Metallica's 'The Lords of Summer' Official Live Video Released

Official new song performance footage from Bogota surfaces.

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Metallica posted official footage of "The Lords of Summer" live debut via the band's official YouTube channel, Blabbermouth reports. Check it out below.

The band debuted a brand new song on Sunday night (March 16) during the opening show of the band's South American tour in Bogota, Colombia. As promised, the band played a nearly all-request set, with 17 songs chosen online by fans prior to the gig and the last slot filled by the new track.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone that the new song "is fairly representative of where our creative headspace is at right now. It's one of those things that's like, 'Here, we're writing and we're creating.'"

Guitarist Kirk Hammett told the Pulse of Radio that coming up with music is not a problem for the band. "We're a band that never has a shortage of ideas," he said. "You know, you hear about these bands that are like, oh, they're sitting in the studio and they don't have any songs, what are they gonna do? That's not Metallica. Metallica's problem is the total opposite: we have too many ideas, which ones are we gonna use. And so that's pretty much how it stands with us."

Ulrich cautioned, however, that "The Lords of Summer" may not even end up on Metallica's next album at all, or at least not in its current form. He explained, "We did the same thing when we went out and played a bunch of dates in 2006. We were writing and played two different new songs over the course of that summer, and none of them made the record (2008's "Death Magnetic")."

The Metallica by Request tour will hit Europe this summer, with a single North American date confirmed in Montreal, as the band continues working on its 10th studio album.

The rest of Metallica's "by request" show in Bogota featured such classics as "Master of Puppets," "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," "Sad but True," "Fade to Black," "One" and "Enter Sandman."

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    There is a 1985 thrash version remix of this on YouTube, where it got sped up twice as fast, that actually sounds more like Metallica than Metallica. lol
    Maybe a little bit slower and that is a considerably better song. It makes the original very boring.
    Shit, someone forward that to them. Even Kirk's solo sounds awesome at that speed.
    And this is why I love the internet. Some kid somewhere in the world can take a Metallica song, run it through his software, and make it sound considerably more badass. Cheers to whoever did this.
    I'd like to see an actual human being playing the main riff at that speed. Otherwise, not impressed; at this speed, it sounds plain and emotionless IMO. Reminds me of why pretty much the only thrash bands I like are the Big 4; they could play fast, but they also knew how to actually write riffs.
    Badass UltraMan
    At this speed the main riff sounds like Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth :p The riff starts at 1 hour, 36 minutes and 8 seconds but for some reason the Youtube link starts about 20 seconds earlier than I told it to. EDIT: Ultimate Guitar keeps removing the link from my comment. Shit on toast.
    i think metallica would have less fans today if that's how james sounded vocally in the 80s lol... otherwise, great fix! lol
    James's voice sounds like Ride the Lightning on this version. And yeah, IMO the song also sounds better at this speed. This could be a song on Ride the Lightning. I actually like this version a lot. A couple of tweaks and it would be perfect. Oh, and good to hear Metallica in standard tuning again.
    It does sounds pretty good and resambles the old school metallica, but I believe that that is the problem for the die hard fans, they want a new kill em all, a new ride the ligthening and that was more than 30 years ago, it is common that metallica wants to try something different, also age... I feel asking lars to play at this rythm a 2 hours show is a big effort for him
    This video just emphasizes how crappy of a drummer Lars has become...His drums sound like shit over the main riff. Kirk's solo actually sounds really ****ing awesome in this speed, though.
    Damn. Thats one of the best Solo's I've heard from Hammett. He should play it this way!
    Proving once and for all that James [i]can pick upwards and just chooses not to. For real though, I'm actually pretty amped by this song.
    The sad thing is that metal crowds don't go crazy anymore, they ****ing film it on their phones. It infuriates the hell outta me - you know who you all are!!!
    Oh that solo is painful, his not so subtle transition into mega-wah just did not fit with the song
    Haha, did anyone hear Lars say to the other members right before they start the song, "Okay, God help us all" , around 50 seconds into the video.
