Michael Jackson Possibly Releasing Eight Posthumous Albums, Singer's Estate Confirms

Hologram was just the beginning, the report says.

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This May's hologram performance of late icon Michael Jackson might have been just the beginning of King of Pop's numerous posthumous efforts, as the singer's estate has announced plans for releasing as much as eight new albums.

"We got more surprises coming," said producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked on MJ's latest effort, "Xscape."

As Rolling Stone further reports, "an even deeper excavation" of Jackson's vaults should be expected in the years to come. Although Estate representatives didn't say how many unreleased tunes are usable, Michael was very well-known for over-recording.

Sony Music's former CEO Tommy Mottola revealed that the vocalist used to work on up to 20 or even 30 songs for each album, leaving "tens and twenties" of tunes in the vault. In conclusion, Jerkins added, "I'm sure there are a few more great things out there and, hopefully, we'll all have a chance to hear them."

As for "Xscape," the album did initially top the charts, but had a big second-week drop to No. 2. In the words of former Epic Records executive Dan Beck, "After a while, a certain part of the audience stops listening."

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    This is wrong in every possible way.
    My problem is that this is purely to squeeze out the last bits of profit. Once an artist dies everything he/she has done belongs to people. If those are people who only want to make more money out of it, this is what you get.
    "You know, I was once told by an ex-manager, "Son, you're worth more dead than alive. Cuz when you're dead, we can sell you off in pieces." That's the way it works around here. You don't believe me? Why don't you try asking Jim Morrison, or Jimi Hendrix, or Janis Joplin, or Kurt Cobain, or Amy Winehouse? I'm pretty sure they're gonna take my side of the story. Sometimes I think they're the lucky ones."
    'said producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked on MJ's latest effort, "Xscape."' Pretty sure MJ didn't actually put as much effort into it as this is making out..
    This has to be one of the most cynical attempts to squeeze the last few drops of money out of a pop star's legacy I've ever seen, Michael Jackson clearly didn't think these tracks were good enough to release, or he would have released them when he was alive. This seems to be going in the same direction as the record companies milking the deaths of Kurt Cobain or Bob Marley for the last 20 or so years
    Yeah, I bought one of those Hendrix "Lost Songs" CD's a while ago. Lots of unfinished ideas, false starts and poorly recorded versions of songs I already heard. It wasn't worth it in the least. Never bought another one.
    Well you can't really say HE'S releasing them, now can you?
    His fans should boycott all of this. So the record companies realize how stupid they look
    I am, but it's not like that's gonna help. There are more than enough people out there who buy whatever MTV tells them to, to make all 8 of these albums go triple platinum.
    You sound very out of touch with the world.
    Yeah, I can see people buying into the whole thing at first and the albums making a lot of money, but eight albums of unreleased MJ material will get very boring very quickly. They may get to about 3 or 4 before they realise nobody cares anymore. Then release another greatest hits...
    By the 8th album we'll have songs that only feature MJ's grunts over a timbaland produced beat with Justin Timberlake the other 99.9% of the song
    They said Michael would live on through his music but I don't think this is what they had in mind.
    Eight? Ugh.
    I can't even say I'm surprised. A lot of these artists have a ton of shit locked away. Pretty sure Prince could double his discography tomorrow if he wanted. I remember Kevin Smith talking about how he had not just albums, but music videos done for songs that he has no plans to ever release.
    Michael's family exploited him for money when he was a child, and now are doing it after his death. Terrible, greedy people involved here.
    Sad thing is, one day some kid will hear about the great Michael Jackson and go to pick up one of his records, get one of the posthumous sh*t records and think "eh... not that good".
    greif hammer
    You know Michael left a tremendous amount of debt behind when he died, all of which is family inherited? These posthumous releases, while I agree aren't a great way to pay respect to the legend, may be steps taken to try pay off the money he owed.
    This is just disgraceful.
    It really is, but as they say, money talks. And when music industry reps have the chance to put out 8 Michael Jackson records probably without his estate seeing much of the profits, money SCREAMS.
    Fcking hell! The jacksons cant get enough money off of him can they?
    It's exactly the same as Hendrix, they keep releasing his music without thinking "Maybe there's a reason he never released this" You've just got to hate the "business" part of the music business, right?
