Metallica's Lars Ulrich: 'Justin Bieber Is a Talented Kid'

"He doesn't make it easy for himself," the drummer adds.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently addressed the band's comment about considering themselves "Beliebers," pointing out that young sensation Justin Bieber is without a question a talented musician.

"You know, he's a talented kid," Lars told TN (via Blabbermouth). "He's talented. I mean, obviously, he doesn't make it easy for himself, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with everybody being on top of him 24 hours a day; I don't wish that upon anybody."

During the rest of the chat, Ulrich noted that Metallica will "hopefully" release a new album next year. Describing how exciting the past six months have been with the Antarctica show, Grammys performance and the new song premiere, Lars added:

"We're writing away. We've got some good ideas. Our biggest problem is not the ideas, our biggest problem is time. Metallica is busier than ever, and it just seems like there's more and more going on and the days get shorter and shorter. But, hopefully, we will be done writing this year and next year we should record and hopefully have a new record out maybe next year. We'll see. Hopefully next year."

Discussing the band's evolution over the years, Lars gave an elaborate answer, saying, "I think Metallica has been criticized more or less since the beginning. I mean, the hard rock fans take it very seriously, and I think sometimes too seriously. They're very vocal - they're passionate - but sometimes you have to kind of balance that off with saying, 'Okay, everybody, let's just calm down. It's just rock and roll,' or whatever.

"So I think we try to find the right balances," he continued. "The members of Metallica have always been very curious and very interested in different things and open to different ways of doing things. I think when we were young, when you're not so confident, when we were young, we were really trying to play a lot and show how talented we were. Now, I think, we're not so worried about whether people think we're talented or not.

"Now, because we're so comfortable with who we are ... I think as you get a little older and get a little more experience, you become less worried about what people think of you and you become more comfortable with yourself. I think we've always tried with our fans to say, 'We are Metallica and we will do things our way, we will do it differently.' Come along for the ride, but if you wanna come along for that ride, know that it's gonna be a ride that's gonna take us to many different places," the drummer concluded.