    People would have thought Lars' drumming would be the worst part of this song... then Kirk's solo came and saved the day for lars.
    I think the song is quite good. sounds nothing like kill em all etc but i'm glad it doesn't. kill em all sounds dated and 80's nowadays and belongs in the 80's. along with their 80's ex fans.
    You gotta give them credit for still playing fast, since they are old. So you can't expect them to play like they're still in their 20's. It doesn't need to sound like Kill 'Em All because it is dated. At least you understand more than most of the people here.
    Still doesn't make Kirk sound any less shit
    i actually agree even though i love metallica and kirk, that first bit of lead was just terrible. solo was mediocre at best. Come on Kirk.
    Does anyone know what happened to him? He use to kill it live. But the last 10 years or so have been mediocre. Does he not practise any more?
    He cant use his cane on stage, so has hard time standing and playing guitar at the same time. Rumour has it that he put a broom handle in his arse as a support mechanism during solos.
    Reading your posts Morbid as shit you keep coming back on different days to this article and post a comment. I put it down to two things. One you either like to see responses to your own morbid shit or two you secretly love Metallica and keep reading the article over and over. What one is it?
    He couldn't sound less shit, because he is THE SHIT! \m/
    Sounds like Lars' left foot has 1/4 the power of his right. They should stick with pop music, it suits his style much better.
    The rest of Metallica's "by request" show in Bogota featured such classics as "Master of Puppets," "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," "Sad but True," "Fade to Black," "One" and "Enter Sandman." What a waste of requests by requesting songs they always play anyway.
    The fact that people still argue and try and slag these guys off is laughable. They have been there and done it. They created the landscape for everything that came after. And they still put on one hell of a live show. Everyone should just be thankful they are still touring and writing new songs. They will never top MoP or AJFA. That's a given. But one day they will retire, so enjoy the ride while it lasts 'cause there will never be a metal band do what these guys have done again. If you want to hear edgy, modern thrash then go listen to Sylosis. And stop spamming articles like this and leave them for the fans.
    Badass UltraMan
    I absolutely loved the first minute or so of Kirk's solo along with the harmony him and James played. I would have been much happier if they ended the interlude there and then. The wahfest solo completely kills the fantastic mood the slow part had set up and adds nothing at all to the song in my opinion.
    Little trivia tidbit. Metallica has has been using all Fractal Axe FX II's lately. With the exception of Kirk's wah (go figure), Metallica is 100% Fractal for their tone on their South American tour.
    I hate that everyone is treating this like "the new Metallica song" when in reality it's 8 riffs that will be scattered throughout songs and lyrics that will be nowhere on the album. My morning rock radio hosts were harping on how lame the title was and all that. Hell, "Judas Kiss" was called "Gym Bag" at this stage, and they literally premiered "New Song" and "New Song II." Honestly, if you're basing your initial perception of the upcoming studio work on this, you should slow down, dude.
    People need to stop hating on Kirks soloing or Lars' drumming, both fit Metallica, and if you were to replace either of them, it wouldn't be Metallica, so just stop
    It's not an amazing feat of drumming by any means, but I like how Lars comes back in once the main riff kicks in.
    Metallica should do a "deep cuts" tour. Whiplash, Frayed Edge, The Wait, Fixxer, My Friend of Misery, Trapped Under Ice, etc.
    Didn't really like the new song, it sounded like a bunch of recycled riffs from the Kill Em All era played at half speed. The solo sounds really generic with all that wah-wah on it, also Lars is really sloppy.
    Can anyone else not stand Rob's outfit/hair. Like he's completely out of place with lars james and kirk, always
    wow, sad metallica is sad feeling proud and making a big deal releasing ONE WHOLE SONG every few years...meanwhile every other band is putting out full albums or 2 every year...i guess coasting like the has-beens that they are, makes them happy that playing the music they've released 30years ago is appreciated in 3rd world countries who are still stuck in that era... well, at least this ONE SONG somewhat blows away anything they've written in the past DECADE...looking forward to the next in a few years "Queens of Autumn".