    Couldn't agree with you more, but in my opinion, "Valleys of Neptune" was one of Hendrix's greatest releases. That version of Red House hits me right in the soul.
    The main problem with all of the Hendrix post-humorous albums is that a lot of times they re-release the exact same recordings, and only add some different studio mix so they can call it a "new track". The albums themselves have some decent tracks on it, but nothing to justify another "new" studio album.
    Money decides just about everything on this planet. Ethics? Honor? Nope. Hail Almighty Dollar
    Ugh, every track they find you can guarantee the reason why he didn't release them was because he thought they were too shit for an album.
    Michael Jackson Possibly Releasing Eight Posthumous Albums, Four Live DVD'S, Another Movie Starring Himself, Three Lines Of Action Figures, And Mexican Food Restaurant. Singer's Estate Confirms
    Mexico ni va pasar de la primera ronda! Brasil y Croatia van a pasar
    No podría estar más de acuerdo contigo jajaja!
    Eres Tico? Y porque le vas a Mexico pues? Lol Yo soy tu vecino de Centro America. Soy de Belice pero le voy a Alemania hasta la muerte
    Jajaja nunca dije que fuese con México! Nosotros casi los eliminamos del mundial
    For f*cks sake. Come on guys; the man is dead. He had a good legacy (certain accusations aside), just leave it alone. Seriously. I guess there's nothing anyone won't do for quick money
    The worst part of it all is that the artist has no say in what gets released. It could be complete drivel that was only an idea or a riff to be fleshed out later and they release it to the world. SMFH. Most musicians are hyper-sensitive about people hearing unfinished work.
    There is a reason he didn't release these songs when he was alive, its highly disrespectful to do so when he clearly didn't want them to be. Just seems to be people cashing in off of his legacy and not preserving it.
    I don't have any major qualms with them releasing material that would otherwise sit around gathering dust, but what REALLY pisses me off is the record companies getting dire mainstream singers to come in and record guest tracks to sell more copies. If you're going to empty the MJ archives, do it in a respectful way. Don't overproduce the existing recordings, don't call in terrible guest artists just to make a few extra bucks, just bundle it all up in a box set or compilation and be done with it. Wait, this is big business, why am I bothering?
    Yeah, and Xscape had what, 8 tracks? When they could fit twice that (don't even tell me about album coherence in this context)... it's just pathetic.
    Not sure I enjoy current pop stars doing cameos on his albums. Seems desperate to reach a new generation. Just go pick up one of his classics. Be happy with that.
    Tupac and Kurt Cobain are still releasing records, I guess michael is doing music from beyond aswell.
    Michael was a good album. Xscape wasn't, though. As a fan I'm definitely interested, but I can't help but feel a little fearful of it either.
    This is impossible . Michael was like a 35% at best. It was a really half-as$ed attempt, the only good song was "Behind The Mask", and possibly "Another Day" and "Breaking News". While all of Xscape's songs are very good.
    Do you wanna bet they're still gonna sell like crazy?
    Can they not just release all of them in one bundle for the fans and stop trying to milk a dead cash cow
    Can't just let a dead man die can they.? Spin the corpse around a bit more for the profits.
    Xscape is a great album IMO, and I must say I prefer all its tracks to their original versions. I also believe that it's better than Dangerous (1991) and Invincible (2001). But Michael (2010) was downright terrible, and I just can't believe there are many more good enough demos to use. I think that after his death, only Xscape should have been released, to honor him. But nothing else. Not 8 more albums, not a hologram.
    Absolutely disgusting. I'll stick with Off The Wall/Thriller/Bad/Dangerous. Rodney Jerkoff can **** off.
    Not sure about this one. As far as I know, Michael Jackson hated his unreleased stuff with a passion, that's why he didn't put it out in the first place. Besides, releasing 8 albums filled to the brim with mediocre material is wack.
    Sounds about right. Now that he's dead, they're going to release all the material he recorded and wasn't happy with, with guest features from singers nowhere near as talented. Fucking graverobbers.
    He probably faked his death in 2009. Wouldn't suprise me if he is still alive, Michael was a pretty smart guy. Known to fool a lot of people!
    i just don't get it sorry. the first posthumous album was great but please no more overproduced albums with people in it like bieber who never had something to do with mj and ever didn't have known him personally (i think after the next 8 albums the definition of the word "musical feature" will be changed)
    Sleaze Disease
    Yeah, this idea is just beyond dumb. If they do put them out, hopefully they have better album covers than "Xscape", because that is one stupid looking cover.