Mike Portnoy Loves Dream Theater Remix

The former Dream Theater drummer praised a fan who remixed his 'Twelve-step Suite' songs from across five albums into one track. Hear the prog-tastic results here.

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Mike Portnoy has thanked a fan for producing a remix of his Twelve-step Suite concept from his time as Dream Theater drummer before quitting in 2010.

It features five songs from across five Dream Theater albums. Portnoy based the lyrics to each on his experience with alcoholism.

"It's like my life flashing before my eyes!" wrote Portnoy in the YouTube comments to the remix clip. "Will always be very proud of my legacy with the band. I still hope to someday perform this suite in its entirely live on stage, as that was always my intention. Thanks for making this!"

Last year Portnoy teased fans by saying that if he hadn't quit Dream Theater, he would have performed the entire Twelve-step Suite in full, according to Prog Magazine. Instead, the band continue to write their 12th studio album with Portnoy's replacement, Mike Mangini.

Meanwhile, Portnoy will tour an improvisational show Europe with Neal Morse's band and the Flower Kings, which will conclude with a set of Transatlantic songs.

Hear the fan remix of the Twelve-Step Suite here:

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    I'm still waiting for the day when MP plays the Suite with DT live as they had always intended... Whether this day will ever come is another matter :S
    I never thought the day would come where I wouldn't miss Portnoy in Dream Theater. Fact is, Mangini is just that damn good.
    Mangini is as you say just that damn good and there is no doubt about that. However, Mangini is now just the drummer in Dream Theater where as Portnoy was Dream Theater and without him they are now just a run of the mill prog band.
    Agreed. Yes, Portnoy must have been a bit of a bossypants, but he got his band to do sooooo much cool shiet i.e. the 3 hour sets, live covers of entire albums, etc. He was also the man behind most of their more interesting, high concept material like the twelve-step suite and "A Change of Seasons". And you know Portnoy was 80+% of the character in DT when, in his absence, John Myung seems about as exciting a member as Petrucci.
    Though I don't deny Portnoy importance I think Petrucci IS Dream Theater; without him this band is nothing.
    Irwin Navarro
    Why not let PSMS cover it and let someone like Russel Allan, Neal Morse, or even M Shadows to do vocals \m/
    Love DT still with Mangini, but I'll always miss Portnoy in the group. Intangibles of leadership and character can't be replaced, even if the drummer is technically superior. Support them all, that's what I say-still great players whatever the material or band.
    man... his songs for helping him stay on the wagon were their worst songs to date... easy show to skip. I've traveled from St Louis to Chicago, Jacksonville to Clear Water to see these guys. I had no interest in seeing them for those tours.... Maiden would have been cool, but systematic wagon rides and clouds were the most predictable and boring releases in their history.... Time to add to the next chapter... Mike good luck with w/ morse and your other projects.... now you won't have four guys holding you back from a career of side projects. Maybe Motley Who? need a drummer....