Mick Mars: 'I Don't Think There'll Be a New Motley Crue Album'

artist: Mötley Crüe date: 02/11/2014 category: music news
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Mick Mars: 'I Don't Think There'll Be a New Motley Crue Album'
Speaking to Artisan News (via Blabbermouth) about the state of affairs in Motley Crue, Mick Mars has revealed that the band is unlikely to record a new album. The guitarist notes that the band's focus will be on their upcoming tour:

"I don't really think that at this point there will be a new album. We're very much concentrating on this last, final tour."

However, he notes that the band may release some archival material to coincide with their farewell shows:

"I don't know ... Maybe I'm retarded or something, but I like to put a lot of effort into this last, farewell tour. And who knows?! Maybe ... I mean, we have our own masters and we have all this other stuff ... But we can go back in and remix songs and redo songs and redo this, that and the other, and come out with different versions of different things, so that's not an entirely impossible thing that could happen. But so far, we're just mostly concentrating on what the show is gonna be about, where we're going, lining up the dates ... doing that kind of a thing."

Speaking last month, bassist Nikki Sixx noted that, while the band won't be doing a full album, they may release one or two new songs:

"We have music written, [but] it's not put together yet. It's hard, to be honest with you, to spend six [or] nine months to write eleven songs - all those lyrics… everything… the vocals, the guitars, the bass, the sonics, the mixing, the mastering, the artwork… You put it out and nothing [happens], because now people cherry-pick songs. So we go, 'Why don't we write songs and find vehicles to get one, two or four songs to ten million people rather than eleven songs to a hundred thousand people. That's how we're thinking. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but that's how we're thinking."
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