Michael Angelo: How Being Left-Handed & Playing Guitar in Right-Handed Position Shaped My Style

"There's a lot of left-handed players that play right-handed," the musician says.

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Michael Angelo: How Being Left-Handed & Playing Guitar in Right-Handed Position Shaped My Style

Shred champion Michael Angelo Batio explained how being a left-handed musician playing right-handed guitar in right-handed position impacted his style, telling Troy Grady (transcribed by UG):

"I'm left-handed, Vinnie Moore is left-handed, Steve Morse... there's a lot of left-handed players that play right-handed.

"What I've noticed about all of us is that we're not known as tappers.

"When you think about that - [tapping] is a right-handed technique. So when I first started playing guitar, I was all legato, hammer-ons and pull-offs. It was all that kind of style, [late 10 Years After frontman] Alvin Lee style."

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Way back in 2008, Michael told UG about the whole matter: "Playing guitar right-handed gave me the ability to do all this stuff because my left hand, the fret board hand, became the stronger hand.

"And it served me well really early on when I started playing shows at the age of 10, where I developed this whole show of playing over and under. But as I went on, I came to the realization that my right hand was very deficient.

"When I got to 14 years of age, it suddenly dawned on me that I had this super-fast left hand but my right hand just sucked. So I spent two years developing my picking technique, with strict alternate picking. Literally, I'd play hour after hour to get my right hand to equal the left hand."

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    Lefty, play as a right handed played, and I have always found it easier : my "good" hand is the left one, so it was obvious that it was gonna fret and do the tricky job. 
    Im actually the opposite. Im right handed but play left handed. Probably the rarest way to play since all natural right handed people naturally play right too.
    the reason why the "stronger" hand is doing the picking is because you can control that hand more precisely for those accents that need to be done. Ofcourse you can be trained to play with the opposite hand but why would you waste your time with that? It's the same when driving a car. The foot you can control better is usually the right one, that's why the gas and brake pedals are hit with that foot. Try applying brake with your left foot that is usually used to the clutch pedal and you will slam your head in the steering wheel! Again, rally pilots are trained to do left foot braking but that's special cases.