulu, is the repeating words.
    No, the thing in common will be haters that will never let "Lulu" go
    And Lulu wasn't bad
    'To a lot of Metallica fans, LuLu was crap' to quote Robert Trujillo. Maybe if they stop procrastinating, and actually make a new album, then people will let it go.
    It's gon' be nutty