Michael Jackson Hologram Performs at This Year’s Billboard Awards, Footage Surfaces

The technology to project stage holograms has existed since 16th century, report adds.

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Spicing up this year's Billboard Music Awards, a hologram of late great Michael Jackson has hit the stage for a performance of the singer's posthumous track "Slave to the Rhythm" off the latest studio release "Xscape."

Kicking off the performance from a golden throne, the MJ hologram once again delivered a vast array of late musician's signature moves. The footage was quick to surface, make sure to check it out below.

As for the rest of the ceremony, the event saw Justin Timberlake emerging as the Top Artist, Robin Thicke taking the Top Hot 100 Song with "Blurred Lines," Imagine Dragons fetching the Best Group award and more. Check out the full winners list here.

As the Verge points out in the latest report, the technology to create onstage holograms has existed since the 16th century. It was given a name by a British chemist John Pepper in Victorian Britain.

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    Meh, I'd rather see Miku Hatsune.
    Not a fan myself, but that's totally how this technology should be used. It should be used for creating an animated performance for people to watch, it could be fantastical and far beyond watching a hologram of a human being just.. doing things that a human being could do. Of course, it should never be allowed to replace real performances, but as a form of entertainment? I'd be sold on it.
    Can't they just let the man rest in peace, and respect his legacy instead of beat the money cow...?
    Record labels truly are money-grubbing douchebags. Also, someone please wake me when this stupid hologram fad dies off.
    While I do find the technology that is used to make things like this to be really cool, I really wish that we would just respect the man and let him rest in peace. Why bother acknowledging people's deaths if you can just bring a replica of them onto the stage? Too much of an effort to make money here. We can respect the legacy of deceased musicians in other ways that don't include this. I find it creepy and almost disrespectful.
    Since when do we have hologram technology and why hasn't this been used for porn yet!?!?
    This money-grabbing gimmick is pretty sickening. Whoever owns the rights to Michael Jackson's image needs to get their shit straight.
    I don't need holograms to see Frank Zappa live. Just gotta watch him synced up with Dweezil on a ZPZ tour!