Microsoft + Sony = ?

date: 01/07/2005 category: music news
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Microsoft Corp. may try to strike a deal with Japan's Sony Corp. in an effort to compete with Apple Computer Inc. in the digital music arena, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, according to Reuters. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told the newspaper in an interview that the two companies could benefit from a broad partnership in digital entertainment, both having "a lot of incentive to work together" in digital-music "infrastructure," including online-music services and protection against improper music copying. Microsoft contends that Apple's iTunes online music store sells songs in a format that can be played only on iPods and not other portable music players based on Microsoft's software, so consumers need a choice, Gates told the Journal. Even so, Gates said he had "nothing specific to say about a particular discussion" with Sony about pairing up, while Sony declined to comment on the possibility of a tie-up with Microsoft in the digital-entertainment business.
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