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    Quick, somebody page Dr. Givea****. Good rehash guys.
    Douchebags of a feather....
    Sh*thawks, big dirty sh*thawks. They're comin Bubbles. They're flyin in low, swoopin down, sh*ttin on people and draggin 'em off to the big sh*t nest
    I find there's an apt Trailer Park Boys quote for every occasion.. awesome...
    Anty 7
    Give him a break, he IS talented! His music may be poor, and he's not an artist, but he does have talent: he plays several instruments and sings really well. I can't believe you guys. Lars isn't saying "oh what a sweet kid" or "his music rocks"
    So what, doesn't mean he plays them well. A monkey can learn to play an instrument, but an artist can make songs. Justin Bieber does not do the second, he has a team of people doing it. I see no talent in that whatsoever.
    So, Elvis sucked? Elvis wasn't an artist? Not all of interpreters HAVE to be songwriters as well. Bieber is an interpreter, and a good one. He sings pop music that girls like. Period.
    God you are lame... I don't like beiber. Then again I think metal sucks and grohl is a mediocre drummer. But unlike you getting your panties in a bunch... I usually just avoid the things/people I don't care for and don't even bother reading the article.
    Yeah, how could we forget the famous monkey philharmonic orchestra of Timbuktu? He is a talented performer. If you disagree, you're just being stubborn. He likely has no choice in the music he releases, as it will be driven entirely by the label execs. For this reason it's difficult to say whether or not he is a talented songwriter, unless you delve deeper into his catalogue and find music that he has written, and f*ck if I'm gonna do that. You're confusing talent with integrity.
    Of all the things you could use for your headline, you use this? The interesting part of this interview is the statement that they will finnish the new album in 2015, meaning they've delayed it yet again...
    I swear this story's been covered least two or three times
    I wonder how many articles UG has posted that are just some rock band/musician giving their two cents about a pop star. It's like they just attached that quote to an article that was really about the future of Metallica. We lower the bar so much. :/
    lars used to say **** you to everyone because he was just like that. now he's directed his penis at the fans ... taking a shot every now and then
    Honest question, why does Lars get so much hate? I haven't seen any video of him that shows he's a "douche" and I totally respect the hell out of him for Napster.
    I still don't buy that he's talented. He's a dam product. That's all. But who cares. This article blows
    A-men, he's a "vassel" for a thousand people to fill with the best industry-standard they can. His success is a creation of an industry. No one thanks the car for being awesome, or tells their guitar that they 'respect' them for being brilliant; they thank the production company and the designers. But for some reason we still think that Celebrity success is because of "Individual talent and tenacity". Besides, since when did anyone give a sh*t what Lars Ulrich thinks? - Next we'll be taking political Science lessons from Dave Mustain.
    Don't point that drumstick at me unless you intend to use it.
    Actually, the kid IS talented, but surrounded by the wrong people.
    I'm surprised no one made a joke about him being a better drummer than Lars. Also, yes, Justin Bieber is fairly talented. Watch his videos mentioned above and see for yourself. He just... chooses not to use it (which in this case means that "the music industry forces him to not use it").
    Talented? HA! Good one, Lars!
    Actually, Justin WAS talented before showbiz machine turned him into what he is nowadays. Watch this video, when he was just unknown street music player - I think you can't argue about his skills.
    Or this video is even better:
    Yes, this is a cool demonstration of his vocals, which has nothing in common with what he makes now.
    So, he's as good as a million people on Youtube? Thanks for that... I certainly think people aren't giving props where they're due but they're not due with this "Perfectly average" singer. Props are due to the hundreds of people who market his PR, manage his portfolio, design his stages, train his dancers, negotiate his entourage and produce his albums. They created his success; they worked hard, and every screaming fan at a concert is because of the work they put into making it work.
    Wow..that's actually a pretty good representation that he CAN actually do something, he should have brought that to the industry instead of making that autotune music crap.
    It's funny how people rage about this guy, until a member of Metallica (or any big band) speaks positively about him, then all of a sudden everyone recognises Justin has talent. People are such hypocrittes.
    Show that the same people that rag on him are the same people that are saying he's okay. Otherwise that just shows that people have differing opinions.
    Except being talented doesn't mean you make good music. I don't think people ever doubted that he was talented. When people complain about him it's more about his personality/image and the way he carries himself...and then his music.
    Agreed, Bieber was a talented kid and despite not enjoying his music I would always acknowledge that, and to a degree defend the kid. Then he turned into a complete wanker and I lost what respect I had for him.
    Wow he can play a GAD chord progression, like any generic ACDC song. Seriously dude anyone whos been taught any instrument especially vicariously, you look more talented then you are. Done, lets see him do some Minor 7ths, Dimished chords, or any barre chord for **** sakes.
    You just corrected yourself. "like ACDC".. ACDC was an incredible band. Is the music terribly technical? No. Were they one of the best live shows in the country? Absolutely. Being complicated with guitar chords certainly doesn't define being a good musician.
    Lets see your video of you singing and playing some Minor 7ths? Lets your talent speak for you.
    Angus and Malcolm wrote some incredible songs with those basic chords, that takes skill. There's a huge difference between that and just throwing chords together with a generic strumming pattern.
    Same with Lady Gaga. Some of her early stuff with her just singing and playing the piano is unbelievable. Although, I think a few things other than just the machine may have... altered... her...
    What skills....he's playing 2 chords and singing at a mediocre level.....quite average.....
    Bieber does have talent, he's also a product of the current entertainment industry but he does have skill. Unfortunately, just cause many people don't like him we let that cloud whether there is talent or not and just write him off as a talentless douche. Apparently, personal biases and trolling chooses all these days.
    Just because some people have this so called "talent" it doesn't make their music any good at all. And best argument people can make about this is "well he is still better and more talented than you". Goddamn like really, just because im not super talented musicidan doens't make him good. Well it's matter of opinion after all but still.
    I'm not even going to read this because I know I'll just lose a couple minutes that I'll never get back
    Justin Beiber must be the biggest piece shit on earth, but how are you going to dislike this article and deny that he is talented? Answer-Because you are all ugly and have NO talent. Because you are jealous that he can get into any girl's panties if he wanted to and the fact that he can sell a bag of his own shit and get paid $10,000. Conclusion-Lets stop acting like jealous 13 year olds and accept the fact that he is a TALENTED, but spoiled kid.
    I hate to say it, but he is talented. Or was. I mean, he was singled out for a reason. However over the past few years his music became standard crap that doesn't showcase his talent.
    Sorry UG or Lars, but I really don't care about Justin...don't even listen to all..ahahahah
    These are truly dark times, everyone defending Justin should go back to learning chords, this place used to be for people who were really students of the intrument
    He may be talented, but he's still an arrogant ****. things have definitely gone to his head. being young and having more money than sense is a bad mix.
    I hope to god your a day late with this. Lars actually impressed me on the Lords of Summer and the Dio medley but then he goes and does some stupid shit like this
    I know this is unrelated but I recently read the Metallica playboy interview from 2001 and i'm actually disappointed by what assh*les they are, James specifically.
    I hope Metallica tours with the little prick, pissing off any still loyal fans to these sell outs, and a deranged fan kills Ulrich once and for all
    Menuda hipocresia, "Justin es un maricón" eso dicen todos, ahora Lars dice "tiene talento" y ustedes dicen lo mismo, venga hombre un poco de personalidad, me encanta metallica, me parece un grupo fantastico, lo triste es que les ha pasado lo mismo que a Bieber, son unos vendidos ¿Un concierto en la Antartida?¿Una pelicula? Macho dedicaros a grabar futuros albumes o hacer conciertos, eso si es metallica.
    I've accepted everything else Lars has said and done, but now I don't like him.
    Alright this article is just stupid First. the part of the article that Lars is talking about metallics album is much more cooler to talk about then Justin Biber Second. I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick of hearing the word belibvers Third. This article about Lars feeling sorry for Justin biber was on here about 2 years ago it was bad enough the first time
    Really? out of the whole interview you guys are going to use the Justin Bebier thing as the headline? Go **** yourself UG
    Why are we still talking about this kid? Lars shut your face and learn double bass again.
    Wow. One of the first articles in UG where I actually see people defendin JB. I agree, the music he makes is generic mainstream pop (that works for some situations - and I don't think it's any worse than any other mainstram pop we hear on the radio, he was just the one people started hating), but that doesn't mean he can't really sing. I don't understand the point of the article. It doesn't really tell anything new and Lars just mentioned JB in some of his interviews (maybe he was asked about JB). I guess this is just UG trying to troll.