Mike Patton Hints at New Dillinger Escape Plan Collaboration

"We'll do something again," Faith No More singer says.

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Following his appearance on the Dillinger Escape Plan's 2002 EP "Irony Is a Dead Scene," Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton has hinted at another collaboration with the band.

Looking back on the release, Patton reminisced the old days with the group's guitarist Ben Weinman.

"When you're working with the right people, it's pretty great. I didn't do this stuff over your music - your music made me do that. Seriously. I have never done anything like that, before or maybe never again."

Mike added, "We shared similar instincts and it just worked," just to add with a smile, "we'll do something again, who knows."

Make sure to check out the rest of the "Party Smasher" clip below for more info.

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    Yes! I'm not a huge fan of Faith No More, but everything else Mike Patton has done has been genius! The "Come to Daddy" cover was ****ing sweet.
    I want this soo bad! Although I feel like he more said he was open to the possibility than hinting it was in the works.
    I don't listen much to Faith No More anymore, nor to his newer projects, but given from the broad range of styles Patton wrote on FTM, i'd say he's the most versatile vocalist alive in rock.