    I'm pretty sure almost every country is filled with people who love old Metallica, not just 3rd world countries. That's kinda how they became the most successful metal band in the world. Not to mention, a new should be released sometime next year, and then they will continue to sell out every show in every country they go in. So yeah, your wrong.
    Honestly, to me it sucks when famous bands put out an album every year. Why? Because each one of those albums will fade into oblivion when the next one comes out, as it surely hasn't been promoted enough through touring. For instance, Buckethead has released 81 albums in his solo career; who still remembers 99% of that stuff? Not to mention that, more often than not, those albums consist of 2-3 good songs + filler. I prefer it when people take the time they need to make a kickass album, then tour for the next few years or so.
    bucketheads released 42 albums in the past year and 99% is crackerjack.imo buckethead does what he wants and so does metallica and its all awesome. too bad the internet is full of sad whiners.
    "Not to mention that, more often than not, those albums consist of 2-3 good songs + filler" you're not making a good argument for metallica here considering since the black album this has been the result of every album they have released. Actually it's a stretch to say st. anger, lulu or reload had ANY good songs and death magnetic had MAYBE 2. In addition i can name hundreds of bands that released albums YEARLY and all of them were brilliuant. in the 80's iron maiden released 7 albums in 7 years and they're all considered classics now. even metallicas best work (first 4 albums) was released quickly after each other. time has nothing to do with it. quality will shine when it is quality
    lulu doesnt count, yeh st anger sucked, but reload has some of the best metallica songs they've ever written, you just gotta not be a narrow minded douche and appreciate that they wanted to do something more rocky/bluesy. they are never gonna write another kill em all, get over it.
    I'm not narrow minded. i listen to more non metal than metal these days. tons of prog, indie, blues, jazz, electronic and hip-hop. the problem with metallica doing those other styles is they sucked at it. why listen to metallica **** up blues tracks when i can listen to good blues rock bands?
    that's like saying why listen to anything cos someone has probably done it better, are you suicidal or something iv never met someone so depressing and miserable, i think you would get on with 80's Dave Mustaine. Have you noticed that everyone on this site thinks ur a dick?
    "Lords of a band who hasn't been relevant in 25 years"
    Considering that every time that Lars takes a shit it comes up in the headlines, I'd say they are pretty relevant.
    the only headlines they make are here on UG not anywhere else...
    Now it's clearly obvious you're just a troll
    how? when was the last time you saw metallica in the newpaper outside of an actual musical release? nobody cares what lars says anymore
    Phill you have been awarded the Biggest Ballbag Award for this article. Lets all say it together. If you don't like the band and don't care what they are doing don't read the article. Ballbag!
    They still fill any arena they choose.
    So does Justin Beiber. I guess they are both AMAZING in very equal ways!
    But Beiber's is full of twelve year old girls..... and very confused guys..... just sayin'.....
    And Metallica is filled with a bunch of dad rockers, whats your point?
    Ballbag. I'm a dad rocker. You close minded pimple faced hardest of death core black grind doomed midget.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Now THAT is a real band. Go BEiBEr! lolol Metallica could learn a thing or two from him.
    How could you even... If ANYONE needs to learn something, it'd be Bieber. Bieber. Bieber. Bieber can't even make his own songs without UP TO 5 PEOPLE helping him. Metallica is a band which writes the vast majority of it's songs by itself, with only minimal covers. And they have to write for 4 instruments! Bieber cannot even compose himself normally in any public place, he's been arrested for driving without a license, being under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest. Only some members of Metallica have ever done drugs, and only once or twice each! Justin Bieber has no respect for his fans whatsoever. He has put his fans iPhone down his pants and spat on his fans. The disrespect radiating from him is unbelievable. On the other side of things, Metallica has NEVER done ANYTHING to it's fans. So perhaps now you could reconsider who needs to do the learning around here... You and Bieber.
    i dont have a problem with metallica but a lot of irrelevant artists fill makes them popular - there's a big difference. metallica haven't musically don't anything relevant (well, positively relevant) in 20 years.
