Mick Mars: 'Crue Split Not Down to Me'

Mick Mars has insisted his lifelong health battle has nothing to do with Motley Crues upcoming retirement.

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Motley Crue axeman Mick Mars has insisted his lifelong health battle has nothing to do with the band's upcoming retirement, Classic Rock reports.

The guitarist has spent years suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, a condition that causes joints in the spine to fuse together.

Last week singer Vince Neil said that was one of the reasons the band are planning to bow out after a farewell tour and a movie based on their celebrated book "The Dirt."

Neil reported: "Touring is tough on him."

But Mars tweets: "Any rumours regarding a farewell tour due to 'my poor health' are BS. I am doing fine. My AS has never kept me from touring and never will."

In the same interview Neil appeared to contradict bassist Nikki Sixx, who'd previously said Crue would "blow its own brains out" to ensure they'd never try to stage a comeback.

The singer stated: "I'm sure in five or ten years' time we'll probably do something together again but it's not going to be like a Kiss farewell to the farewell to the farewell tour. Were not going to be like that."

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    Mick Mars is the only respectable member of Motley Crue. Low profile, sick riffs and touring through AS. When he says he's up for it, I believe him.
    but let's not mix words here- the nicest guy in Motley Crue is still one of the douchiest musicians in the industry.
    Mr Brownst0ne
    No he's really not- I spoke to the guitarist in Duff McKagan's Loaded after a gig a few years back after they had toured with Motley Crue and he said that Mick was one of the nicest guys he'd ever met. SO THERE
    Regardless of that, he's still the 3rd worst member musically. I saw them with Def Leppard last year, and while Nikki and Tommy were playing everything fine, Mick's lead was terrible. His rhythm was great, but when it came to his solos or his on the spot improvisation, it just sucked. Still, at least he got most of his performance right, unlike Vince Neil, who missed out half the words. I love Motley Crue, but I'm not overly impressed with what I saw live, especially when Def Leppard nailed every single song.
    at their age it's gonna be hit and miss...iv'e seen some awesome crue shows,but seen some terrible live videos
    I don't give a shite whose fault it is , just ****ing split up please . As an 80's thrasher the only thing those shitheads gave me was a few hot glam chicks to 'play with' .
    you are a fcuking douche bag. in the book 'louder than hell' most of the thrash guitarists admitted they were jealous of George Lynch. Lynch wipes the fcuking floor with anyone in that genre. Go listen to Beast From the East. No overdubs. And i HATE Dokken.