Mickey Hart: Grateful Dead Reunion Possible

artist: Grateful Dead date: 08/29/2011 category: music news
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Mickey Hart: Grateful Dead Reunion Possible
Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart won't rule out another reunion for the legendary band. In a new interview with Rolling Stone (via Ultimate Classic Rock), Hart said, "as long as we're above ground, there's always a possibility". How's that for optimism? The band last toured in 2009, although the reunion was fraught with tension and some creative differences. Last year, Bob Weir suggested that drummers Hart and Bill Kreutzmann weren't as current, musically, as much as other members of the band. But Hart dismissed the comment, laughing it off. "It doesn't really make sense. I mean, it's almost ludicrous. It's not a place that's beneficial to anyone", he said. "In the past I've said things that I've wished I could have taken back. Besides, I just saw Bob and Phil at [San Francisco's] AT&T Park when they had Grateful Dead day. It was really nice hanging out." Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek, Gibson.com.
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