Mike Portnoy Is Not Sueing Dream Theater

artist: Mike Portnoy date: 09/21/2011 category: music news
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Mike Portnoy Is Not Sueing Dream Theater
Mike Portnoy is not sueing his former band Dream Theater - despite reports yesterday suggesting he felt "wrongfully excluded" from the group, and that the band were "wrongfully using the name of the band in connection with [their] recording of an album without the participation or consent of [Portnoy]." In a letter to Blabbermouth, Dream Theater's attorney Ronald S. Beinstock explained that there is no pending litigation between the band and Mike Portnoy. Portnoy also chipped in with a post on his official forum, citing Blabbermouth as "lame" for "creating hate and negative propaganda": "I did NOT sue [Dream Theater] ....and second of all, I DESPERATELY tried to discuss matters with them personally to avoid ANYTHING LIKE THIS and yet THEY insisted on only using lawyers...so my lawyers filed those papers (BACK IN APRIL, mind you) as that was the position they chose to take...if the band would've talked to me, it would've NEVER come to that!!! "All that aside, this was 6 months ago....so yes indeed, we have all moved on since then... "I'm still really not allowed to discuss any of this publicly, but I feel everybody's hasty and half-truth filled witchhunt yesterday deserves to be addressed to help at least try to clear my name and reputation that was so wrongly tainted by yesterday's false conclusions... "The fact is, when you have a band (or a corporation or marriage) for 25 years, there are business and financial things that need to be sorted out behind the scenes .. it was incredibly LAME of Blabbermouth to exploit these private issues and divulge personal information that is clearly nobody's business other than our own. They are creating hate and negative propaganda and poisoning the minds and spirits of music fans around the world...shame on them. [sic]" Portnoy co-founded the band 20 years ago, but left in 2010. He later suggested his regret for leaving the band and a wish to return, but they had already found a replacement in Mike Mangini.
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