Mick Jagger 'Negotiated' Low Prices With Prostitutes

artist: Mick Jagger date: 05/18/2012 category: music news
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Mick Jagger 'Negotiated' Low Prices With Prostitutes
Mick Jagger is a notorious penny pincher who would even negotiate with prostitutes claims a new book on The Rolling Stones frontman. Debra Sharon Davis, the author of "Backstage Pass VIP", claims in her book that Jagger became such a ruthless businessman that he would ensure that no extra money was being wasted on hookers during the Stones' 1970's touring schedule. "Jagger outlined what he was willing to pay as if he were negotiating the details of a world tour micro-managing the transactions with call girls in Europe," the book claims. Outlining Jagger's close eye on his finances, the book continues: "Equal to music Jagger loved negotiating. His greatest respect was for businessmen who made a lot of money. "For Jagger, a conservative, male chauvinist, it was how he defined manhood. Like almost all decisions, Jagger addressed the problem fiscally." Meanwhile, Ronnie Wood recently suggested that The Rolling Stones could be set to perform in the UK this October. Thanks for the report to Gigwise.com.
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