Metallica's Kirk Hammett: Led Zeppelin 'Was The Soundtrack To My Youth'

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was attended premiere of Led Zeppelin's press new concert movie - "Celebration Day".

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According to Blabbermouth, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet was among the musicians who attended premiere of Led Zeppelin's press new concert movie, "Celebration Day", at the historic Ziegfeld Theater in New York's theater district.

Asked what Led Zeppelin means to him, Hammett told Artisan News (see video below), "It was the soundtrack to my youth. They were pretty much the first band I actually sat down with with a guitar and tried to learn the guitar solos and the songs."

He continued, "I cannot say enough about Led Zeppelin and the f--cking impact that they've had on me and my musical career.

"Jimmy Page has been one of my heroes for year and years and years... He was the band. I mean, he was all-encompassing. He was a brilliant songwriter, he was a brilliant musician, he was a brilliant producer, he was a brilliant showman. I mean, he had it all - he had a great tone and a great attitude.

"I mean, what's not to like about Led Zeppelin? He was such a big influence on my life."

"Celebration Day" will have its U.K. premiere at London's legendary Hammersmith Apollo on October 12. Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant will also be attendance for this special event and a limited number of tickets will be made available to fans for £20.

Premieres for the film will follow in Berlin on October 15, where Jones is confirmed to attend, and Tokyo on October 16, which will have Page in attendance.

The film of "Celebration Day" will see a worldwide theatrical release by Omniverse Vision on 1,500 screens in over 40 territories on October 17. Tickets for the public screenings are available now via

"Celebration Day" will then be available in multiple video and audio formats on November 19 from Swan Song/Atlantic Records.

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    I'm quite certain Led Zeppelin were a huge inspiration to A LOT of musicians. Even if they don't completely realize it.
    Diony x
    He looks in the mini picture like he's seeing Ulrich playing his guitar secretly
    While they have not had an impact on my musical career [non-existent ], I share Kirk's sentiment. Zep is inextricably linked for me with my youth and growing up. The first music I really became aware of was Zeppelin, and it has always been a huge influence on my taste and subsequent choices in music. Ironically, I feel like I don't even need to listen to it anymore, because it's such a part of me - it's just there.
    Anybody else looking forward to a Metallica cover of a Zeppelin song? I have been for years!
    I stood in the Snake Pit with Kirk and Jason an arms length away as they played "Dazed and Confused" in 1992. When Lars jumped in with the drums.... You shoulda been there
    Why do people always start sentences with "I mean"? Is it not assumed that the following words out of your mouth are indeed what you mean? Were you not to start a sentence with "I mean", can we assume the next things you say are a lie?