Michael Jackson Headlines Glasto

artist: Michael Jackson date: 04/01/2004 category: music news
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Xfm reports: On the day that Glastonbury tickets are due to go on sale and following Emily Eavis' recent claim that the line up includes Some really special things planned that people don't know about comes the news that Michael Jackson will be headlining the event. Following rumours that Oasis would be joining Paul McCartney as Glastonbury's second headline act, comes the news that the Prince of Pop Michael Jackson will be topping the bill on the Sunday night of the three day event. Festival co-organiser Avril Fuule explained: We really wanted a special act to finish off the final night of the event and Michael has made himself available - legal problems permitting - to fill the top slot. I must say that Michael has been very enthusiastic about the event, not only offering his services for the Main Stage but also expressing a definate interest in performing in the Children's Field too. Reports claim that Jackson's performance will be his most theatrical ever. The stage itself will be flanked by two 40ft statues of space baboons made entirely of pencil shavings and mice. Jackson will be carried onstage on the shoulders of a giant Ragi Omar marionette before climbing onto a shrimp-operated hydraulic ramp that will catapult the singer three miles outside the festival site to a church hall in Frome. When there he will perform a selection to his greatest hit accompanied by Gene's Martin Rossiter on the arse trumpet.
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