Mike Patton: Faith No More Reunion Has 'Petered Out'

Faith No More singer Mike Patton suggests that reunion might be over.

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Fans hoping for some more material from the recently reunited Faith No More are set to be disappointed by Mike Patton's recent suggestion that the band might have come to an end.

Speaking to Believer magazine, Patton had the following to say when he was asked if the band was "still happening":

"It's sort of petered out. We're also maybe a little too conscious for our own good. Meaning there's a lineage of bands that maybe did some nice things and then needed the cash and got back together and basically just sprayed diarrhea over their entire body of work. We're very worried about that. We don't want to overdo it."

Patton also stated that the reason it had taken the band so long to reunite in the first place was that they didn't want it to be a nostalgia trip:

"We wanted it to feel fresh and still somehow vital... It wasn't an money grab. It's funny to say, but we all kind of reconnected, and after quite a long time we all kinda looked at each other and were like, 'Man, we actually spent half of our lives together.' It's interesting to see it through that set of glasses as opposed to the ones you wore back then. I suppose, at least personally speaking, I've grown up a lot since then, and I think I approach the music differently, and I felt better about the music than I did then."

Sad that Faith No More might not be getting back together? Or think that Patton is right to be cautious with the band's legacy? Let us know in the comments.

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    It really sucked how they didn't get Jim Martin back, it's not really a reunion at all without him, I could never get into that other guy's playing even though he did play note for note. It just didn't have the same feel. But then again it was great to finally see them live. I guess I'll just take em' as they come. But what Mike really needs to do is REUNITE MR BUNGLE!!!
    I don't really care about a FNM reunion, a Mr Bungle reunion/album on the otherhand would be appreciated.
    Guess they just had a "midlife crisis" and now it's passed.
    Sure... after that, they sat down, had some.caffeine in an rv, and realised that ciming from the land of sunshine, all the evidence pointed to a small victory.
    Jizzlobber. Couldn't think of a clever way to incorporate it into a sentence, I just wanted to throw it in.
    What ever happened to Peeping Tom? I thought it was Patton's best project since FNM and Mr. Bungle. They put out one (really good) album like 5 years ago or so then disappeared...
    If it doesn't involve Jim Martin, I tune out. I'm not bashing he rest of FNM, I like Bordin's work with Ozzy and Fantomas was pretty interesting.
    It's their band. If they don't feel comfortable with new material, it's their choice and ONLY their choice. People change. Musical tastes change. FNM has written some of my favorite songs of all time, but I am okay with FNM no matter what they do with themselves.
    Mike Patton is awesome. It makes me sad to think that they may never release another song or record or tour again (I was lucky enough to see them a couple of times in the 90's) but it's awesome that they don't want to risk ruining their legacy for a few more bucks.
    Well If they think reuniting Faith no More is for the money, and not a natural process...they should still reunite...for the fans!
    I see lots of people being bummed about Jim Martin not being involved. While it is a drag remember he barely played on Angel Dust. Billy Gould had to play the guitar parts. If Martin had been more involved on arguably their best album I might agree. Besides he's bald now and so is Jon Hudson so they look the same anyway.
    I'd much rather see a Bungle Reunion over a FNM one. Bungle are just more engaging to listen to than FNM.
    I can see Mike's points on ensuring that the original legacy of FNM isn't tarnished, but at the same time whether it be amazing or lack-luster I would be highly interested in seeing what they could create if they did get back together for a new album. The key is that they don't try to recreate Angel Dust or The Real Thing or any other phase of their careers, but rather branch out naturally to a new phase. The coolest thing about FNM for me at least is that no album sounded like the album before it.
    I personally prefer his avant-garde stuff. For people wishing there were more Mr Bungle, go and check out his work with John Zorn (notably the albums with the "Moonchild Trio", named after the first album they appeared on)
    I hate that bands have to be that worried about their legacy, especially if it is stopping them from putting out new music if they would otherwise put the music out. Maybe they could play under a new name if they're that worried about it.
    I for one am glad that there will be no reunion. I still hear that damn Epic song EVERY SINGLE DAY on my local radio. Enough already!
    The answer to the comment question is 'both'. It sucks that Faith No More isn't getting back together because I like Faith No More and I'd be down to hear more music from them, but he also has a perfectly good point about not taking a huge shit on their catalog. He has every right to respect his own music.
    this is a blessing in disguise. We don't want them to end up making a new album only to totally flop, like a lot of classic bands have done. They have a great legacy, and new music would taint it
    they have no reason to go on. i like the band and what they represented. period.
    FNM are probably the only band that could carry on without ppl thinking its just a money grab.
    Carl Hungus
    I think Mike Patton is probably the super self conscious one. We are only hearing one opinion from one member of the band.