Metallica's Lars Ulrich: 'Justin Bieber Is a Talented Kid'

artist: Metallica date: 04/02/2014 category: music news
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Metallica's Lars Ulrich: 'Justin Bieber Is a Talented Kid'
Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently addressed the band's comment about considering themselves "Beliebers," pointing out that young sensation Justin Bieber is without a question a talented musician.

"You know, he's a talented kid," Lars told TN (via Blabbermouth). "He's talented. I mean, obviously, he doesn't make it easy for himself, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with everybody being on top of him 24 hours a day; I don't wish that upon anybody."

During the rest of the chat, Ulrich noted that Metallica will "hopefully" release a new album next year. Describing how exciting the past six months have been with the Antarctica show, Grammys performance and the new song premiere, Lars added:

"We're writing away. We've got some good ideas. Our biggest problem is not the ideas, our biggest problem is time. Metallica is busier than ever, and it just seems like there's more and more going on and the days get shorter and shorter. But, hopefully, we will be done writing this year and next year we should record and hopefully have a new record out maybe next year. We'll see. Hopefully next year."

Discussing the band's evolution over the years, Lars gave an elaborate answer, saying, "I think Metallica has been criticized more or less since the beginning. I mean, the hard rock fans take it very seriously, and I think sometimes too seriously. They're very vocal - they're passionate - but sometimes you have to kind of balance that off with saying, 'Okay, everybody, let's just calm down. It's just rock and roll,' or whatever.

"So I think we try to find the right balances," he continued. "The members of Metallica have always been very curious and very interested in different things and open to different ways of doing things. I think when we were young, when you're not so confident, when we were young, we were really trying to play a lot and show how talented we were. Now, I think, we're not so worried about whether people think we're talented or not.

"Now, because we're so comfortable with who we are ... I think as you get a little older and get a little more experience, you become less worried about what people think of you and you become more comfortable with yourself. I think we've always tried with our fans to say, 'We are Metallica and we will do things our way, we will do it differently.' Come along for the ride, but if you wanna come along for that ride, know that it's gonna be a ride that's gonna take us to many different places," the drummer concluded.
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