Mick Jagger to Become a Great-Grandfather

Jade Jagger's daughter is having a baby.

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Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is to become a great-grandfather.

As UK tabloid the Mirror reports, the not so rock and roll title will be bestowed to the 70 year old Mick when his granddaughter, Assisi (21), gives birth next year. Assisi is the daughter of fashion designer Jade JaggerM. The Mirror claims that a "source" has offered the following statement regarding the news:

"She (Assisi) and (partner) Alex are thrilled and broke the news to their immediate families last week. Jade was a little taken aback at first, not least because it means she will be a grandmother by the age of 42.

"She's expecting some ribbing from her showbiz pals. Mick is delighted and has no qualms about being a great grandfather. He's been joking about becoming a great, great, granddad and still performing!"

Back in January, lifestyle website Complex voted Mick Jagger "Most Stylish Rockstar." Jagger beat Prince, Kurt Cobain and Elvis to the top spot. The site offered the following justification for their decision.

"Hands-down one of the best-dressed musicians of all-time, he definitely set the bar for flamboyant frontmen. From his crazy stage antics to his bad boy edge, his style reflected his personality perfectly: it was something that needed to be tamed, but functioned best when it was wild.

"Even today, he wears silk scarves and suits with more rakish appeal than most men - and he's pushing 70."

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    Way Cool JR.
    I can't believe he's 70 years old! He can still outperform most people in their 20s LOL. Congrats Mick on becoming a Great-Grandfather, you rock man.
    In other news, Keith Richards becomes a great-great-great-great grandfather due to a mix up with a deceased man.
    Please...Madonna is a great great great great great great grandmother.