Mick Jagger Speaks About Death of Girlfriend, L'Wren Scott

The singer's first public mention of the tragedy.

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Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has spoke publicly for the first time about the death of his girlfriend, L'Wren Scott.

During a promotional appearance being interviewed on the Today Show (via Gigwise), Jagger spoke with presenter Matt Lauer about the tragedy, after his longterm partner and fashion designer Scott passed away earlier this year.

"It was difficult, you know, very hard year," said Jagger. "But I got back into it by working on touring with the Stones in Europe, and doing other things."

The singer also said that he's received "a lot of support" from family and friends.

L'Wren Scott, who was a fashion designer and model, was found dead in a New York apartment in March 2014 from an apparent suicide. Jagger had been in a relationship with Scott since 2001. Police said there was no foul play suspected and no suicide note left.

A spokesman for Mick Jagger said that he was "completely shocked and devastated" at the news.

Jagger is currently promoting the James Brown biopic titled "Get on Up" that he co-produced. He said "James Brown ... comes from absolutely nothing, from nowhere," adding that "He has nothing. But he wants to be someone; he wants to be a big star."

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    That's the great thing about music. It can get you through the darkest moments of your life. Well done, Mick!
    He killed her because she found dirty secrets about him he didn't want the public to know.It's so obvious, I mean "suicide" without a note...I've seen it in films, clear case of rich-famous-guy-kills-girlfriend-and-gets-away-with-it.
    Sorry, forgot you were the lead detective on the case and compiled the evidence. Seen it in films? I watched Space Jam, doesn't mean I can play basketball. Now please, shut your ignorant mouth and stop trying to stir sh*t
    You should change the batteries on your sarcasm detector
    Oh god haha. My bad man, but there are some people who really ARE that stupid. I shouldn't be allowed on the Internet when I'm tired and grouchy xD