    Metallica are risk takers. They don't care what you think is relevant. They had never been bigger after the black album and could have made a trilogy of black albums but instead did load and reload which have a ton of good songs and if you only heard those 2 albums without comparing it to the rest were decent on their own. Of my favorite songs are blackened, low mans lyric and and no leaf clover. Those are 3 different genres. Death Magnetic kicked ass and was one of the best thrash albums in years (with the exception of machine head). Lulu was one of the best things Lou has done in years. Metallica being the reason even if it was one of their worst. St. Anger was a giant risk because they wanted to prove that they could hang with these new bands that down tune and skip solos. It was a decent Nu Metal album with some good songs but not one of Metallicas best either. The rehearsals are way more listenable. In some kind of monster lars stressed how he was worried that they were becoming irrelevant so that was a response to that. S&M was ahead of its time, a great album and made the classical / metal tie more acceptable, common place and recognized the similarities. They're one of the most relevant bands of the last 20 years because every relevant band from the last 20 years was somehow influenced by Metallica.
    "Death Magnetic kicked ass and was one of the best thrash albums in years" not even the best that year. literally hundreds of better thrash albums have come out in the last 10 years. the fact that you're saying only machine head do it better is an obvious tell that you've heard next to no modern thrash albums. "Lulu was one of the best things Lou has done in years." again, not even close. "St. Anger was a giant risk because they wanted to prove that they could hang with these new bands that down tune and skip solos" and all it proved is that they couldn't "every relevant band from the last 20 years was somehow influenced by Metallica." that's flat out false. they haven't even been a primary influence to metal bands let alone EVERY band. you think someone like radiohead gave a shit about metallica? why am i even arguing? metallica fanboys know nothing about music. Only about their little box where a band who had 4 stellar albums 30 years ago are gods.
    Coming from a very large Metallica fan of the last 30 years of music they've put out... From Kill 'Em All to their track Lords of Summer, I hate LuLu though. Going through I'd say that no, Death Magnetic was not the best Thrash Release of that year, but honestly opinion is what chooses that. Honestly I couldn't name 5 thrash releases from 2008 because, outside of the metal community, Thrash isn't relevant enough to make it into charts that are easy to find. If you look up "Thrash releases of 2008" You'll find mention of Death Magnetic and fifteen or more lists of irrelevant thrash bands written by people who loathe metallica and are so hipster the mere mention of that album may "Contaminate" Their thread. Metallica fanboys may be bad but honestly... Anti-Metallica fans are generally worse. Think about it, I love Lich King, Anthrax is my fave from the big 4. I'm more excited for Suicidal Tendencies than I am for Slayer, and I'd still love to see Metallica live in concert, almost every thrash band after 1987 at one point was introduced to Metallica; loved it or hated it or was "Told" To hate it by the mainstream metalheads (Who are huge hypocrits, they love something from one band they'll hate from another. Like they freaked out when Metallica cut their hair but it's okay when people from bands like Lich King never had long hair) they "Stopped" liking metallica and made a thrash band to be "Better" than metallica, but popularity wise they all failed. Why? Because metallica; as simple as their music may be; are geniuses who mixed mainstream metal views with mainstream music views to create a plausible window for people, who don't like metal, to become metalheads.
    @philli666 how much time and effort do you spend registering your hatred of metallica with walls of ****ing text?? yes why are you even arguing??? honestly knowone gives a **** but i'll give you some credit coz you got a 2 minutes to midnight avatar.
    You talk about how false things are when you are basing all this stuff on your opinion. "Death Magnetic kicked ass and was one of the best thrash albums in years" This is what he thinks so how are you going to prove him wrong? Metallica HAVE influenced so many bands, obviously not all but there is a lot, you can read how many artist look up to Metallica and how are you proving that statement false? oh yeah, you prove it wrong because you say so. Every big metal band are big most likely because of their old albums. Iron Maiden has inspired so many artists mostly because of their old albums, so can we say the same with Maiden like you say with metallica? or in fact, can't we just say that with any band. By the look of it, it seems the Metallica fanboys have more understanding of music and logic than you
    Every argument you gave's an opinion of your own. Good thing you got one, but seriously: No one cares.
