Metallica's Lars Ulrich on New Track: 'It's Going Down Well, It's a Good Song'

Meanwhile, the band shares official footage from Rock Im Park 2014, more inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently discussed the band's new song "Lords of Summer," calling it a fun tune, but expressing uncertainty about its final form on the eventual official studio version.

"It's fun to play," the drummer told Metal Hammer. "It seems like the kids are enjoying it. There was actually somebody in the snake pit the other day with a homemade 'Lords of Summer' t-shirt on, which was very endearing; that was cool.

"It's fun, yeah. It's a good song," Lars continued. "Hey, listen, who knows by the time the next record comes out whether it will be in its same shape or format. But it's fun to play. And I think it's going down well, from what I can tell, from my little spot."

As UG previously reported, the track's "first pass" version was recently released on iTunes.

In related 'Talica news, the band has posted official footage from this year's Rock Im Park performance, featuring behind-the-scenes footage and the group charging through "Creeping Death" and "The Day That Never Comes." Check it out below.

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    UG sure did leave out a lot of "uhm"s and "you know"s from those quotes
    The jazz Man
    Can you imagine if they didn't do the same with all Zakk Wylde's interviews.. With all the "you know and well, you know, but anyways, y'know".. Would be 10 pages long .. (Btw I'm a huge Zakk and BLS fan)
    Not to mention Alexi "Like, You Know, I Mean" Laiho from Children of Bodom
    Holy shit, yes. I'm an interviewer for the radio, and you don't know how many long pauses, "ummm"s, "uhhh"s, and "you know"s I have to edit out in 20 minutes with of dialogue.
    Lords of Summer is such a cringey title
    How come? I hardly see anything terrible about it - It's not a terrific title, but it's neither terrible. Sorta "okay" IMO.
    Comparing a title to what's really important though...? ...pointless maybe...yeah definitely
    "Metallica's Lars Ulrich on New Track: 'It's Going Down Well, It's a Good Song' And in other news Donald Trump says of his new show "Its going to be the best show ever" Kanye West says of his new track "Its gonna be da hit of da summer and Kim's gonna be all over it" Kim Kardashian says "Im a *****...." any other "news of the obvious" UG would like to share?
    "There was actually somebody in the snake pit the other day with a homemade 'Lords of Summer' t-shirt on, which was very endearing" I'm surprised Lars didn't want to sue him for copyright infringement.
    It sounds like it could be commercial for the summer festival circuit. Hello Glastonbury, we are the lords of summer $$$
    Can James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Mike Portnoy, and Jason Newsted just get together and make an album already?
    A reporter should ask Lars if he thinks st. anger is a good album and from his answer we will be able to know how genuine this song is really going to be
    Hey, it's Metallica, let's bash it! I'm a bit fed up with all those people constantly bashing Metallica post '92 but who keep showing up at concerts in Master of Puppets t-shirts demanding Metallica play only 'old shit'. Seriously, stay away. Today's Metallica kicks as much ass as '80s Metallica and I want to hear stuff off Reload, Garage Inc. and Death Magnetic too! You're not a better fan just because you were already drinking beer when they made Kill 'Em All.
    I get what you mean by the so called haters. But the thing is I grew up on Metallica and RTL was the album that got me into metal. It's not that we want another Puppets or RTL, we just want them to do a record that doesn't sound forced, which is what Death Magnetic was in my opinion. Seems like they lack the hunger they once had.
    I've listened to this song a few times but I just can't get into it. I know it's a demo, but that guitar tone is god awful. And can Lars practice once in a while? (I know I'm gonna get crap for saying that). Everything about it just sounds uninspired to me. Go ahead Metallica fanboys, down vote me, but this is just my opinion.
    same here, the some are ok, It has a few moments of actual groove in it. The tone is whats lacking, understanding its just a demo, its not the lack of drive its the EQ for me, but that's just my ear. To be honest Metallica's new material seems like its forced to me. Its like they're trying to be that thrash band again. it just doesn't have that same vibe earlier tracks have.
    Man I completely agree. They're trying too hard to be what they once were and as a result, the music is lacking. I always get crap for criticizing them, and fan boys saying "you're not gonna get another Ride The Lightning, they've grown." But is it such a bad thing to hold Metallica to such a high standard? They revolutionized metal, wrote classic albums, and to me, they've become a shell of their former selves.
    Absolutely right. They're trying to give the fans what they want: the old, thrashy Metallica. But you can tell in their heart of hearts that they don't write that way naturally anymore, and it sounds forced. The lyrics especially were bad on DM. I'd rather have them make new music that flowed naturally from them versus trying to crank out a Master of Puppets II, which just isn't going to happen.
    Both very valid points. Unfortunately that's what fame and fortune do to people. It's a sickening world out there...
    At least you're open and respectful about it.Everybody has the right to their own opinion. For that... you get a plus...
    This song was definitely something that they came up with as a whole, instead of just a bunch of riffs mixed together like most tracks on Death Magnetic were. It's an interesting track, but it lacks what it wants to be: punchy and energetic.
    Jesus, no it's not a good song, it's not even a song it's just a collection of uninspired riffs in a row...
    I disagree. I think it's well put together. It's not a Metallica classic but I guarantee you if it was a new band that put out this song everyone would be going crazy.
    If this song were put out by a new band, everyone would say it's boring and that there's a million songs just like that one already.
    If it wasn't Metallica in the first place I wouldn't have bothered. Same way I feel about St. Anger. I've seen that argument so many times, that if it was another band it would be well received, and I just think that's a load of crap. Without the hype and legacy surrounding the name 'Metallica', I couldn't be bothered to get through it.
    No way, you know how many young musicians there are out there that are much more talented that never get 1/1000th of this kind of attention?
    Van Guff
    By all means feel free to come up with something better.
    That's the "potato, potata" logic. As a fan or as someone passionate about a particular thing, or even just for the sake of opinion, aren't people allowed to criticize what they want?
    I think Van Gruff could walk into a restaurant, eat a literal shit sandwich, and walk away satisfied. After all, if you have no culinary background, how can you criticize a meal in a five star restaurant?
    You know you're a talented musician when your live shows are better that the CDs! I thought, The Day that Never Comes, was an amazing piece of music when I listened to it on, Death Magnetic!
    It's a fantastic song, Lars is so down to earth and smart, if there's one person I'd love to talk to about music, it's him.
    To quote a friend of mine...| "The worst thing Lars ever did for humanity was learn to speak English, because he hasn't shut the **** up since"