Metallica's Orion Fest Likely to Stay in Detroit for Two More Years

"It's contracted and it was perfect," city officials say.

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Detroit city officials have recently confirmed that Metallica's Orion Fest is contracted to be held at the city's Belle Isle for two more years. As the City Council member James Tate told MLive, "It's contracted. And I think since it was a event so well-suited for the venue - for the type of event it was - it was perfect." The same source indicates that a letter from Detroit's recreation department confirms a three-year event contract, along with $100,000 of projected revenue in 2013, another $100,000 in 2014 and $250,000 in 2015. Tate also added that the festival's success should encourage the officials to think outside the box in bringing visitors and revenue to the city. "It's change," he added. "Change is painful for some - change can be difficult because it's different than what we are used to." As far as Metallica's stance on the given matter goes, guitarist Kirk Hammett stated that Orion's status in Detroit yet "remains to be seen." As the axeman told 97.1 the Eagle radio, he had a blast at both of the festival editions so far and is looking forward to next year's meeting. Drummer Lars Ulrich was much more direct at this year's festival closing, screaming to the crowd "I don't know about you motherf--kers, but I think Detroit should be our permanent f--king home! We love Detroit and we love Michigan!" Meanwhile, the band posted "Seek & Destroy" Halloween performance video off "Quebec Magnetic," make sure to check it out below.

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    How about a new album? Let Rob have his day already! Let him record at least one of his Bass solos and let him have more writing contributions.
    If they let Rob get on some Infectious Grooves levels, that would be an amazing Metallica album.
    I flew up from Houston, Texas to go last year - it was amazing!! Perfect place for the event -- The only bad thing was the transportation to and from the island; 40,000 waiting in line to take shuttles (School buses) to the island is ****ing retarded!!! Terrible idea - The lines were sooooo long to get on a bus. Terrible idea, indeed.
    Yeah the transportation was the only blimish. Fortunately though, Sunday nights transportation went a lot smoother. Saturday night was a living hell though. I'm excited for next year if they choose to keep it on Detroit.
    I'd really like to go. I don't live too far away and if I can get a few friends to go with me, then all the better. Plus any way to help Detroit out is great, especially given that it's supposed to be a great festival.
    I live in Windsor ontario right across from belle isle on riverside. I remember the Friday before the show I was playing blacks ops 2 and suddenly I heard for whom the bell tolls not to mention I seen metallica for free from my backyard and they shook my house
    I thought this had been previously known? I was already making plans to go to Detroit for the next one.
    This makes me happy since I missed it this year and I live near Detroit. Gives me two more chances in the next couple years to see them. Great news!