Mike Portnoy Calls the Winery Dogs His 'New Home'

"This is not a side project," insists former Dream Theater drummer.

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The Winery Dogs have really been hitting it off in recent months, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that drummer Mike Portnoy now considers the supergroup rock trio as his new home.

During a recent chat on "Eddie Trunk Live" radio show, Portnoy underlined that the Winery Dogs are not a side project like the other bands he's involved with, but his primary group.

"We all have cleared our schedule for the rest of this year to focus on The Winery Dogs, and we plan on doing the same next year," the stickman said. "We plan on riding this cycle - and this band - as far as we could take it. And we all view this as a full-time band; this is not a side project."

After separating Flying Colors, PSMS and Transatlantic as side projects and singling out Winery Dogs as "the band," Portnoy explained further, "I view this as my new home. And the way I was in Dream Theater - that was my home and I did other little things when I could, I view the situation here the same.

"Adrenaline Mob, we gave it our best shot, but this, right from the get-go, it just feels great within the band - the internal chemistry is amazing - and also the external reaction has been just off the charts, unanimously supportive and positive."

Apart from Portnoy, the trio consist of virtuoso bassist Billy Sheehan and singer/guitarist Richie Kotzen.

The Winery Dogs released their self-titled debut record on July 23 through Loud & Proud Records. With 10,200 units shipped in the US within the first week, the album debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard 200 chart. You can check out the video for "I'm No Angel" single below.

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    Arfing Thumb
    Yesterday I turned on my radio and was expecting the usual usher,etc chart-shit they play on german radio most of the time. I could have cried in joy when they suddenly played Winery Dogs.
    Mr Winters
    I want new Flying Colors
    Hell yeah. I love the first Flying Colors record. Winery Dogs is great and I really hope they get a Michigan date on their tour schedule but I don't want Mike to forget about Flying Colors.
    considering the stuff he's known for, portnoy's a brilliant rock drummer, got the groove down!
    And that is awesome because these guys are great! So awesome that Richie Kotzen is finally getting some recognition. What a great guitar player and voice.
    Saw these guys at BB Kings a week ago one of the best shows i've been too
    Singer kind of reminds me of Chris Cornell, actually the band just reminds me of Soundgarden. Sounds great though and he probably just wants to try something new, which is good.
    Irwin Navarro
    Okay, so Dream Theater is going to release an album with Mike Mangini freely writing his own drum parts (heard the single and its great!), A7X is back on their feet and is about to go on the road to become the next Metallica with their new to be released album "Hail to the King", and Mike Portnoy already found his new kick ass band.. Seems to me, this is going to be a great 2013 for the rock/metal community \m/
    A7X will never be the next Metallica, or Iron Maiden. Have you heard their new single? It's really basic throwaway music. I think it's terrible they're gloating and being cocky when they have nothing behind it and don't amount to a fraction of either of those bands.
    Irwin Navarro
    I'm not going to turn this into a A7X fan vs A7X hater debate but yeah I say give the new album a chance. peace
    Meh, I give it two months before we see the headline "Portnoy leaves Winery Dogs, says 'it was only a side project, I can't be tied down musically'"
    This is awesome, Dream Theater is kicking off, Mike Portnoy is kicking off and both stays awesome.
    Wow. This just sounds horrible. So super cheesy and lame. I think everyone heard this song a dozen times in the 90's.
    Portnoy is an amazing drummer, and i loved his work in Dream Theater, but i gotta wonder because of his recent decision making... Do they feel the same way? or is he assuming things like he did when he thought A7X wanted him full-time?