Mick Jagger's Girlfriend L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Jagger is said to be "completely shocked and devastated" by the news.

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Mick Jagger's girlfriend L'Wren Scott has been found dead in a reported suicide, according to NME.

Scott has been in a relationship with the Rolling Stones frontman since 2001 and was found in a Manhattan apartment this morning (March 17). New York Daily News reports that she was found "hanging from a scarf on a doorknob by her assistant" at around 10 AM.

No suicide note was found and police do not suspect foul play though the Medical Examiner's Office are yet to determine a cause of death. A spokesman for Mick Jagger said he is "completely shocked and devastated" by the news.

The Rolling Stones are currently on tour in Australia and are due to perform in Perth on Wednesday (March 19). No announcements have yet been made about whether that show will go ahead.

Born Luann Bambrough, Scott worked as a model before rising to the top of her profession as a celebrity stylist and, later, designer.

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    Condolences to her family, and Mick. Can't ever imagine what I'd feel like if that happened to me =/
    I honestly hope they postpone the australian shows, I cant imagine trying to put on such an electric show with that burden on his shoulders.... he deserves to be with his friends and family. regroup and come back better than ever!
    Terrible news. I was looking at the newspapers today and there were some awful tabloid front pages with this, for example there was a picture of jagger 'the moment he found out'about her death. How disrespectful can you be?!
    Really? That's dreadful, I don't know who's worse, the guy that took the photo or the guy who put it in the bloody paper.
    Flying Afros
    It's probably more likely just a photo of Mr. Jagger in a horrible mood/caught off guard taken years ago.
    "I regret to inform you that L'Wren has been found dead." *Mick looking understandably devastated* Paparazzi: "OMG OMG HE'S JUST FOUND OUT WE GOTTA GET A PHOTO AND PUBLISH IT!" Bellends.
    either a very tall door or a very short girl
    I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering how you hang yourself from a doorknob
    Maybe a door on the ceiling (like, leading to the attic)?... Or she just hung herself on the opposite side of the door from where the doorknob was. Still, not the easiest thing to pull off.
    Sad news. The Perth shows have definitely been cancelled which I think is the right thing. Family should always come first.
    Horrible news, suicide is never the answer.
    Sad to hear. Hope Mick will be alright. It's hard to go through things like this.
    How didn't Mick know about her feelings before? Suicide doesn't happen that suddenly as it seems sometimes, it begins with feelings and thoughts.
    You'd be surprised how many people are depressed and eventually kill themselves without anyone having to have noticed a single little thing or clue.
    Because suicidal people don't usually tell everyone they're suicidal? That's usually reserved for people who think that the image of being troubled is romantic or somehow cool instead of a real affliction.
    As far as I know, the police haven't ruled it a suicide, they just announced that the death is not considered suspicious. There's every chance that she died accidentally while performing an act of autoerotic asphyxiation (choking yourself while masturbating), which is how Michael Hutchence died. He had also tied a scarf or something to a doorknob - maybe the theory is that you're less likely to die accidentally by using something that is closer to the ground. David Carradine died under similar circumstances. Dying accidentally is really not that uncommon. Human being take risks, and they don't always pay off.
    Are you really that ignorant that you can't figure out how to tie a short nose around your neck,tie it to the door handle then throw your body to the floor,immediately asphyxiating yourself? A women died horribly and that's your comment,how do you even do that?Grow up loser.Better yet,give it a try,maybe you'll be successful and do the world a favor.