Mike Portnoy Can't Regret Dream Theater Split

The drummer would always have wondered "what if?" without dramatic departure

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Mike Portnoy can't regret leaving Dream Theater because he'd always have wondered "what if?" without the sensational move.

The drummer and co-founder astonished fans when he quit in 2010, leading to a public war of words, and even an attempt to rejoin – but he was ultimately replaced by Mike Mangini. He's since forged a career with supergroup the Winery Dogs, while continuing to work with Transatlantic and Flying Colors, among others. Dream Theater have released two albums since the lineup change.

Portnoy tells Rocksverige (via Metal Hammer): "There are lots of actions you take in your life and if it brings a result you didn't want, or you weren't anticipating, it's not something you should regret. It's just something you should learn from.

"There's a lot of things in my life that I've learned from and, ultimately, I don't regret them, because they got me to where I am right now. I'm as happy as I've ever been and as musically fulfilled as I've ever been.

"I'm not going to use the Dream Theater example because I can already see the headlines, so I won't say it. I'll paraphrase like this – when I came to that crossroad four years ago, if I hadn't made the decision, I probably would have spent the rest of my life wondering, 'What if? What if I'd left the band?'

"I think it's better to follow your heart and take the risk than wonder what could have been."

Portnoy recently hit back at fans who called him a "sellout" over his involvement with the Tweet Secret app, which charges fans for access to exclusive content.

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    "I'm not going to use the Dream Theater example because I can already see the headlines, so I won't say it.'And what does UG do? >.>
    To be fair, that's exactly what he was talking about. He even said it, by saying that he won't say it... kinda.
    Why are we still talking about this....
    Bc w/o Portnoy news, Pantera reunion talks and Ted Nugent rants, UG would not have a news section.
    Please don't forget the frequent Dave Grohl is so damn awesome news.
    I love that news, after hearing from so many douchebags in Music, you need to hear about the ****in awesome guys.
    Also, the same reason we still hear about Guns 'N Roses reunion rumors. Hell, even Led Zeppelin reunion rumors... They get press and disgruntled comments lol..
    Bc w/o Portnoy news, Pantera reunion talks and Ted Nugent rants, UG would not have a news section.
    I believe that if Portnoy stays in DT, someone else leaves. Not sure who, but it would probably start with a "J" and end with a "ames LaBrie"
    This guy sure does alot of inteviews wishing he was still in the band, and being open to reunions, and wishing he never left. for a man with "no regrets"
    We all know he left DT cause he wanted to stay in Avenged Sevenfold... but its good hes happy now anyway
    Portnoy's an arsehole anyway.
    Just genuinely curious as to why he thinks that... He did what he thought he had to do at the time. Winery Dogs put out an amazing album (working on the new one now) and his other projects are pretty great as well... I loved him in DT as much as the next guy but you only live once, right?
    Plus he ripped that fan for just wearing a DT shirt around him. People can't be fans of music without his permission?
    Portoy IS an arsehole, and a pussy. I remember he threatened me via e-mail once like he was going to beat me up. Then, randomly I did a video for Jordan for Rudess Morgenstein Project like five days later. Mike showed up in Philly. We ran into each other at some point in the venue. He looked at me, turned his head, and walked away as fast as he could to the restroom. He's a keyboard warrior. That is all I really have to say about that. You read me Mike? I know you are sitting out there reading about yourself you douche.
    Wow, if only he could've said this before all that whining about the DT situation, might have saved himself a lot of bashing
    Irwin Navarro
    I wish A7X just accepted Portnoy to be their new drummer despite of the fact that they might just get overshadowed by Portnoy's name. If that were to happen, maybe Portnoy would have stopped talking about DT or even acknowledging questions about DT since he's already in a cooler band that is A7X. Also, A7X's career could have been pushed further with Portnoy behind the drums
    Not only the overshadowing but Portnoy's a little old age-wise for them
    Portnoy leaving Avenged Sevenfold was going to be inevitable at some point anyway. They wanted someone that was on their same page and wasn't going to be caught up in other projects. I don't think Portnoy was ready to give Avenged 100% of his time. Hell, he wasn't even going to give DT 100% of his time.
    I'm happy he split from DT. They wee starting to get repetitive so, for me, they lost something. Besides I am loving The Winery Dogs. Can't wait for the new album. Saw them twice so far and can't wait for more live shows. Thank you Eddie Trunk for putting the final piece of the puzzle together for them (Richie)!!
    I appreciate Mike's work, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think the 2 most recent DT albums are their best in almost a decade, and that's coming from a DT fan of 20 years.
    Atleast I'm happy for not the ****ing Mike Portnoy news every day. Shit got real old fast.