    LOOLOL Dude no offense, you have no idea what your talking about. There are few real people who actually are "risk takers" one being Dave Mustaine. He literally changes sound every album thats why most of them sound like shit half the time. Dude they changed sound because artists naturally progress with either the time period or their natural maturing as a person/artist. Look at Zeppelin, I don't consider them garbage because they made bad music at the end.. their legends for what they did initially. Same with Metallica, their really garbage now and are only out for money, its sad.. but that's how todays society is based on.
    You're 24 - the most relevant act to you is probably MCR or Fallout Boy.
    You're like 50- The most relevant thing you know is the new Macintosh computer with 56 mb of RAM and you know what, **** you. What, because your teenage heart throbs finally released a decent song for the first time in like 20 years, you can belittle someone because of their age? Go spend your retirement fund on an ugly sports car or hey, if you're feeling risky, go quilt me a ****ing blanket. Go listen to some other stereotypical \m/ MUH METAL band. James' voice is shit, Kirk sounds like shit with out pedals, Lars is sloppy as hell, and Rob? He's a very smart man to join this band. Probably making at least a million a year alone on shows. Metallica ****ing sucks, but hey! Because they finally decided to listen to their older work and mimic it, they're just so damn awesome. Suck my slightly above average dick, good sir. Tally ho!
    56mb of ram is an unrealistic value. 64mb would have been a better example.
    YOU ARE 24 ****er!!!!! Immature stupid scum. You were not even born when metallica was the shit already bitch. They still are and will be. You are just another stupid kid that wants the bands he listens to - which never happen - be big and awesome like metallica.
    I'm 24 and I could care less if the bands I listen to get as popular as Metallica. If anything I think that would be a bad thing, it seems to me like bands 'hit the big time' and their sound slowly starts to get more and more watered down, they feel the need to play to the lowest common denominator. Metallica is a great example of this, they started out fresh and new and now they are just watered down radio garbage. To me that would be awful if that happened to any of my favorite bands
    I'm not really sure how anything Metallica has released since the 90s could be considered "radio garbage"
    Next week "Metallica release Lords of Summer album version" they're really killing it with this song now, just release the one that's going to appear on the album already >.<
    I agree 1000%. Metallica releases a mediocre song and it's the best thing since sliced bread.
    blah blah blah, Ok, we all understood you hate Metallica, now get the hell outta here !
    Way to go man. That's a lot of down votes. But screw you. Lords of Summer was worth the wait \m/
    So... basically a remake of "Whiplash", with some other chords added to it. And as per usual, Lars sounds like shit. Well, that was meh.
    Does kirk still not realize his Wah is on? Sounds the same as Death Magnetic to me tbh, generic riffs in a genre that is dominated by Megadeth today.
    I'm just happy they are still going at it. I'm sure they'll be a lot of cool songs on the album. If you are going to say it's crab because it's not better than (insert previous album) then... eh... you have personal issues. Music is not a competition. Learn that first.
    Way Cool JR.
    What happened to the James that would cuss at and spit beer at all his fans. Now he sounds like he's trying to talk them all into bed. It doesn't make me any less of a fan of Metallica, it's just strange seeing such a polar opposite from back in the day.
    Now THIS is how the guitars should have sounded like. By far the best sounding recording of the three (bootleg/"garage demo"/this one), and overall holds the song as pretty damn solid. Could use a little more variety in riffing, but this is definitely decent and the lead part is really cool, although the solo is unimpressive.
    Good thing Metallica has their legions of fanatics because this song would never fly if they were a couple nobodies. Kirk's solo is kinda embarrassing and the whole thing didn't need to be 9 minutes long. C'mon now.
    At first I was annoyed at the title, but then I remembered my bands song still outranks them being "Kings of the summer"
    I like we get on here and no one even talks about the song, the point of the article. It's fine to argue your point, but I just say have some conversation that's productive.